Speed Flow Scam Review: This Site is a Living Lie

Speed Flow Scam Review: This Site is a Living Lie

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When you come across a site like, you should remember that everything is a lie starting from the sign up numbers, the payouts, the stats and everything else that they tell you. Speed Flow is a straight forward ponzi scam, and they do not hide that fact by saying that they mine or trade Bitcoins. At least we like their honesty on this.

But apparently, these things can’t be clear to many investors looking to get rich quickly. An investor who is financially illiterate would think that Speed Flow is a goldmine. The site promotes the idea of investing and seating back so that your money can work for you. It sounds too easy and also too good to be true. That is the exact definition of an online scam that hustlers internet users in order to steal their coins.

Speed Flow Review

After analyzing Speed Flow carefully, we have come to the conclusion that this is a stubborn and very courageous ponzi scam. The site is hustling investors as little as $20 and promising them financial freedom. Then you are also supposed to get 50% from your partner’s financial turnover, meaning that members should be focusing on inviting other people into this ponzi scheme on the promise that they will earn 50% from their turnover.

The site is also promising passive income and claiming that their system is created to fully automate the process of making money.

But of course these promises don’t really mean anything to an investor who wants to make money. As you can see, Speed Flow does not have a real product or service. It is not doing any business activity with investors money. So where exactly is this profit coming from? That is something you should ask yourself before joining any ponzi scheme. However, we are generally against any form of ponzi scheme and especially if they involve Cryptocurrencies.

speed flow

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There must be one truth. And the truth is that Speed Flow is collecting money and using it for their selfish gains. They are not making any payouts whatsoever. You can take that to the bank because there is no way you can earn from a site that does not conduct any income generating activities for its members.

It is therefore a lie that you will attain financial freedom with Speed Flow.

The owner of the project

You must also realize that this site is asking for payment in Cryptocurrencies and the owner is also anonymous. That is all we need to confirm the scam status of this website and its owner.

Cryptocurrency transactions are not reversible. When you get scammed by a ponzi scheme that made you pay them in Bitcoins, Ethereum or any other Cryptocurrency, you will lose the money for sure. You can’t recover it.

But just in case you are not sure whether or not this is a scam, think about how the owner of this site is anonymous. If he was honest and transparent, he would not have concealed his details. Therefore, he is truly hiding something. He wants to steal your coins and disappear. That is what most of us think of a site like this one.

Lots of spelling errors on Speed Flow website

Simple words like Machine cannot be spelled properly, yet Speed Flow claims that they are seriously into making their members rich. We do not trust them because they are unprofessional. The entire site is not trust inspiring at all. You would ask yourself several questions before investing with a site that cannot properly spell the world Machine.

What exactly does this site want from you?

The first question that people want to know is whether this site pays and how it generates its revenue. The answer to those questions is quite straight forward. This site has never paid anyone a single coin. If someone has been paid by this scam ponzi scheme, they should object to this review with some form of proof. Otherwise, we will not believe them.

The reason why it does not pay is that even if they wanted to pay, it would have been impossible given their model of business. Any website that does not have an income generating business model will definitely collapse. It will never pay due to the nature of the business which is being conducted therein.

Speed Flow is a scam because apart from not conducting any business activity, they are collecting coins from members of the public and promising them financial freedom which will never come.

The site is even admitting that they are a ponzi scam. How? It’s simple. When you read their FAQ section, you will come across a statement that says if you do not invite someone to join under you, you will not earn a single coin. However, if you invite people, you will earn 50% of their deposits or revenue for life.

Not only is this ridiculous, but it shows that Speed Flow is about to collapse in the upcoming weeks. Rest assured that such a website can never go far because they will scam members of the internet before having their reputation soiled.

Right now, Speed Flow is very new. That means it is not popular yet. But the site admin could use shady ways of generating traffic. Those who convert or get convinced will definitely lose money. Those who are too discerning will see these signs and flee as soon as they land on the malicious website. You have to make this decision on your own.

Our best advice for you

We have never seen an honest ponzi scam like Speed Flow. It is weird how the site is making it clear that they do not have any income generating activities except collecting coins from members of the public. Such a business model is only designed to benefit the owner of this site and not the user.

You must therefore realize that this is a raw deal you are getting. However, to be safe, you must choose investment programs that either mine or trade Cryptocurrencies. Speed Flow does not do any of those.

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  1. Hallo, ich kann das was Sie hier schreiben nun bestätigen. Es bekommen nur einige wenige Geld ausbezahlt, und andere User, so wie ich, nicht mal die Einzahlung der $20. Auf Anfragen wird auch nicht mehr reagiert! Und von dem Spillover sieht man auch nichts….alles Lüge!!

      1. I can show you nothing to hide but where would I up load before we say it is a scam have your own experience it is a formula that must be follow

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