Strategic Intelligence Scam Review – Agora Financial Caught with other Name

Strategic Intelligence Scam Review – Agora Financial Caught with other Name

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We are living in the age of information technology. Each and every corner of our lives are going to be affected by the I.T. Computer, Internet, website, online matters are some of the words which are heard by all of us in our day to day lives. The utilization of information technology has spread its roots in the society of the present era. Each and every individual and group of individual has to face one or other kind of web processing even in the under developed areas of the today’s world.

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Even the situation has become too much touchy with all these matters that a handsome proportion of population considers it very difficult or even impossible to live without internet. Information technology has presented a variety of gifts to the recent generation. Among these gifts the online business is one of the greatest blessing via which one can deal with all business matters while sitting in the bed room.

Binary options trading, being one the main kind of online trading, offers a huge range of opportunities to the users to have a handsome earning at home. But now a days it is a dilemma that a shower of scams are trying with their versatile techniques to trap people with the name of binary options trading but in real their mission is to snatch the money out of the pockets of the people. They are more than street robbers of pick pockets. One of such binary options trading systems is Strategic Intelligence Review.

Strategic Intelligence is not a new binary options trading tool, which is presented in the market with the new name. I have designed this review of Strategic Intelligence, in which I have managed to describe the useful information regarding this tool after a wide range of research activities. This review of Strategic Intelligence Review can be proved very much useful for the people who are thinking about to join Strategic Intelligence Review in near future. You will not feel to have wastage of time after reading this full article on Strategic Intelligence.

Negative Features of Strategic Intelligence Review

In this review, I have searched about the various aspects of Strategic Intelligence software. I have managed these points and presented before the readers so that they may have a handsome knowledge about the status and position of this tool. These all features and points were based on the proofs that are obtained from the official website as well as the promotional video of the Strategic Intelligence software which means that these points are not merely a document but a proved and detailed record that will really proved helpful for the public.

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 One Team, Two scams

Agora financial has been known to be as a scam that is active in the market for a few years. The officials of the same scam have planned to spread another trap to make people fool with their attractive offers and statements and get their money transferred to the pockets of these scam peoples. Actually these both, the Agora financial as well as the Strategic Intelligence software, are the two branches of the same tree, having a single theme and team, trying to loot the people across the globe and robe them with minimum efforts.

Strategic Intelligence Scam Alert

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The reason of using another name for robbing is that a huge strength of people were made aware about their first attempt which they presented with the name of Agora financial. When they felt that When they realized that they cannot make fool people with this Agora financial platform, they planned to originate a new trap with the name of Strategic Intelligence software to loot people.

Claim about the status of officials  

Doubtful outfit of any firm is a great source of ambiguity and doubt on the status of that firm. Same is the case with Strategic Intelligence software. According to the website of Strategic Intelligence software, the officials of this binary options tool are having a brilliant reputation. Jim Rickards, the person who has been presented as an owner of Strategic Intelligence software, is claimed to be a person with a brilliant reputation in the market.

Upon searching on the internet, we have found not a single proof about the association of such a person with agora financial or Strategic Intelligence software. This person is actually an imaginary actor that has been generated to make as a cartoon owner of this software.

This person has not gained a brilliant reputation but is a created actor. These all mean that this software is not a real companion but a looting tool. According to the information this claim is just an attractive preying tool and effort from the officials of Strategic Intelligence software to catch more and more people. So it is highly advised to have a secured financial status.

Claim about Clients

It is another proof of the doubtful nature of this software. In their promotional video they have presented the views of their clients which have been published by them as a tool of advertisement. Stephen S., an inhabitant of St. Louis, has been claimed to be a client of Strategic Intelligence software, who has put forward a review about the positive and trustworthy status of Strategic Intelligence software

Claim of Recognition from Reputable media sources

The officials of Strategic Intelligence Review claim that the software they presented as a tool of binary trading system has, due to its outstanding performance and uplifted quality outputs, received recognition from a variety of media partners. These media sources have appreciated and confessed about the sincerity and high quality of Strategic Intelligence Review. Examples of these reputable media tools which they have claimed to be their friends in media sector include Wall Street Journal, CNN Money and BusinessWeek etc. according to the common sense, certain questions bear in every mind i.e. why such high standard news agencies will feel it necessary to appreciate and recognize such a doubtful business firm? How can they trust an online binary option trading tool which is associated with a dyed history? Why will they bother to take their own reputation by praising online business software that is more likely to be a scam than an online earning partner?

All these questions act as a base upon which a huge building of belief can be built. In belief the Strategic Intelligence Review is a scam and not a suitable choice for generating of profit with binary options tool.


In response to the above mentioned facts and acts, I hope that all of you will be standing on a place where you will be able to judge the status of Strategic Intelligence Review. The doubts on the Strategic Intelligence Review has been reached to a level where even an independent and neutral body can regard it as a scam, whose main aim is to snatch the money of innocent users by adopting various sorts of strategies, as revealed by the information quoted in this particular review article.

Anyone who has intentions to earn via binary options trading system is hereby informed not to choose Strategic Intelligence Review because it will never let you generate profits instead will make you lose your savings. It has always been advised to the aspirants of earning with binary options, to make a prior study about the system they are going to join. Only the licensed, well recognized as well as reputable online binary options trading firm will be get you up to your desired results in the form of profit as, using a system lacking above mentioned characteristics may be proved an online robber and a scam that may be resulted in the loss of your precious money.

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4 Replies to “Strategic Intelligence Scam Review – Agora Financial Caught with other Name”

  1. Thank you for the warning! I ordered a book BEFORE I saw this, my mistake.
    Once they had my credit card number, that was it.
    $99 was charged to my card less than 24 hours after I received the book. They didn’t let me read it and decide whether or not I wanted anything else from them.
    When I asked for a refund I was told no and “I’m sorry you feel that way”.

    I checked a box stating I only wanted the book, but it was for nothing.

  2. With a veritable plethora of information at our fingertips these days, it’s quite easy to fall for the illusion that making money on Wall Street is a piece of cake if you happen to have “The Magic Formula”. Lots of people out there seem to be in possession of “it’ and for a nominal fee, you too can be part of the in crowd. Long story short, I subscribed a few years ago for $49 expecting I would actually see some specific recommendations. (NOT!)Now my email is full of basically long winded BS sales pitches that inevitably lead to yet another opportunity. (More non-sense). Cancelled the subscription by having my cc company block their attempt to charge me again on renewal date. My advice, find a decent certified financial planner you can meet with face to face to help you. By the way I am not in the financial business at all. Summary, know what you know and more importantly; know what you don’t know.Good luck.

  3. I’ve send multiple e-mails to this address without receive any feedback. I want to cancel my membership and have my money back. I subscribed for an ha**le free trial but when I want to cancel it, nobody response. I will report this behaviour to the right authorities .

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