SteadyCapitals Review: is a Scam

SteadyCapitals Review: is a Scam

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SteadyCapitals is a program for trading that is presented by someone who identifies himself as ”Kim”. He claims that he is Max’s business partner, and that he works on the intelligence side of the company. As we continue playing the sales video, we realize that this ”Kim” guy is actually talking of a popular scam called Maximus Edge Auto robot. So this simply means that SteadyCapitals is owned by the same person who owns Maximus Edge Auto robot. In the background, the presenter is standing on a wall that is written ”Maximus Crypto bot, which simply means that they are also trying to introduce us to a Crypto bot that is owned and operated by the same criminal enterprise.

But there are many questions you need to ask before you take these dubious people very seriously. First, their promises are too good to be true. You need to question that. Secondly, you need to ask yourself why the presenter is only introducing himself using one name and also why he cannot be traced anywhere on the internet. He claims to have worked with the previous trading program, the Maximus Eedge Auto robot and we have established that this is a scam bot. This suggests that even SteadyCapitals is not a reliable trading program. He is the same person who featured in the previous sales video for the scam and now he is here intending to scam people with a new trading program.


By the way, Kim is not his real name,  and secondly, he is acting the program out on behalf of the real owner. The real owner of this trading app is hiding and would never want to reveal his identity. That is why they have decided to utilizes the services of an actor who knows nothing about trading. What you are going to hear from this actor is actually lies and nothing more.

If you came here because you were tempted to believe SteadyCapitals, you need to know that this site is a scam. There is strong evidence and one of the facts you needed to know about SteadyCapitals have already been discussed above. We will therefore point out other red flags that make this site an obvious scam.

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SteadyCapitals Review

The website where SteadyCapitals is hosted at is clearly optimized for quick sign ups. As you can see, there is a video that is conveniently placed next to a sign up form which is intending to collect your personal data. You should not give them this information because if you do, you never know what criminals intend to do with this information. They can even decide to sell it to third parties because first of all, the website does not even have a privacy policy in place and secondly, you don’t know what they will do with it if you fail to convert into a buying customer. They might just decide to harvest your information and sell it to interested parties who will use it for their own gains.

The sales video is not convincing at all. The presenter has even admitted that SteadyCapitals is associated with a previous scam. That should be a red flag from the word go because there is no legit trading program that can be developed by people who have previously scammed traders. So we are discrediting SteadyCapitals as a result of this link with a scam robot.

But this is not the only reason why SteadyCapitals is a scam. There are multiple other reasons why we suspect that these people are only interested in stealing your hard earned money. Think about this. SteadyCapitals uses a lot of fake badges on their website. One of the badges suggests that SteadyCapitals was awarded in the category of the best software in 2017 and was also recognized in the category of top profit software in the same year. It should be obvious that these badges are fake. Even if you tried clicking those badges, they would lead you to nowhere simply because the owner of this website didn’t get those endorsements. And secondly, there is no such kind of awards. They never happened in 2017 and will not happen at least for the time being. So apart from the fact that SteadyCapitals having received awards, they are also misleading us since no such events happened in 2017.

When you proceed down the various sections of this dubious website, you will find that the scammer listed some reasons why we should use SteadyCapitals. These include:

  • Trading with minimal risk 2% of the entire account.
  • High payouts up to 87%
  • Personal account manager

Don’t be intimidated by the supposed advantages and features because these things mean nothing in reality. If they claim that this software will only risk 2% of your trading account, then why are they not keeping it to themselves so they can make those millions for themselves? It beats logic.

How about a personal account manager? If this account manager is a scammer since he is working with the same scammers, then he will do more harm to you than good. And finally, high payouts mean nothing. If you attempt to deposit your funds with a rogue broker who claims to give high payouts on binary options trades, then even if you win a few trades and lose most of them, high payouts won’t necessarily translate into profits.

Fake testimonials

Such websites never fail to try driving their points home using fake testimonials. Even the pictures which they are using in these testimonials are stock photos. You can bet that the texts were done by the owner of this website and not any other user. Actually, nobody is using SteadyCapitals to trade because it is an obvious scam.

Our best advice for you

SteadyCapitals will make you lose money if you send funds to them. You should only look for legit trading programs.

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