Splitt Review: Scam Disguised as Legit?

Splitt Review: Scam Disguised as Legit?

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Splitt claims to offer hash power for sale through a multi-algorithm cloud mining service which is cheap and convenient. Splitt also claims that by mining altcoins and converting them to Bitcoins, they can get around the current mining difficulty that is affecting Bitcoin mining. The website offers bare metal, ASIC mining and cloud mining. These services have been categorized into 3 different plans with varying daily returns. For example, Bare Metal is giving 3.5% daily returns while ASIC mining is offering 4.9% daily. Are these returns true or are we dealing with yet another disguised case of a high yield investment scam? One may ask.

Well, to answer that question, we’d need to look at the features of Splitt and whether or not it is paying. This will also require a brief look at customer reviews if there are any.

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Splitt Review

The website looks a bit professional unlike many other sites in this category. They even provide chat support to visitors of the site so that any of their questions can be answered if there is need to.


Splitt has even employed a stricter security measure against bots so that website visitors can’t browser around without having to deal with captchas along the way.

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The FAQ section seems to be managed professionally as well. The answers in this page are handled by someone called Jessica Morgan. There is no information about this woman anywhere. 

What we find really interesting is the fact that Splitt has listed a number of countries in the world, claiming that their mining rigs are located in these regions. These include Russia, Singapore, Malaysia and Venezuela. It is difficult to verify this information without pictures being supplied that showcase the actual mining locations. Also, a graphic representation of the alleged locations is not satisfactory evidence that indeed Splitt has mining rigs in the aforementioned countries.

On website, Splitt is registered as the property of a company known as SPLITT CORP LIMITED. The website is about 3 months old since it was created on April 2018. We have checked for the background of this company online and failed to find satisfactory information. Information is sketchy about this company, which is making us to believe that this website is dubious.

There is no phone number and definitely Splitt is not even providing a physical address which can be used to check the existence of their company. In the business directories of the UK, ELLISON, Michael is listed as the director of Splitt Corp Ltd. The company is operating out of London, UK. However, on their website, there is zero information about this company. Instead, the website states that they are selling hash power to both newbies and established entities who want to mine Cryptocurrencies.

There are two investment plans offered. These investment plans are quite suspicious. The first plan is offering 3.50% daily returns twice. It is not clear whether the website means that they are offering 7% daily returns in total. But definitely the word twice appears somewhere in the description of the service offered by this website.

The ASIC mining plan which is offering 4.70% per day is also quite unbelievable. This contract is supposed to run for 35 days, requiring a minimum deposit of 0.5 BTC. Basically, this investment plan is implying that when you invest the required amount of BTC for 35 days, you will earn 164%, something that we don’t believe can be achieved with Splitt or any other cloud mining company.

In short, these returns are exaggerated. If this website truly had the capacity to generate these kinds of returns, it would have attracted so many people by now. It would be having  a lot of investors. But so far, we have not seen any user reviews implying that Splitt is really making these profits and paying out. If there were user reviews, it would have been a different story. As it currently stands, we can only find a few blog posts on Google describing how this site pays. But keep in mind that these are opinions from writers and not the views of people who have used Splitt before. It can therefore be an extremely difficult thing to believe that this website is actually offering these payouts.

The problems that we may have against Splitt

While we certainly appreciate the professional approach that comes with this site’s design and how it presents information to the public, it is still difficult to believe that this website can offer 4.7% daily returns. We feel that these are far-fetched and no mining website is currently generating these returns. And if a site is claiming otherwise, they should probably produce some kind of evidence to support the claim.

Therefore, at the moment, we cannot confirm whether this site is paying and paying these returns. The other issue that we have is that there is zero customer feedback concerning their mining service. This is strange considering that the site is promising what people want but at the same time no one is bothering to try out their service. Could this mean that the site is a scam? We wonder.

Lack of user reviews is a main concern and also an indication that people don’rt trust this site. We hoped that Splitt would have made things a little bit realistic for their clients instead of promoting their services using promises that sound a bit unrealistic. We hoped Splitt was more transparent with their operations too. And with client reviews here and there, it would have been easier to know what is going on with this company. But as it currently stands, we are seated on the fence, not knowing whether or not to recommend it.

Our best advice for you

Having said that, there is no point in risking our funds on something that doesn’t seem quite established. If you want to mine Cryptocurrencies, the best thing to do would be to utilize the services of an established mining platform. These companies will always help you mine Bitcoin, Ethereum and other altcoins in the cloud.

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13 Replies to “Splitt Review: Scam Disguised as Legit?”

  1. Zero user feedback? Join their telegram. We are all on their and I guarantee you that they are paying. You have not mentioned that withdrawal is instant and without any fees. Tried to withdraw several times and it worked perfectly. Ave time is about 10-15 minutes for confirmation on your btc wallet. Payment is made hourly. Yes, hourly. And we can track it. I can attest that this site is legit. They are paying, they have a telegram account for support and it is where you can find a plethora of users who invested. Do thorough research sometimes. Zero user feedback? Oh come on.

    1. Hi, feedback appreciated.
      However do you perhaps any update on the recent maintenance going on since the 29th Nov 2018 till now, i am unable to access any info or contacts on the splitt home page. Can you please advise if you know anything.

  2. Its paying so far for me. I put in the minimum and getting the promised amount and in hourly increments. Just to test withdrawal I withdrew 3400 satoshis and it was not a problem, no fee, so there seems to be no minimum withdrawl. As the other user said, join the telegram and meet the community. Look at the payment proofs you can run there and look on the blockchain yourself. Also their support has been active daily responding to my questions while I was getting set up.


  4. I too initially thought it was bogus and only put in the minimum for a contract, and they pay out exactly like they say they will. You can withdraw in btc, eth, xmr and xrp. 10/10 would recommend.

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