Super EZ Forex Review: Is this a Scam Indicator?

Super EZ Forex Review: Is this a Scam Indicator?

Super EZ Forex is a software that provides investors with downloadable software that helps in financial information, trading, and financial risk model. The company claims that the software is usable in various trading strategies, and it can be used to make profits each month.

Furthermore, this is the only information that is provided in the about us section, and it’s not enough information to trust the company with your money. Transparency is vital in every platform, and you should be able to see all the relevant data before depositing your money.

Advantages of Autopilot robots

Since inception, binary trading has become one of the best trading routes for investors. You need to find out which are the best binary trading robots to go for.

How do experts choose the autopilot robots?

  • Accuracy of trading

The best automated trading robot has to show accuracy when it comes to performance and trading results.

With the recommended trading robots, tests were conducted and the results favored the highlighted robots.

These robots did hit a target of over 80 percent in ROI and have been doing so consistently meaning the robots are effective.

  • Outstanding customer support

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With the selected trading robots, you get the best in terms of support.

  • Trading performance

Again, we have to mention how trading performance affects how the market works. You need to get the best out of trading to win.

  • Efficient money management

One of the most attractive features of robots has to be money management features. The ability to take profits and stop losses in a more accurate and stable manner. Saving the account balance is crucial to all traders.

  • Sustainable profit margins

Want a regular steady flow of profit rather than getting asymmetrical account balance growth? Get automated robots that help define the term sustainability as they quickly adapt to market conditions to give optimal performance.

  • Fewer drawdowns

For an ideal trading robot, anything fewer than 20 percent is an excellent bot. The bot usually applies the right strategies and risk management features to ensure the drawdown is between 2 and 20 percent.

  • Bug-free lifespan

There are robots that might act differently after 6 months. You need to get bots that are far from vulnerable when it comes to bugs. A proficient trading bot offers strong protection and often updates itself.

The company tries to win your trust by providing trade examples, and they claim to have live trades that you can be able to see up to four different businesses. The company claims that its strategies are simple for even a child to understand.

Investors are welcomed with a video that features trade graphs and a voice that is probably an actor’s voice, and you should not trust such an investment to make any profits for you. You do not know the kind of experience this person has, and you risk dealing with criminals well-expecting profits that will never come. Review aims to teach investors lifetime lessons in just 20 minutes that will help you become an expert in Forex trading. Investors earn access to live trading rooms, Free updates, members area, among other advantages.

Super EZ Forex Review,

Customers are promised a triple arrow trading strategy in generating the signals. The sales pitch for this investment firm is not transparent in the method of operation, and they provide false statements; this is because no verification is available.

The software detects the position of trades day trades and swing trades get the kind of algorithm they use in coming up with these results is not well elaborated. You need to be able to know the type of strategy and qualification the vendor holds in coming up with the signals.

The win accuracy for the signals is not well explained, and you risk making massive losses trusting a wrong Investment firm. The voice in the video, which claims to be the founder, says he created the software to help his family earn income.

Then later, he decided to show his friends, and he was advised to share it and ever since he has made many profits and this is the only information that is provided regarding the founder and no experience has been mentioned, and we’re not even sure that his name is Pat.

Investors have to pay $323 to access the platform for a lifetime inclusive of taxes. However, purchasing this package is risky because you risk sharing information with anonymous people while doing transactions, and you cannot even test the credibility of the software.

You need to be provided with a trial period of at least three months to set up a winning strategy and understand the software more. Investors can purchase the product via bitcoin or PayPal, and usually, the price of indicators ranges from $100.

Overestimated trade indicators rarely work and should only trust legit tried and tested software to generate massive profits for you. The platform attempts to earn your trust by providing a section with a few images showing earnings of up to 166 pips in just a single trade.

However, you should not fall for Super EZ Forex display charts, and this is because scammers will always pick the best trades and leave all the losses. Hence the reason you should still be able to see past transactions of at least three months or more.


Super EZ Forex hides information regarding the owners, and they provide testimonies of happy investors who claim to have made massive returns. However, these investors fail to provide any link towards the resulting trade.

