Starwood Asset Management Fund Review: Arrogant Scam

Starwood Asset Management Fund Review: Arrogant Scam

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Beware of this Asset Management Fund SCAM that is out to steal from users. Starwood Asset Management Fund ( review is out after several complaints were lodged. The platform is a scam as its website is now operated by, which is a Chinese scam. They have been using the information on a legit UK clearing house CFH Clearing. Information on their license number and their location is the same as And this is why we have to expose these scam artists.

Starwood Asset Management Fund Homepage

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About Starwood Asset Management Fund

They claim to be helping investors consistently grow their profits, which is not the case. From our investigation, we found that this is a major online scam platform. They are targeting online investors from Europe thanks to their bold profit statements. One of their selling points is claiming opportunities exist beyond traditional opportunities. They have been in the online trading world for a while and are about to shut down. The platform is in clear violation of online trading.

Starwood Asset Management Fund is on the verge of collapse as more and more complaints pop up. The platform is all about selling profit ideas with no way of executing these ideas. They are claiming to be an asset management fund that will help you grow profit. The user interaction is not favorable as cracks begin to emerge. With the platform being on an official regulator’s backlist, it is best to stay away from such a platform. They are not in the business to make a profit for anyone, just for themselves.

Asset management fund services

Starwood Asset Management Fund Review

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The platform claims to have 20 years’ worth of asset management fund experience. Some of the assets the owners claim to trade with include Crude oil, Forex, and Gold. They also claim to be trading in the New York Trade Exchange, which is not the case. The platform is just throwing industry jargon to entice naïve investors. Thanks to our investigation, we will be pointing out the scam features on the platform. The post shows all their features and traps set for investors to fall and make deposits with them.

Comments from users

There have been damaging comments from users who lost a substantial amount with this platform. The platform would use their sales representative to call users and explain how they will make a killing. Once investors deposited their funds with the platform, it was the last they heard from the platform. And this is the reason why we have to ensure that no one else falls for this trap. They have been extorting funds from unsuspecting online investors. Most of the complaints are coming from European investors.

Compliance, license, and registration of Starwood Asset Management Fund

Starwood Asset Management Fund License Details

Starwood Asset Management Fund is not licensed to offer any trading products or services. There is an official warning from the Financial Conduct Authority FCA regarding the platform. The notice clearly shows that Starwood AMG is using false information on their license and location. Although their servers are located in Texas, we believe these scam artists are in the UK. Hence the authorities in the region had to act quickly on this and mark them as a scam outfit.

A platform without a valid trading license is a risky move for anyone who signs up. The risks include having no insurance cover for the deposits made. These developers or asset managers will efficiently run away with your funds. There is no way or recovering these funds as the platform is using false location details. They are using the location details of a legit brokerage firm located in London. And this goes to show the extent to which the platform will go to lie to their members.

Developers of the platform

Eddie Contreraz is the person who claims to run and operate this entire firm. There is a brief mention of him on the platform, but the information is sketchy. They give us no information on his whereabouts or trading experience. We also don’t know how the person looks like, as there is no social media profile of him. And this points to a platform that has no idea of what is happening in the world. A real trading platform must be open in regards to the actual people behind the platform. It helps to know who is accountable in case of any unforeseen problems.

The only profile we could get from social media profiles is Alignable. Eddie does not provide any photo of himself, and the profile does not have any views. It has only one recommendation from Jerry Curtis. We believe that Jerry was paid to post his guidance. The point is that the developer is an anonymous person, which makes it hard for us to trust his platform. It would be wise if investors followed suit and backed off from this asset managed fund.

Domain details

On looking at their domain details, we few issues emerged in regards to their online presence. We stated earlier that the platform is on and off and is now redirecting to Their current server location has changed from Texas to Johannesburg. The website is barely 90 days old as information reads that the site went live on 20th June 2020. Readers should note that this is the date the platform changed from to There have been seven notable changes on seven different servers for the last five years. And this shows that the platform is changing its IP address more than necessary.

Features of Starwood Asset Management Fund

Their strategy involves statistical arbitrage and wealth accumulation. The platform also claims to have bespoke investment infrastructure. They go ahead and state that they offer an ECN trading environment that is unmatched. The staff claims to hold core values such as integrity and transparency, which is not the case. And this is not true as the platform fails to inform their minimum acceptable deposit. It means that users deposit different amounts, which could be fatal to some investors.

Available subscriptions

Starwood Asset Management Fund is not transparent on the plans available on their platform. They also don’t quote their minimum trading requirement, which is a problem. Some investors may part with $10,000 while others part with $100,000. The developer laughs all the way to the bank as this is free money. There is no proof that the platform works or even allows withdrawals. With the high number of complaints, it is clear no one has made any withdrawals. And this is another concrete reason to stay away from the platform.

Contact and support staff

Contact and Support

Expect no contact from these developers unless they want to rope you in. They are good at calling investors who have not yet signed up with the platform. They will sell users heaven but deliver hell at the end of the day. The phone number listed is not theirs as the location of the platform is of another brokerage house. We believe that they are using a virtual phone number to steal from investors. They make the calls, and investors believe the platform’s owners are based in the States or the UK.

Results of Starwood Asset Management Fund

There have been no proven results that the asset management fund works. And this is why no one should go ahead and blindly deposit funds with the platform. They will be throwing away their hard-earned money. The fact of the matter is that Starwood is a cloned website that is targeting naïve European investors. It is better to stay away from it and look for other proven alternatives.

Scam or Legit Starwood Asset Management Fund

Starwood Asset Management Fund is a scam that is blacklisted by the FCA.

Closing Remarks

We will not recommend the use of this platform or any of its subsidiaries. The platform is already blacklisted, meaning they are a scam.

Go for trusted forex trading robots with a proven track record. These robots are ideal as they protect your investments at all times. They are backed by experts and have a recurring user base. It is what investors need to get closer to their trading dream.

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