Spy FX Review: Is Scam?

Spy FX Review: Is Scam?

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Spy FX claims to provide trading solutions to investors looking to make profits, and they claim to be suitable for both experienced and inexperienced traders. allows copy trading, and investors can use expert advice and gain profitably from this investment firm.

The company boasts of having won 69% of profit trades and that 68% in short positions and 70% in the extended position trades. The platform boasts that they provide endless opportunities for investors to benefit profitably through their trading strategies.

However, the trade world is not a child’s play, and for you to benefit from this investment firm profitably, you require general knowledge and patience. However, you can venture with legit signal providers that are genuine and transparent in the method of operation to gain profitable returns.

The platform does not talk more on how they plan to generate profits for you, and their method of operation is shady. allows investors to connect their trading platform to their master account.

Spy FX Review, Platform

The company claims that investors are entitled to leverage while trading with their automated methods. Scammers always promise you high leverage than the required amount.  Similar characteristics can be seen in Spy FX, and this is red flags to prevent you from trusting this investment firm.

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“etbot" Review promises you various advantages of trading with them, including trades that are updated in real-time. The company also charges the service fee based on the profit you gain from this investment firm.

The platform also urges investors they gain access to MyFXBook you are also entitled unlimited access MT4, which is a well-established trading platform. However, you should not be quick to deposit a single coin in this investment firm because several red flags have been exposed, and we will highlight some of them in this unbiased review.

The platform also does not charge down payments they claim they only offer trading strategies that are fully functional and profitable to the investor. Furthermore, the algorithm and the software they use to generate their signals are not known and raise doubt in the kind of claims they promise investors. does not require you to put any effort will trading as they are automated trading software that will immediately generate profits and do all the work for you. It is advisable to invest with legit trading robots that are fully functional, and the method of operation is known to investors. Also, the kind of profitable algorithm they use to generate profits is well elaborated.

However, the minimum deposit amount that you can use to trade is $2000. The platform also deducts 25% of every profit that you make. The platform does not provide any information about the owners or any employees and what is their experience level.

Legit investment firms always provide you with information about the people behind the platform on the website, and failure to provide this information only means the company has some shady business they’re hiding.

The platform claims to be a solution to all the challenges that investors face while trading, yet they operate without transparency. The trade world is not stable, and promising investors’ constant returns in their  Investment fund is a lie that you should not fall for.

However, legit companies will minimize the risks that you will encounter while trading, but they do not dismiss the fact that you may face risks while trading. The kind of security measures this platform takes to protect your details is not known to investors, and you risk dealing with anonymous people or criminals.

Funds Safety

There is no evidence of any successful pay to investors through their alleged fake trading strategies, and we should not expect to make any profit either. does not provide you with any details of the people behind the Investment firm and what experience they hold, yet they want you to trust them with your money.

The platform does not provide you with any banking information that they partner with, and once your money is in their accounts, your account may even get deleted. You need to see past trade transactions for at least three months for you to trust the legitimacy of any investment firm.

Scam or Legit is not a legit investment firm, and the platform is operating against the set guidelines and is breaking the law in various countries. The method of operation is shady, and no one seems to benefit from this investment firm through its alleged strategies.

The platform uses an affiliate program whereby investors can invite new members and gain a special commission as the company requires traffic to stay active. There is no evidence of any trade activity taking place, and it is definitely this company is a scam.

It exposes several scam characteristics which are seen as red flag and investors do not even know what pairs they are trading. The platform charges are very costly for their services, and you’re not even sure if you will earn any profit.

Regulation and Customer Support

Spy FX is not a regulated platform; they do not provide any regulatory data on their website to prove otherwise, and it only shows their operating illegally. Legit investment firms always provide legitimate certification on their websites, and they are allowed to generate funds from the public.

Furthermore, for any investment firm to be allowed to generate funds from the public, they need to follow all the regulatory measures. That has been set by the country they are offering services to.

Companies that are not regulated will rob all your money, and you cannot easily reach them. The platform also does not provide any information that can use to contact just in case you require assistance or you have any queries.

The founders of the platform risk facing criminal prosecutions, once they are caught with the legal, regulatory bodies. Spy FX will smoothly go against the set laws that govern trading companies because they are not bound to any regulation.

In case you require assistance from this investment firm, you have to fill out a section with your email and the message with your query, but this does not guarantee a reply. A legit investment firm that you should be trusting, unlike, always provides you with working contact support and reply regarding your queries always instant.

Spy FX does not provide any location whereabouts, and this is a major red flag that should warn you to avoid the platform at all costs. You deserve to know the people who are operating the company and where they located just in case you need to reach out to them.

Final Verdict

Spy-FX, it’s not a regulated platform and is operating illegally, generating funds from the public all over the globe. The method they use for operation is not well elaborated and is not transparent to investors.

The company only talks about the benefits that you get from using the trading strategies but fails to elaborate on which strategies they are using and what algorithms are used to generate profits. Always venture with profitable trading bots,  legit investments firms always provide you with working contact support by delivering at least telephone contact or email.

Without past trade transactions for a couple of months, it is impossible to assert that any trade is taking place. Furthermore, investors do not get a chance to test if the trading robot is working or if trading methods profitable.

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3 Replies to “Spy FX Review: Is Scam?”

  1. I’ve been with Spy-Fx for over a year now. I did expect that it would be as good as they are now
    Thanks, guys for your hard work!

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