While going through the section, we found out that Pat is the alleged founder and that he has been trading for a couple of years. He also claims to talk much experience; however, no image apart from this information is available, and this name is just made up to tempt you to deposit funds the account.

Scammers use fake testimony as an attempt to seem legit because they know transparency lures customers. You may be shocked by your realization that the names listed do not even know the company’s existence in the first place.

You should be able to verify any testimony that is provided; otherwise, words without evidence do not always turn out to be true. If at all, the company was generating the said figures as claimed by the alleged investors, then traffic on the website would be higher.

Regulation and Customer Support

Super EZ Forex has provided no regulatory information, and they may not be allowed to generate funds from the public legally. Different countries have come up with various measures to protect the citizens from scammers, including making mandatory regulatory laws.

Companies that are not regulated risk facing closure at any given time, and the main reason scammers never reveal their bio. No location whereabouts are mentioned, and you may end up making a huge mistake trusting this platform because you cannot track them once your money is lost.

The legit trading software will display a high level of transparency, and you can easily verify their genuineness, for they provide regulatory data that is easily verifiable. Customers should be provided with working contact support and responds to your query should be instant.

Unregulated companies do not last for long in the market, and you cannot rely on them to make profits for a long time. No contact support information is provided for investors to reach the platform in case they have any queries related to the website.

Funds Safety

The safety of your funds is not guaranteed, and this is because you’re dealing with anonymous investors expecting them to make money for you through their signals. No educational experience or any trade history and provided by the founder.

Banking information is essential before depositing a single coin in any investment form. There is no evidence of any successful pay made to clients, and this raises doubts about the kind of services rendered by  Super EZ Forex.

They do not showcase any regulatory information; this means your funds may end up falling into the wrong hands. Also, no contact information is available, and in case you need to reach the platform for a refund, this is almost impossible.

Final Verdict

Super EZ Forex does not seem legit in their methods of operation, and you risk trusting the wrong platform and expect the false results. There are indicators that you can rely on, and the cost is fair and not above the standard limit.

The company fails to explain the kind of strategy that is out in a place while generating indicators and risk management measures. You should be able to test the credibility of the software via the demo account.

The company fails to provide enough evidence of any allegations they claim to offer investors in terms of services. You should be able to see past trade transactions of at least three months before depositing a single coin in an investment firm and expect returns.

42 Replies to “Super EZ Forex Review: Is this a Scam Indicator?”

  1. Hi I am currently a superez forex member and from my experience I would stay away from signing up with company its all a big scam… They are just there to s**k everyone’s money as once you join they make you sign up to other stuff so you are alway constantly f@#$*king out money stay away and don’t sign up

    1. Man I’ve watched this uncle p for 6 months waiting till I saved up to start my investment with a broker and to purchase super ez forex now I’ve been thru all the YouTube videos and website I haven’t seen anything other than the one time fee that they talk about to get the triple arrow system set up what else are they wanting to charge you for?

      1. besides the initial joining fee there is an optional group you can join which gives trade ideas and extra mentoring from 2 professional traders. this is a monthly fee and you can opt out any time.

        1. Y’all it’s not a scam at all. When you purchase simplicity pat has classes that teach you the mindset behind using the system and that’s totally free. You’re not urged to signup up for anything more once you join. Superez also have a signal service that you can pay month to month if you would like. A lot of the bad comments and this article are just l***g, for what reason I don’t know. Some times you have to stop listening to other people and make a decision based on your own feelings. Anyone who is successful is going to have naysayers….this comment was written by someone who paid for the simplicity system. Forex really is easy once you have the right tool and the right knowledge to use the tools.

      2. That is correct. We only charge a one time fee for the software. My weekly classes I never charge for them and some of the funds from your purchase are donated to non-profit organizations.

    2. This is Uncle-P. I have been doing live trade videos for more than two years and doing weekly videos for free helping traders around the world. Furthermore, I am one of the only people doing live weekly classes where student are interacting with me for at no additional cost every week. Lastly, much of the money from the purchases go straight to non-profit organizations which is documented and verified by an outside accounting firm which tracks every dollar that comes in and out. So I find it quite misleading what you are stating. God is my source. I didn’t scam people when I was almost homeless and I certainly do not need to do it now.

