STOX50 Review: Another Forex Broker Scam Leaked

STOX50 Review: Another Forex Broker Scam Leaked

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Stox50 ( is a CFD and Forex brokerage firm claiming to make you rich in minutes. From the information we deduced about the website, Stox50 is apparently a one of a kind platform. What Stox50 is boasting about is members can trade at any time thanks to their mobile functionality. Sadly, we’ve been receiving numerous email complaints from people who’ve lost money with Stox50. We decided to conduct an honest review.

Stox50 Review

Stox50 Review:

One of the very first things we do when conducting our research is check the homepage. With stox50, you can easily be manipulated. With An eye-catching user-friendly interface, you would think that this platform is legit. Members are promised tutorials, mobile trading, new skills and a strong partnership. So, what’s the fuss with Stox50? Why has it been creating such a buzz over the web?

Folks, we believe that we are dealing with a professional scam outlook. Being ardent Forex brokers, we had to check whether what’s Stox50 is selling dreams or nightmares. From what we can gather, we could not be further from the truth, Stox 50 IS A SCAM. Sole intent of Stox50 is hellbent to steal your hard-earned money and leave members high and dry. Read our full review to find out their dirty tricks which we had to reveal.

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Fake Stox50 Economic Calendar.

According to their homepage, key to success is having an updated economic calendar. While this might be true, we are doubtful with their calendar. Claims of their calendar having covered all economic events is a lie.

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Anticipating market moves based on previous or actual forecast is all Forex is about. Stox50 owners have used this to lure members into signing up with them. Why not just be sending alerts to members, it’s an easier approach. Right?

Professional scam artists know how to use market jargon to try and look professional. Newbies and investors will immediately be attracted by comments such as having an economic calendar. Problem with this scam is that even after claiming to have an economic calendar, they don’t show it. Why is that? Why don’t they show members the so-called calendar? Even after signing up, members still don’t get the calendar.

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Who is the Owner of Stox50?

Stox50 Scam

Another red flag that we must mention is in regards to who owns this platform. Scam artists always hide their identities when coming up with scams. For instance, we don’t know who owns or runs Stox50. We have no clue on who actually developed this trading platform. Don’t you think it’s weird that we don’t have names of people who run the platform? Think of it this way, you are depositing money to a platform whose real owners are hidden.

No one knows who the actual CEO of this firm is. Best thing that they could have done is at least pose a picture of who owns it. This way, we could have contacted them and confirmed about Stox50’s validity. There’s no way we will sit here and see people tarnish the good Forex trading name with such fraud. Someone has to stand against these fraudsters and take a stand. We have, stay away from this CFD and Forex platform before you lose everything.

Security with Stox50.

Homepage claims that members are assured that funds are fully protected, by who? Are they actually following the strict rules and regulations? One can easily see a disclaimer that trust and transparency is all that this platform does. With all honesty, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Note that we have evidence that this platform is not fully protected. Platform that has no known names cannot in any way be following strict industry rules and regulations.

It means that when you are depositing money with Stox50, you will never know whose account its going to. Since we don’t know who the owners are, you could be depositing straight to their bank accounts. We are sure that segregation of accounts is not followed. There’s no way that even regulation bodies have a clue about Stox50. This also leads us to our next concern with this CFD and Forex trading platform.

Is Stox50 Regulated?

If you want to separate legit from scam, surest way is to check with regulation bodies. In this case, we decided to contact the FCA and CySEC. These are known regulatory institutions in Forex trading. Sadly, not one of them has ever heard of such a broker. In fact, we have learnt that the Italian Trade agency has urged people not to use Stox50. It actually makes sense since we are dealing with professional scam artists.

Stox50 Fake

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Are they Offering Crypto Currencies?

From what we could deduce, Stox50 claims to have access to popular crypto currency. Claims of having a 24/5 crypto currency claim can easily be seen. According to the website, they claim to trade with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, and other digital coins. Problem we have with this is that we cannot actually verify what they are claiming. How are they mining these crypto currencies? Have they outsourced from a particular company, if so, which company?

Stox50 wants us to simply believe that they have it all. They want us not to question their methods and clearly, questions need to be answered. Why not just tell people the truth? For obvious reasons, they can’t possibly tell the truth. We all know that they are simply putting on a shameful scam. We urge all of our readers to stay away from this CFD and Forex scam immediately.

Platforms used.

One of the claims they have is that traders get the chance of using MetaTrader4. This is a one of a kind platform used by the industry’s elite. Problem we have with their platform is that it’s only web based. Even after publicly promoting this platform as a mobile platform, we could not gain access. We tried gaining access by downloading the platform but to no avail. Download stalled at 50% and it makes us question everything.

It also means that their platform is unstable and open to malicious attacks. Hackers can easily steal money from this website as it has an unstable platform. It also has an unsecured platform which has no SSL encryption certification.

Is Stox50 a scam?

Without a shadow of doubt, we are dealing with a scam brokerage firm. Evidence clearly points out to us having to deal with a fake platform. Best thing for you our dear reader is to stay away from this fake CFD and Forex provider.

Stox50 Final Verdict.

Stox50 Scam Review

We have no other option but to blacklist this platform due to numerous flaws we have seen. From having no known owners, to not being regulated, this is simply a scam. Never use a platform that tries to hide its real identity, its most likely a scam.

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