StsRoyal Review: Awful Forex Scam

StsRoyal Review: Awful Forex Scam

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StsRoyal ( is another Crypto Currency scam platform to hit the lucrative trading world. Sts Royal is purporting to offer a platform where traders can exchange, and invest in their platform. STS ROYAL is claiming to be an innovative, reliable, and simple place to enjoy Crypto Currency trading. And this is where we insist you be careful with this platform. Read this genuine and honest STSROYAL Review for more details.

StsRoyal Review

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StsRoyal Review

After receiving numerous email complaints from members of this platform, we knew trouble was brewing. How can over twenty members be having the same issue with one broker? It seems these members have been blocked from accessing their accounts for no reason. And it seems this is a habit the broker has with anyone with a balance of over $500. Scam artists are known to use these types of tricks to fleece funds from investors. Before you sign up, you need to know the truth.

StsRoyal is operating under false pretense and this is how they manage to stay off the radar. Professional scam artists are known to create cloned websites just to steal from unsuspecting investors. Before signing up, these fraudsters will call you using their agents to try and fool you. They are adding a human touch to make the fraud appear legit. Beware of their call agents who only call when they need money from you. STSROYAL is another Crypto trading scam platform to avoid.

About StsRoyal Review

Capital Letter GbmH is the company claiming to be the owners of this platform. Disclaimer at the bottom of their homepage reads they are based in the Marshall Islands. By their own admission, StsRoyal is an offshore brokerage house which can’t be trusted with funds for obvious reasons. To open an account with this broker, you are required to give out your personal details. Account opening takes less than five minutes and this is where the problem starts. We recommend you stay away from this platform.

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Another shocking revelation with this offshore broker is in regards to ownership. Anonymity is a scammer’s best friend and this is what StsRoyal is after. Without giving any details, we don’t know the founding members of this platform. Who are the people operating this platform? Lack of this vital information means we are dealing with an unknown entity. Operating without a credible owner means this could be an offshore scam platform. Traders are asked to stay away from this platform.

Is StsRoyal licensed or registered?

Disclaimer at the footer of the homepage reads the platform is registered in the Marshall Islands. What we would like our readers to know is scam artists will do or say anything such as posting fake details. Numbers posted as their registration detail are nothing but random numbers. Stay away from these fake platforms based offshore. After searching the company registrar, we could not find any company licensed with this name. Another problem is lack of proper documents to prove regulation.

A real platform would post copies of their registration details for all to see. Why have these scammers not posted any document supporting their registration number? A professional scammer will try and hide their true regulation status from investors. Thanks to our years of trading experience, we know how to spot a scam from a mile away. Resist any calls from their call agents and if they persist, ask for their license documents. Asking this will ensure they stay away from you.

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Features of StsRoyal/ Advantages

Being an offshore broker, we fail to see any advantage of trading with this platform. And what makes this a shoddy broker is lack of proper regulation. We tried to call them and ask them about their registration status. Our calls went unanswered and we had to contact regulatory bodies for confirmation. Some of the bodies we contacted include ASIC, COSNOB, CySEC, FCA, and SEC. And they all claimed never to have licensed or regulated this platform. It means we are dealing with a scam.

Disadvantages of StsRoyal

Account Types

StsRoyal Account Types

StsRoyal is offering five different account types for investors to choose from. Accounts are named Intro, Trial, Standard, 3rd Trier, and Corporate. What we immediately notice was an anomaly with this platform is offering a welcome bonus. Bonuses are starting at 30% to 150%, from Intro to Corporate. Why issue a bonus and later ask for it?  Members will have to pay back any bonuses issued by this platform?

Deposit and withdrawal

When it comes to depositing funds, investors are given a chance to use a wide array of options. Some of the depository channels include AstroPay, Comodo, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, and others. What makes this platform a real pain in the neck is lack of withdrawal. As we were publishing this post, no member has been able to make withdrawals. And this is what makes StsRoyal a rude platform. Sts Royal is planning to steal your funds once you deposit with them.

No Demo Account

Another problem with this platform is lack of a demo account. Why would they not offer users a chance to try out their platform first? A demo account is used to give traders a feel of the platform. Sts Royal is hiding their motive behind their platform. They simply want investors to sign up blindly without testing this platform. Apart from the claims of having a web based platform, no one knows how it works.

Web based trading platform

STSRoyal is offering users a web based platform without a proper security feature. Stability is a major concern with their platform as it lacks SSL Encryption.  Stay away from any unstable online trading platform.

Are funds safe with StsRoyal?

