Star Wars Binary Bot Scam – Giving the False Illusion of a Money Minting Tool

Star Wars Binary Bot Scam – Giving the False Illusion of a Money Minting Tool

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Have you dreamt of the fact that you can mint money through binary options trading?

Well if you refine yourself as a trader then there is a chance to make in a decent amount of money. Hopefully, you have not been living under the illusion that some bot would make you money.

If you have been under this impression, then you are in for some bad news. Automated trading bots are no magic tool, and you will not become a millionaire overnight. Nowadays you will find trading bots with all the funky names.

One such bot is Star Wars Binary Bot. The name may sound fascinating, but the system is not. This is the brainchild of Allen Vader. Read the complete product review to know more.

Note: A good alternative to this Star Wars Binary Bot scam is the binary options robot.

The Star Wars Binary Bot website lacking the professional touch

When the trader opens up the website of Star Wars Binary Bot then surely it does not look like a trading site. It looks more like a game site. It seems that the designer of the Star Wars Binary Bot website has forgotten the fact that this website is being designed for professional traders. What a trading site should offer is real information.

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Traders are not interested in the graphics of the site. What they need is accurate and precise information that this website fails to offer so it can be termed as a big let down. When the trader opens up the Star Wars Binary Bot website, there is a video, so the investor is compelled to go through the video whether he wants to or not. Now that is a bad compulsion because the website does not have any useful information listed except funky graphics.

Star Wars Binary Bot

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The Star Wars Binary Bot website displays strange graphics to push the trader into registration. See the snapshot below.  What makes the website design objectionable is that it is deviating from the point. No one will just look at a video and just sign up with a system. People need to know the facts.

Star Wars Binary Bot Scam

It seems that the maker is in under the impression that the trader is quite a naïve. The two text fields require the trader to opt for a free sign up. Remember it is the sign up that is free and not the system. When the trader has signed up and wanted to use the system, then he will have to make a deposit to use the system, so this is just a trap.

The Star Wars Binary Bot website has got this total member and total members profits on the website. Well, that is quite irrelevant because it does not make a difference to the trader how many people have signed up with the platform and how much they are earning because what matters at the end of the day is what an investor earns on his own.

Thus, this is a big disappointment. Secondly, there is no way that the onlooker can verify these numbers, so their existence does not make any difference at all.

Star Wars Binary Bot Scam Review

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Star Wars Binary Bot promoting automated trading

No wise investor will be a fan of unreliable automated systems. Star Wars Binary Bot has got no new story to tell. It revolves around the same perception of automated trading. First of all, there are so many scam binary bots that it can be quite a challenge to figure out the genuine one. An investor will have to search quite hard to find a genuine system.

Genuine binary options robots are rare so the trader will have to explore and research about the credibility of such systems. Only then the trader will be sure if he has made the right decision. Secondly, choosing an automated system can be suicidal for a new trader. The reason is that a trader cannot survive in the trading world by an automated system. He needs to know the tricks of the trade if he has to survive in the long run.

The trader needs to have an in-depth insight into the trading concepts and practice his manual trading concepts. Only then it is advisable to try out automated trading and only then the trader has a slight chance of success coming his way.

 Star Wars Binary Bot does not offer a trial or demo

No investor will believe in the credibility of Star Wars Binary Bot if it does not offer a demo. Well, the demo gives an insight into the system. Star Wars Binary Bot fails to give the correct perception to the trader and keeps him in the dark.

The trader does not get an opportunity to test the credibility of the system, so it is a bad choice for any trader. Usually, the absence of the demo indicates that the system has got something to hide from the trader otherwise every system will offer a demo to establish its credibility.

 Star Wars Binary Bot fails to offer live customer support

When a platform offers live customer support, then the customers have an assurance that they can get help there and then. However, it is not the case with Star Wars Binary Bot. They do not even have a proper about us page. The email of the platform is also not listed on the website. This creates the doubt. There should be a way through which the traders can get back to the platform, and if the system does not offer this help, then this does create a question mark on the credibility of the system.

The traders cannot raise questions and communicate with the platform at the spur of the moment. If this help is not available, the trader may get stuck and will not be able to get the relevant help. The better alternative is to go for a reliable binary options robot that is scam free and will not snatch the hard earned money of the trader. A good example of such a system is Virtnext.

 Star Wars Binary Bot has its element of risk

The website of Star Wars Binary Bot says that it is not risky. Well, this is not the truth because every binary bot has its element of risk primarily because a bot is trading for the trader. When an investor indulges in manual trading, then he can try out his trading strategies and see what works best. However, when a bot takes charge of the decision making, then the risk increases.

The biggest risk is that most auto trading bots are associated with unregulated brokers that usually take away the deposit of the trader, and he is left with nothing.

Dark pool analysis algorithm explanation needed

Star Wars Binary Bot website lists down that the system uses the dark pool analysis algorithm. However, this information is just not enough. The Star Wars Binary Bot website should have listed down the details of the working of this algorithm so that the trader knows that his money will be safe, and he will earn.

The conclusion is that the trader should avoid opting for Star Wars Binary Bot. It does not have any impressive element and cannot guarantee success for the trader. An investor should spend his time mastering the manual trading techniques.

If he still feels the need to try out automated trading, then the investor should look for those trading bots that are scam free and do not possess any risk to the trader. This way the investment of the trader will remain safe, and he will not have to worry. Opt for safe trading and say no to Star Wars Binary Bot.

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