SolaRoad Review: How Managed to Deceive Investors

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SolaRoad Review: How Managed to Deceive Investors

SolaRoad is presented as a Crypto-drive investment platform offering guaranteed daily returns. Our review exposes why this platform is a scam and why we need to avoid it.

As of the date of publishing this post, SolaRoad is no longer in service with a re-make on the plans. Another wash and rinse platform, we have seen numerous such platforms before. And it doesn’t end well for anyone who dares deposit with them.

There are three feature executives with numerous MLM scandals on their belts. Our review plans to expose who these scammers are and why you need to avoid any Crypto MLM product from them.

SolaRoad by John is a dead project

John Elways is the face behind this platform and claims to have held senior management positions before. We contacted HP (Hewlett Packard) for confirmation and it turns out there’s no such manager in existence.

Clearly. John is using false credentials to try and entice investors into signing up with the platform. And that’s why we have to highlight his partners as well who aid in producing these products and services.

Stay tuned to find out whether John and his team are facing any warrants of arrest from previous projects.

It’s all available in our detailed SolaRoad review.

A brief look at SolaRoad

SolaDigital Foundation is another project associated with SolaRoad with the platform using other Tech companies as close associates. These include OpenAI and Timely. We checked and none of these companies have any ties with SolaRoad.

John Elways is synonymous in Thailand for promoting several Crypto MLM products in the region. The three associates listed on their website are actors who play the role, none of them have any managerial skills.

Targeting South Asian investors, SolaRoad tries and sell the American Dream to investors. The platform offers several different products and services. These include Masternoding and Staking claims which offer the designated ROI.

With staged marketing videos, SolaRoad managed to entice two Eastern Europeans to drive the product. There are close associates to the platform from China and Russia based on the intel we have on John.

SolaRoad is already banned in several European countries after it emerged there’s was no regulatory oversight. The project switches domains once authorities blacklist it with the most current one being

Acoin and USDT are the main currencies of operation under the SolaRoad project. The platform guarantees high ROI with investors withdrawing funds in the said coins. We have a platform facing numerous challenges that include warrants of arrests from authorities.

John is facing warrants of arrests from several jurisdictions in Asia including Singapore and Vietnam. From where we stand, John plans to hide in Europe or the Middle East as his partners plot another project.

We suspect another project is in the making as all of SolaRoad domains have gone under.

How SolaRoad manages to deceive investors to deposit funds

There are products and services offering daily ROI coupled with large bonuses. And these are the main red flags associated with SolaRoad as there’s no specific information on the types of nodes used or staked coins.

In any crypto investment opportunity, there’s the need to sign up with products that have accountability and transparency. It seems investors are led to believe they will earn daily ROI. The question you have to ask yourself is how?

Even banks give detailed reasons as to how you earn interest rates on specified products and services. The law requires that every investment service provider give detailed information on what’s the product or service is all about.

Not with SolaRoad as investors are to believe everything listed without asking any questions. And this has created a loophole for John and his team to carefully offer dubious ROI claims. The entire platform is a well-organized investment venture.

We have a perfect example of a platform lacking accountability and transparency. There’s little information to point to the expertise of the team behind it. We don’t even have a profile of the finance experts or Crypto staking project used by the platform.

And this is where you should draw the line with such projects. It goes without saying that high risk no reward projects have a way of hiding the truth from investors. Such projects lure investors by offering large ROI for a short defined period.

Scammed by SolaRoad

From the experience of victims on the platform, we now know how John and his team operated. The team would transfer funds from one user to another in a make-believe scenario. It was all a roost to ensure investors fell for the daily ROI routine.

Once you deposit the minimum investment amount of $5,000, the platform promised daily ROI. The first withdrawal was made after 24 hours with the next 48 hours after. SolaRoad would ensure they set a limit for each withdrawal.

Investors couldn’t withdraw the entire sum and had to withdraw $500 to a maximum of $1,500 with the second withdrawal. It gave a sense of success that they were indeed making the set daily ROI.

What was happening behind the curtains is that John and his team would allow withdrawal from your initial investment. After the second withdrawal, John would send a message claiming they are excited as you have now qualified to join the next tier.

With the next tier, investors had an even higher chance or making more ROI. All you had to do was deposit more funds to enjoy an unmatched ROI. This is where investors went wrong as most even deposited their life savings.

From the word go, the platform failed to offer much in terms of transparency. Once you deposited funds or failed to do so after the second withdrawal, John knew your stand. It was either all in or all out.

At this juncture, John would erase you from the project by ensuring you had no access to your plan. Members would get an email citing they had breached the terms and conditions hence their dismissal.

There was no compensation or fund recovery after this point. ratings and reviews

Customer’s Opinion of SolaRoad

Once the platform fell under, several customers have already come forward and shared their experience. Some harrowing ones as there are clients who deposited over $250,000 with the platform only to lose nearly the entire sum.

John is living lavishly in Thailand with victims now wanting authorities to take action. We will soon hear of his arrest and possible prosecution. There’s no way he can revive another project without us having to red flag it.

We will be on the lookout for any products under his stewardship.

Is SolaRoad legit or scam staking project?

With the project already falling through, SolaRoad is a scam. Hundreds of investors lost funds with this project and with no signs of recovering even a single cent. You need to stay away from get-rich-quick schemes promising heaven within days.

Before you invest in any project, we recommend doing due diligence. Try and find out whether the platform is legit or not. You can reach out and ask for our opinion on the product or service. It’s best to be safe than to have regrets afterward.

Our Verdict SolaRoad

The project is dead, and this sums up our opinion of John’s product and services, thank God!

You should instead invest in proven platforms that offer realistic returns.

Do leave a comment or email us with any questions.

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