After confirming lack of license or registration details, funds are not safe with this platform. Where do they bank funds deposited by members? Who is responsible for handling funds? Another problem with this platform is lack of withdrawal options. It seems you have to wait for a thousand years before withdrawal happens. Segregation of accounts is also not being followed. StsRoyal is pooling funds in one account which is extremely dangerous. Stay away from unsafe platforms.

Is StsRoyal a scam?

StsRoyal Trading Platform

There is no doubt in our minds Sts Royal is a scam. Lack of a trading license and withdrawal issues makes Sts Royal a scam. Mark all their emails as Spam and never click on any links sent by their marketing team. Warn your family and friends from signing up with this broker. You can also check the negative comments found on the web regarding this broker. Stay away from this platform at once.

Bottom line

Adding this broker to our scam blacklist will ensure we keep our readers safe. Ensure you block any calls from their call agents. Dealing with Sts Royal is committing financial suicide.

Why not use authentic and credible Forex robots at all times? Go for proven robots for a successful trading experience. Make sure to choose vetted robots and start trading safely.

Wishing all investors a happy trading experience.

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12 Replies to “StsRoyal Review: Awful Forex Scam”

    1. Yes this is a SCAM.. do not get drawn into this fake money making scheme cos it’s not.. you will lose whatever you deposit..

    2. Ti allettano con seppur minimi guadagni, ma dopo un paio di mesi ti inducono a dare un versamento ulteriore. Se rispondi negativamente ti bloccano l’account in modo che non possa prelevare quantomeno quel che hai versato. Una vera TRUFFA

  1. surtout fuyez je me suis faite arnaquer quand vous voulez retirer votre argent il vous demandent de payer une taxe de 1400€ avant de faire un virement regarder les sites
    frauduleux moi malheureusement l’article a ete publié aprés mon virement c’est un site trés bien fait et les personnes que vous avez au téléphone sont trés bien formés pour l’arnac claire

  2. Bonjour ne faites surtout pas confiance à cette plate-forme. Je me suis fais arnaquer de +de 10 000 euros. Ils sont très malins en vous faisant retirer une petite somme pour vous faire croire au bon fonctionnement. Pour mieux vous arnaquer. Ils lient avec vous des liens presque amicaux pour encore une fois mieux vous arnaquer.

  3. Danke für die Infos, leider habe ich Investiert. Wollte jetzt mein Geld wieder haben. Eine Rückmeldung kam wo ich angeblich Gewinne gemacht habe die auf einem Treuhandkonto sind. Um das Geld zu bekommen sollte ich eine Finanztransaktionspremie zahlen an die Unicredit wo sich aber durch Kontakt mit Unicredit herausstellte, da** es weder ein Treuhandkonto noch den angegebenen Namen gibt. Also kann ich mein Investiertes Geld Abschreiben. Warum kann man solchen Gaunern nicht das Handwerk legen. Irre zuerst die Investition abzocken dann noch Geld verlangen um die Auszahlung zu ermöglichen und wieder Geld abzuzocken. Abratung von Handel mit STS Royal.

    1. Es sind Kriminelle ich habe auch meine Auszahlung nicht bekommen im gegenteil ich wurde noch abgezoggt.Finger Weg Betrüger.

  4. STS Royal ist eine reine Abzogge,auch wenn wan Gewonnen hat bekommt man sein Geld nicht ausbezahlt
    Es sind Verbrecher und denen gehört das Handwerk gelegt.Ich wurde selbst um viel Geld betrogen.Machen Sie mit diesen Leuten keine Geschäfte. GROßER BETRUG !

  5. Es sind Kriminelle ich habe auch meine Auszahlung nicht bekommen im gegenteil ich wurde noch abgezoggt.Finger Weg Betrüger.

  6. Habe leider auch Lehrgeld bezahlt! Nach anfänglichen Gewinnen wurde mein Handelskonto gesperrt, eine Auszahlung erfolgte nie. Es erfolgt keine Antwort auf eMail oder sonstigen Kontaktversuch. Absoluter Betrug !!

  7. Ik heb aangemeld by sts royal sinds augustus 2019 mijn account ID 12257, ik heb deposit betaald meer dan 30.000 euro ik heb gezien dat ik meer 100.000 euro wijs maar tot nu toe krijg ik geen geld terug, hoe moet ik hun benaderen omdat ik alleen belofte elke keer om mijn geld terug te krijgen zodra ik extra kosten te betalen. Is het echt dat sts royal is het echt sts royal oplichterij….

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