Start Trade Surfers Review: Scam Signal Service?

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Start Trade Surfers Review: Scam Signal Service?

Start Trade Surfers is an online Forex training platform that also provides Forex signals to clients. The owner is telling traders the course will allow them to trade Forex with pros for three months. The training school will enable traders to learn trading by practically placing trades.

The company is run by  Terry Rodgers, who claims to have been in the Forex space for over 20 years. He claims to have he has been teaching traders and making the professionals making consistent high profits.

Advantages of trading in the markets

Here are some of the most enticing aspect of trading with automated forex trading robots

  • Accuracy of market

Unlike humans who don’t have the much computing power to scour the web for information, these robots do.

You get robots offering high accuracy for trading and this will impact on the visuals of trading with some of the world’s best.

Traders need accuracy when trading so that you can minimize losses as best as possible.

  • Ease of use

With a friendly user interface, traders with any skill levels can easily utilize these robots and take advantage of the volatile crypto market.

You won’t need to take long to learn how to use these robots as they come with easy to understand guidelines and tutorials.

  • Connectivity

One of the greatest aspects of trading with these robots is connectivity. You want a robot that easily automate trades.

The listed robots are automatic and trade steadily without any pitfalls. You certainly don’t want a robot that shits the bed during live trading sessions.

  • Security

These bots have been tested by the trading community. The developers who created these robots understand the risks involved.

With funding involved, traders should invest in robots that guarantee safety of their investments and overall trading experience.

  • Transparency

The listed robots come with ethical online activities showing all activities and performances for all to see.

It helps to enhance clarity and avoids emotional trading which means you get a step ahead of other manual traders.

  • Best in class

These robots were ranked best in class by industry professionals and traders alike. These robots offer much in terms of accuracy and predict the best in terms of assurance.

You want a robot that offers quality services and not a botched robot that even fails to hit the set profit targets.

Many companies will promise to make you rich in no time. Sadly, most companies only promise this o to attract clients on to their platform. In the real sense, they cannot deliver on what they promise.

You should always ensure you do thorough research before investing in a company. Ensure they meet the legal requirements, and they can deliver their promises. It is the only way to distinguish legitimate companies from fake ones.

Luckily, we have researched for you. This review will provide you with details on why we think that Start Traders Surfing is not among the best Forex trading solutions that exist. Ensure you only invest with companies that have proven to work for a long time.

Start Trade Surfers Review

The creators of this trading course are claiming it is suitable for all ranges of traders. They claim it is especially fitting for beginners looking to trade profitably in Forex markets. The program teaches traders how to recognize market trends and comes with email reminders when live trades are available.

Start Trade Surfers Review, Start Trade Surfers Platform

Moreover, traders gain access to an automated tool that can make trades for clients. These aspects seem very interesting. Furthermore, the creator of this program claims to have over 20 years in the Forex space.

Investors always want to know that they are investing in a trading system that is run by experienced individuals. The Forex space is very fierce and requires knowledge and experience to trade the markets successfully.

Unfortunately, we could not verify that Terry Rodgers has a vast experience as he claims. The only details that we were able to gather was that he was involved with a day trading academy program. Sadly, that program seems to be a scam.

It is definitely a cause of concern. You should not trust any individual with such a shady background. There is no telling what they are planning to with your hard-earned cash.

How Start Trade Surfer Works

The company pledges to provide high-quality trade signals to its clients. They promise that these signals will make you rich in no time. Once you shop the product, you will receive an email with a unique link. This link tells you where to access the daily trade picks and education materials.

However, the company does not offer much insight into the approach they take in the market. There is no description of the market setups they consider to open or close a trade position.

This does not offer a good picture of the company. Traders always want to know the inner workings of a company before they decide to invest in it. Moreover, the company claims to provide exceptional signals that you will not find anywhere else.

It is expected that they would have a unique trading strategy that makes them say this. Sadly, this cannot be verified.

Pricing and Features

Start Trade Surfer offers its Forex signal services for $17 for three months. However, that is the most they say about their signals. They do not reveal the trading pairs they trade in, nor the signal frequency.

This lack of transparency is expected in fake companies. In this day and age, this is inexcusable. The platform needs to do a better job of informing its clients what they get for their money. Failure to that, we cannot trust them.

The only thing they give insight on is the lessons contained in their education package. They list the courses as follows.

  • How to make money in all market conditions.
  • How to pick winning trades faster.
  • The best currencies and the best times to trade them.
  • How to trade the trend.
  • An automatic trading tool that will give you an unfair advantage.
  • Trading times that you need to avoid.
  • Simple strategies that help beginners trade like successful veterans.

These lessons are not unique. You can easily retrieve this information from the Internet freely. Therefore, we do not see the need to spend money on these lessons.

Regulation and Customer Support

Start Trade Surfers does not provide any evidence to show they are a regulated company. Any company that offers investment advice has to get a license from the SEC in the US and CySEC in the UK. Therefore, this company is not operating within legal requirements.

This is a recipe for disaster. Unregulated companies could disappear at any time. Once investigators start to look into them, they will retreat and leave you high and dry. You will then have no one to turn to.

This is because the company does not provide any means of contacting them. They claim to be experienced individuals, but they fail to provide essential services like customer support. We do not understand how the company expects its clients to issue complaints without a dedicated channel.

This is a company that is not concerned with customer satisfaction. They are only after clients’ money.

Trading Results

Start Trade Surfers do not provide a record of their track record, and they do not even offer screenshots of their trading performance. It is inexcusable. The company needs to do a promising job of proving their system is profitable.

Companies run by professionals make it their mission to provide verifiable trading results, and this makes the purchasing decision much easier for clients.

Customer Feedback

The company provides numerous customer testimonials on its website. As expected, all of them are positive. One of the clients says he turned $1,000 to $8,504.84 with a 90.48% success rate.

However, such reviews cannot be trusted. It is effortless for a company to create fake customer reviews to promote its image. Even with real thoughts, companies cherry-pick the ones that favor their appearance.

We need to see verifiable reviews on a third-party platform. That is the only way we can know what the clients truly feel about the company. As it stands, we cannot recommend this company to you based on the customer testimonials on the website.

Final Verdict

The design of this company’s operations makes it hard to trust its products. They lack transparency in the most critical areas. They do not reveal the strategies they use to generate trade signals that they provide to clients. Moreover, they do offer trading results to show their product works.

Additionally, the training course they provide has no individual lessons worth investing money in. Anyone can see the information on the Internet for free.  Under these conditions, it is easier to get scammed than it is to gain any returns.

Therefore, we cannot, in our right minds, recommend this company to you. They have many loopholes that they need to address first before we can wholly trust them. Stick to the best Forex trading solutions that have proven to work for a long time. Only such companies can deliver on what they promise.

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