Stabilis Lucra Is Scam: Details Inside This Review

Stabilis Lucra Is Scam: Details Inside This Review

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In this Stabilis Lucra review, we will prove to you that this is a corny Forex expert advisor with no past record of success. Our investigations have revealed that the owners, David Jukl and Andrew Nathan, are only good at using lies and phrases that attract attention to sell copies of this scam robot.

Besides, Stabilis Lucra looks identical to other previously released binary options and Forex trading systems. It’s misleading, deceptive and sophisticated because for one, David Jukl is a real person with real social media profile. He’s been known for selling Forex expert advisors in the past.

He is now launching Stabilis Lucra software for trading Forex, and he wants his audience to believe whatever he says about this software.

It also appears that David Jukl is just a greedy scam artist who also happens to look innocent and sincere. There is nothing legitimate about the Stabilis Lucra Forex trading software. In fact, if you look at it keenly, you will see that it is an over-glamorized and hyped version of another Forex scam known as BTC Robot.

David Jukl is just being good at marketing. He does everything within his means to bait and eventually defraud those who are looking for real money making opportunities on the internet.

First of all, if you’re looking for a legitimate trading robot, just search this list. That list has some very good Forex trading robots to use.

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Stabilis Lucra Review: The truth

Stabilis Lucra homepage is very colorful and even attractive. This is not the problem. The main issue is that they wrote on the homepage that this software has not lost a single trade in 3 years.

Now, when you hear someone claiming that they have a Forex trading system that has never lost a single trade in years, you should doubt them.

In fact, this is not your usual hype. It is a blatant lie which is also impossible to believe. A Forex robot is designed to make your work easier. That does not mean that it won’t absorb losses occasionally. What matters is how you put risks under management so that you can consistently grow your bank account. That’s what all legitimate Forex trading robots want to achieve. It’s the ultimate goal that proven trading systems have always sort to achieve.

The most stupid lie that has ever been told in the 21st century is that there is a secret trading program somewhere in the world that guarantees wins because it eliminates losses with military precision. In fact, this is the ultimate red flag that we need, to prove that Stabilis Lucra is a fantasy, a dream that can be highly elusive.

So, before we talk about trading performance as the ultimate litmus test that a trading robot is able to make consistent profits, let’s talk about the pitch video first. It looks weird, which is why we needed to talk about it now.

The pitch video on the homepage of Stabilis Lucra software

The video introduces a snake oil salesman called David Jukl. He is introduced as a software developer who designs and programs trading robots with secrets that no man has ever known. He claims that his creation makes really nice profits. But before he is done with his lies, his partner, Andrew Nathan takes over to lie some more. Andrew begins laying it thick that Stabilis Lucra really makes money and that it can never lose a single trade no matter what happens.

Andrew claims that he met with Jukl at the Chinese trading expo for 2016. According to him, that is when he realized that this man had a ”hidden humble talent’ of making robots that beat the market in its own game.

First of all, we want to talk a little bit about these so-called Chinese trading expos. They are a marketplace where every Tom, Dick and Harry can hawk their trading wares for a fee. Yes, if you want to feature there as the main guest speaker, you must pay a certain sum of money to the organizers so as to gain this privilege.

David Jukl promoting Stabilis Lucra at a chinese trading expo

And you see, the paraphernalia which is being touted here never really do the magic because no magical trading systems exist anywhere in this world.

These conventions are therefore meant to attract newbies who are desperate to join the world of trading no matter what.

The people who organize them are in business. Those who attend them as Forex mentors, trading gurus, expert advisor developers etc, do their best to look as if they possess special skills of trading, and that their products are the only ticket to your financial freedom if you buy them.

These conventions are often visited by charlatans and con artists who understand the art of marketing like the palm of their hands.

And of course they (organizers) also rate products (based on the amount of money the product owner will pay them). You can call it a bribe if you would.

You can see it on the landing page of this product. They claim that Stabilis Lucra is a ‘quadruple’ award Forex robot that has been recognized 4 times in a row.

The Chinese trading expo supposedly awarded Stabilis Lucra with the ‘best innovative Forex product for the year 2016’. In the same year, it was awarded the prize of the ‘best Forex expert advisor’. Still in the same year, it was awarded the best trading strategy. Then in 2017, the same convention awarded it the ‘best expert advisor with prove performance of profits’.

No doubt, these conventions cannot be trusted because they are targeted at the naive and the desperate who are looking for snake oil trading products. These charlatans hang around in numbers, and their job is to sell magical trading products which don’t exist.

Stabilis Lucra pricing

Trading performance

They did a good job in remind us about the performance of this robot. How has it performed since it was launched? That’s the big question.

We were not going to take our chances blindly. So we contacted Jukl for more explanation with regards to the performance of this software.

We called the customer helpline on (4402032897718) and introduced ourselves before making our request known to the person on the other end.

Instead of getting a professional response, we got a rude answer. We were not even sure whether we were speaking with Jukl himself. He sounded differently and irrational. We expected something different. We did not expect him to tell us that he didn’t want our nonsense. Only when we made it clear that a review was going to be written about the Stabilis Lucra that he became serious.

The response was something like this: ”Well, am not allowed by my lawyer to reveal my trading results to the public.”

Honestly, what is wrong with revealing your trading results? What is wrong with you sending us a link back to your myfxbook account so that we can verify the supposed trading performance?

Our best advice for you

Dishonesty, lack of transparency and trading results are all symptoms that this project is driven by scam artists. Stabilis Lucra EA is not a good trading system. It is clearly a money-grabbing scheme. No proof of performance has been given, yet the developer wants us to put faith in his creation. This is impossible.

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  1. Pan Jukl a spol jsou nejvetsi podvodnici vsech dob v CR a na SK ve Forexu. Hlavne pan Jukl je chamtivy podvodnik a lhar, udela cokoliv aby od Vas dostal jedinou korunu. Proste jeste se divim ze ma furt stejny kxicht, ze mu ho nekdo nerozbil. Proste nejlip udelate kdyz ho poslete doprdele jinak ztracite vsechny investovane penize

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