Stock Twits Review: The Social Platform for Scam Hedge Fund Managers!

Stock Twits Review: The Social Platform for Scam Hedge Fund Managers!

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One popular social media platform by the name Stock Twits is the subject of ridicule among investors who realized that this platform was nothing but fraudulent.

Stock Twits poses as an investment platform that enables or provides a venue where investors can access myriads of trading products and services.

What surprises us is that horror stories associated with Stock Twits keep popping in our inboxes every month.

Most of these clients are reporting similar stories of how their portfolios were mishandled and how they never made profits as was advertised to them initially.

Theses stories always relate to a scenario where an unwitting investor finds a ”hedge fund manager” who promises them huge profits with minimal to no risk at all.

Once they get in, the ”hedge fund manager” disappears with their money several months down the line.

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As of now, Stock Twits is in hot soup because it was facilitating scams to use its Facebook page for purposes of luring unsuspecting victims into Forex investment traps.

Stock Twits in a nutshell

It’s a social platform where fake or fraudulent investment hustlers are promoting all sorts of products and services related to Forex trading.

The people who run or advertise on Stock Twits ( are nothing more than financial predators.

They host fraudulent hedge fund managers, phony Forex mentors and trading signals that don’t have verified results yet.

In addition to this, the platform promotes all types of investment schemes in the Forex niche.

It seems that Stock Twits is in it for business, and not for the good of the investor. They simply run an advertising model that is geared towards promoting false trading products.

So the bottom line is that Stock Twits is making money by hosting these Forex products on their platform.

Now, consider that FBI agents are nabbing vendors and retailers related to Stock Twits quite frequently.

And despite these dramas happening left right and center, the page continues to enjoy a ridiculous 4 star rating. It’s obvious that those ratings are not genuine.

It’s basically a platform where all sorts of shitty investment nonsense is hawked.

It’s for this reason that we are taking a closer look at the platform in order to make it clear that putting your money here is a risky business.

History of Stock Twits

For those who don’t know, Stock Twits is quite popular on the internet. If you’ve ever searched for ”genuine” Forex trading products and services, chances are that you’ve come across it at one point.

They’ve also been running ads all over the internet to gain even more popularity.

In short, this service was started to act as a hybrid between Facebook and Twitter. The only difference is that it was created to stream the ”hottest” Forex related products, stocks and futures.

It is where all the chatter related to Forex trading is done online. And this was really a good idea, and an opportunity to make money for its owners.

The platform was created in 2008 by two people known as Howard Lindzon and Soren Macbeth. Lindzon lives in California while his partner lives in Oregon.

These two are still involved in the business of offering ”hedge fund management” service to unwitting investors.

Lindzon has an active website here — On the other hand, his partner’s website can be found on this domain —

Surprisingly, Soren Macbeth admits on his website that he co-founded Stock Wits, and that he loves hacking, data visualization, machine learning, data mining among other things.

Those qualities seem to be ideal if indeed this man is experienced in such kind of activities. Nevertheless, we would be hesitant to do business with a hacker anyway.

Moreover, past performance data shows that Stock Twits was getting traffic in the realm of 400,000 monthly visitors between the years 2008 and 2013.

Indeed this sounds like giant traffic. Still, it’s not a lot if you compare the traffic to that which is received by Facebook and Twitter.

However,  it was not until 2014 that Stock Twits exploded with traffic. It was estimated that the site was receiving 5 million monthly visitors.

This information was pulled from various data snooping devices on the web.

How they advertise and make money

Stock Twits encourages its users to ”twit” or place their banner ads in front of the traffic. The typical cost for 1000 views is $10.

Every Tom, Dick and Harry who claims to be a Forex Mentor, Signal Provider or EA vendor can put their products and services here for the said amount.

The platform guarantees that your ads will receive a minimum number of eyeballs if you place them at the top of the stream.

If you sell a trading signal that performs astonishingly well, say at 99.9% per month, you can put it here.

You know the kind of scams that claim a monthly return of 50% and above with no losing trades at all? Those are the kind of ads you will see on this platform.

Now, witting investors would never believe such results because they are too good to be true.

But to counter this, the platform allows users to create multiple profiles which they can use for their own selfish ambitions.

This setup essentially allows signal providers and vendors to create hundreds of fake Stock Twits accounts and using those pages to display how well their trading products and services are performing.

So, the moment a banner is strategically positioned, hundreds of false Stock Twits will follow suite, proclaiming how the advertised Forex product or service is profitable.

Let’s imagine that you are a fraudster, and you want to make money off as many people as possible in the shortest time. What do you do?

Well, you go to Stock Twits, do a brief survey of the landscape so that you are left with a handful of options.

If you decide that becoming a bank robber will be dangerous, you can go the lazy man’s way…. that is, to open several Stock Twits profiles which you can then use to pretend that you are a fund manager.

As unbelievable as this is, these ”hedge fund managers” thrive really well on Stock Twits.

And they are spending the proceeds on expensive cars, holiday destinations, entertainment, brothels, topless bars, and fine clothing 🙂 .

People that have gone to prison as a result of robbing investors on Stock Twits

The person you’re seeing below is called Mohamud Abdi Ahmed. He was recently released from a U.S prison in 2014, having been convicted for the crime of a fake hedge fund manager.

Fake hedge fund manager at stock twits

Where did he get his clients from? Stock Twits is the answer.

Apparently, he loved the idea of becoming a hedge fund manager. This title is related to a person of class and royalty, don’t you think?

Now, it was time for Mr. Mohamud to find a job of a ”hedge fund manager”. So he created a now defunct website called and populated it with fake results.

He then created hundreds of fake Stock Twits profiles which saw him promoting himself aggressively. Guess what? He was nabbed.

Our Best Advice for You

We cut the rat race for you by thoroughly doing research on the web before composing a list of genuine Forex products for anyone who wants to trade successfully. Forget Stock Twits because you will never find a genuine Forex product there.

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  1. Stock twits is a gigantic ripoff and full of unscrupulous pretenders. I was working with one of their Hedge Fund managers and lost out on a deal in May, I was following a trading signal which was inaccurate. Following their lead was the worst advice ever. This article is spot on. They are not trustworthy people.

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