Stunning EA Robot Review: A Complete Scam

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Stunning EA Robot Review: A Complete Scam

Stunning EA is another collection of robots under one umbrella. The developers behind this platform also happen to be unprofessional as they remain anonymous. There are over five robots under the Stunning Group and Company, and all are a flop. Judging from the comments and feedback we’ve seen, these robots are lame. With no evidence to show how they work, the vendor wants users to sign up blindly. Read this StunningEA review and find out what’s wrong with their robots.

Stunning EA Review

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About Stunning EA

There’s little to no information regarding this group of company. We could not see any information as the company has no legal office. Apart from failing to have a physical address, there is no website to link the products. The vendor is selling all his robots using different platforms. Even the most notable platforms, such as MQL5, do not have any of their five products. It is the reason why we have to expose the rot that is behind all the five products.

Speaking of the five products, all come at a high price of around $300. These products include EA Cloud, EA Dragon-X, EA Empire, EA Impact Scalp, and EA Popcorn. What is clear with these robots is that they all use major currency pairs. Some of the robots come at a hefty price of $500, which is beyond normal. The vendor is looking for ways to get as many unsuspecting investors to sign up. It is the reason why the few users who bought the robots are up in arms.

Assets covered by the robots

What is funny with these robots is that they all seem to only deal with major currency pairs. There is no variety of assets that could give users an added advantage. The problem with having one asset is that all traders feel the impact when the market is down. It is why we recommend using robots that have a wide array of trading instruments. Having one trading asset can impact negatively on your trading. The vendor should have at least have one of the five robots offer other trading pairs.

Business owner

When it comes to running the show, Stunning EA is a no-go zone as it is completely anonymous. There is no information on who the developer is or where they are located. And this spells doom for investors as anonymous online investment platforms tend to end horribly wrong. To avoid all this, investors should use credible robots that have the trading community’s backing. Anonymity casts a dark cloud to traders as the vendor might close shop without giving any warning. Some investors might buy the robots today, and the vendor closes the shop tomorrow. There’s uncertainty with anonymous online-related forex robots.

Comments from users

Stunning EA Telegram Channel

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Elwin claims that he bought one of the robots, and the bot completely blew his account. It is the same with other users who wrote to us requesting we investigate the platform. The problem is that even the developer is not available for comment. We tried reaching out using social media platforms such as Facebook and Telegram. None of these avenues bore any fruits as the developer remains silent. It is another reason why a smart investor will stay away from any of their products.

Updates of the robots

According to their Facebook page, there is a version 2.0 coming soon for all five robots. The update comes in July for all products. As of updating this post, none of the robots seem to have the updated version. A closer look at the website address shows that the vendor has sold it. From what we’ve seen, the platform is now under a Chinese led organization. It seems that the vendor has sold the website to a betting firm. ManBetX is the new owner of the website

Features of Stunning EA

Stunning EA is a forex company that sells five different robots in one roof. The price of these robots ranges from $300 to $500, which is a bit extreme. When it comes to the available strategies, they depend on the robot one uses. EA Cloud is the most expensive robot and sells at $500 and is built for GBPUSD exclusively. Another scalper is EA Dragon-X and has no explanation. The other robots use the hedge/grid approach as part of their trading strategy. Even with the few features, we still don’t see the robot’s value.

License and registration of Stunning EA

Stunning EA is another one of those robots that fail to inform their users of the terms and conditions. With that being the case, no one should expect that the vendor has complied with any regulation. And this goes to show the extent to which the vendor will go to fool investors. Once you sign up with the platform, you will be putting your funds at risk. Such a vendor does not insure any deposits made by users. In so doing, they are breaking trading law and putting your funds at risk.

Users should not expect any money-back guarantees with the platform. Once you purchase the robot and later decide to bail out even after not using it, there’s no money-back. Without the terms and conditions being available for users, it means that the vendor might take advantage. And they do so as they will insist that there is no place that they guarantee money back. It’s the reason why investors choose industry-recommended robots that offer such important security.

Pros and cons of Stunning EA

Available price

Stunning EA price features

Stunning EA is completely out of their mind when they place their price at $500. No user in their right mind will buy a robot at such a price without having any results. Users will want to see proof that the robot works to warrant such a high asking price. A smart user will also want to know why the robot asks for more than the industry-recommended price. With such a high price for the five robots, it is the reason why most have not signed up. The few who have are ruing the decision as the robot turn out to be a flaw.

Contact and support staff

Once you buy the robot, one expects to get 24/7 support. It is a shocker that the platform does not offer such a scenario. The only way to communicate with the vendor is by leaving a message on the Facebook page or Telegram channel. A closer look at their Facebook page shows no communication from the vendor since 2019. Their Telegram channel is also not responsive, which means the vendor has bolted. The vendor has already sold its website address to a Chinese betting firm.

Results and trading performance of Stunning EA

On their website and social media pages, there are no trading results. It would have been ideal if the vendor had their trading results on a third-party forum. Real vendors will post their trading results on platforms such as FX Blue and myfxbook. Without these results, the vendor could be selling a demo robot. Ensure you confirm with the above third parties to ensure that a robot shows their performance. With trading performance on display, it shows transparency on behalf of the vendor.

Scam or Legit Stunning EA

Stunning EA is a complete scam that is selling different robots under one roof. Please stay away from the robot as they don’t offer any trading results. The vendor is anonymous, and their robots are way too high, considering the set industry recommended price. Please stay away from all of their five robots as none has been tested and proven to work. It seems that the vendor created a robot that works as a simulation. Ensure you stay away from the above five robots to avoid any losses.

Bottom line

We will not be recommending a robot that’s a scam. The developer plans to steal from naïve investors in broad daylight.

Make an informed decision and sign up with attractive forex trading robots. These robots will protect your interest at all times. What are you waiting for?

We wish all our readers a safe trading experience.

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