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Share This! is a trading simulator app that claims of weekly returns provided an investor meets the threshold of TIQL $1000. This app possesses teaching capabilities that enable a trader to trade successfully.

It is available in different versions; PC version and mobile version. The two versions, downloadable from the Google Play store. claims that the application features enhance maximal sensitivity, thus guarantees almost 100% probability of wins.

This feature implies that virtually any trade you conduct using is bound to attain fruition unless some unprecedented, extreme volatility occurs in the market. belongs to Nous, the address given to enable a trader to contact on the site; Aldwych, London WC2B 4HN. Interestingly, the site claims to be founded by Justin Short. Ironically, contrary to these claims, we dug for the legitimate credentials of this CEO only to bump into a dead-end as there were no online footprints of him. All the photos displayed are just bought pictures from the famous Shutter stock and Pinterest.

This tarnish marks Spark profit as illegitimate. How do you trust a company that unleashes nothing but false testaments and data to the traders it claims to help achieve some profits? Investors should always use genuine crypto trading products that will not promise you absurd returns but at the end of the dat you will earn reasonable amount.These few insights mark the beginning of an evaluation on Spark profit to figure out whether it earns the spot of being labelled reliable and sufficiently profitable as the claims it makes.

How does work?

Cryptocurrency investors are the leading market target for this scam plaguing unsuspecting traders. These traders are supposed to begin trading using virtual money. However, the bit that draws too many questions is that promises $100 at the end of the week for traders who successfully maintain, please remember that this winning is not in usual currency form but TIQL dollars. An exciting offer, isn’t it? Where does this broker get all this free money from worthless points? If that were the case, would focus so much on gaining an exceeding number of recruits?

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“etbot" Review, Platform

If a trader wishes to cash out, they get redirected to TIQL. Here, they are to either convert the points garnered in into TIQL or deposit. TIQL, being just a sister-scheme to Spark profit, seems to create an illusion of a live trade market.

This well laid out fraudulent scheme makes sure it entangles around the mind of a trader, leaving them no room for escape. TIQL trades are done without charge fees, commissions, or spreads.

Therefore, the possibility of a trader emerging victorious is very minimal, and one is bound to keep trading to lose relentlessly. Why so? Okay, remember that is a model-tutor that prepares you for the real deal in TIQL. This TIQL referral is nothing but a fake confidence boost to create an impression that one is now fully able to trade on their own after multiple enlightenment trading sessions from

Alexa Rank

Research shows that the site conception took place in 2003 as per who is data. However, despite being functional for such a duration, it still lacks an Alexa Rank. The former is an implication that faces new sites.

Two totally, conflicting data meant to serve one presumably, transparent trading simulator app. Only new sites lack a social Alexa rank. Having a low Alexa rank of 1024632; this raises an eyebrow to any prospective trader out here contemplating utilizing Before one intends to fall for such treacheries, take a second look at the company’s site credentials.

Partnership with TIQL.

Referrals to the TIQL site to enable cashouts are a little sinister. We all know that a genuine trading aid software should materialize cashouts with minimal formalities but under very watertight conditions.

However, this is not the case here. After enduring and garnering some points, the scammer uses that to his advantage. He ensures a redirect from one lie to another lie to enable him to raise his required revenue.

On TIQL one is urged to make a $5 deposit which purportedly takes on up to 500 trades. This rate is absurd. How does a $5 deposit sustain all those numbers of deals? Watch out for such claims as they are to doom any trader to a colossal failure and hefty losses if deposits made are massive.

The same scammers run TIQL and Spark profit. A loss encountered on TIQL by traders are profits to the scammers. Therefore, watch out for this chain of fraudulent operations.

Security features, alongside TIQL sites, working hand in hand, possesses no SSL or did security features. The lack of such implies that the trader’s interest is placed last rather than being the main priority. If a trader chooses to deposit, she should refrain from keying in high-profile confidential details such as credit card PINs and passwords.

As seen earlier, is only the commencing of a chain of lies, meaning that whatever transpires out from the word go is illegitimate, unprofitable and a waste of time and money.

Also looking at the site’s technical speed, it is rather low. This trait sometimes leaves many disappointed and locked out because the site is inaccessible. This downside is a clear indication of the malicious operations carried out under initiation.

Deposits and withdrawals being just an app offering some valueless points, does not seem to benefit much. However, the passing on to TIQL addresses this. Here, a minimal deposit of $5 is required.

This insignificant, amount of money is bound to go down the drain as no spreads are present to allow a trader to conduct successful trade. As we all know, a promise for some lucrative gain may lead to some perverted decision making.

On TIQL, many traders often end up increasing their deposits, hoping to put into effect the prowess obtained via This trick is how the scammer generates money to enable him to remain alive and kicking.

Look at the withdrawal process; the whole scheme loses its credibility. Why wouldn’t process their withdrawals? This question every trader ought to ponder on.

This referral to TIQL where they should make deposits to enable cashouts is a bait that leads on to more danger leaving the trader subject to so many tricksters, and even an encounter of heavy losses is a possible occurrence.

User Feedback

It dawned on many scammers that traders often rely on reviews to certify the transparency of a trading corporation. Therefore, these scammers have done their level best to ensure that they leave behind a team of experts who are going to give fake reviews and testimonials.

Here is an eye-opener for a trader; never rely on reviews placed on the same day as much as they may seem to come from totally different people. Scammers have a way of diversifying studies by making an impression that almost every continent has taken part. This effect is a psychological trick intended to lead a trader into associating the credibility of these reviews with the people and the geographical position of the former.

While going through online reviews and testaments from beneficiaries, be on the lookout for nearly-consecutive days reviews. Most of these are just false and are aiming at luring many traders into enrolling.

Finally, lacks reviews on The Wall of Trust (WOT). This site seems unsafe and unreliable. Also, recall that most corporations do not take any responsibilities for losses encountered by the trader, even if the scammer inflicts these losses.

Final Verdict

From what we’ve seen, is nothing but a scam, a scheme in the preliminary stages of continuous fraudulent operation. All that the owner wants is more money on his side by gaining more initiates which implies that the trader end is left unattended.

Before falling for such Ponzi schemes that offer quick remedies to riches, take time to take a second look at the investment company’s details .Trade genuinely, by investing withcertified crypto trading products that are more transparent and have no intention of using your money for their own personal gain.

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