  2. i have been a member of super ez forex for 4 months and it is not a scam. pat is a great bloke. honest and always available to answer questions. the triple arrow system is excellent. they also run several classes a week by pat and 3 other mentors. if you follow the super ezy rules you make a profit. if you don’t then thev system will not benefit you.

    1. Hi Brendan, could you please tell me if you are trading live? If yes, what is your percentage of account monthly profit? Thanks

  3. That man is a very honest person they charge for other mentorship program which he make it clear most of the time in his presentation on YouTube

      1. I sure wish I would have known about this false channel a long time ago. I would have been addressed some of this foolishness back then. Many of the people on here who are complaining about us are people we had to kick out of our trading family for coming in trying to “SCAM” our clients and not follow the rules. I did not manipulate people when I was broke and sure don’t need to do it now.

  4. Valforex is absolutely correct the results are cherry picked and shown as an attraction. Also he offers refferal fees which rings a bell on MLM on sale. Im a student of SuperEZ and i only won 30% of my trades. Surprisingly when i approached Pat about it i was blocked from all the groups. Sad really.

    1. Same thing happened to me. Really sad – mentor cannot show verified results which is a big no no for me. But he convinces you that he is a good guy… Great marketing

      1. Yes I was in the group for over a year and quickly realized it was a scam. Neither Erving nor Jenny are even professional traders. SuperEZ is the equivalent to a shady telemarketing center run by like shady salesman. Stay away!!

    2. Argree it horse sh#t the system loses more than you win. I am a member and the best thing to come out of it is that I look at it as I donated the money I use to sign up as a charity, it doesn’t benefit me in any other way.

  5. well after nearly a year i have to agree super eze is a load of rubbish. i was still naive when i commented in january. now i realise these people are full of sh!t. i don’t see anyone making profits and they are all still learning, so much for 20 minutes to learn. erving makes his money from referrals on his youtube channel, he his full of c**p and glosses over all his losses or doesn’t show them at all. the last few months they have lost so many trades but always have an excuse. never their system thats the problem.

    1. Yes it do, but it always repaint you never know whats valid or not. Had the system for a year and a half and ive tested tested tested and its just not over all profitable. Thought his new system simplicity would be better but its the same deal as the old system.

  6. Wow I was going to join the program but there are way too many negative comments here. Seems like only a few people like it?!

  7. I purchased the SuperEZ Triple Arrow system a year ago. They then came out with the new indicator “Simplicity” and replaced the older one. I was excited, I put it to use with all the rules that were given just as the last system had specific rules to enter your trades based on certain times, avoiding news, etc. I never, and I mean never made consistent returns no matter how hard I tried even dropping all the way down to using 0.01’s consistently on big accounts just to continue losing money. Do not, I repeat DO NOT purchase this system. Save your money. I was on his side at first but it’s going on two years now and I’m completely done with it man. He also says he’s even taught some of the educators in IML how to trade but now that I think about it, that doesn’t even make any sense because he relies 100% on his indicators to take trades, he even makes his bullish and bearish candlesticks all the same color to only pay attention to what his indicators are telling him. Also, all of the huge amounts of profitable stacked trades on his youtube are from a DEMO account. He says it doesn’t matter whether the account is LIVE or DEMO, it only matters that you won the trade, but any professional knows a huge amount of psychology plays a role in whether you’re LIVE or in DEMO. It’s easy to stack 20 trades on a DEMO account rather than a LIVE one. Sorry for the long post. Just pissed off and done.

    1. Come to class and show me examples. I am in class every week and have not heard from you. And live or demo does not matter as a professional trader. If you are having emotional issues over a trade how is that our fault?

  8. With this system, the old Triple Arrow system AND the new Simplicity indicator you’ll see a great setup, REPAINT. Another great setup, REPAINT. Follow all the rules, use great risk management, enter only at the designated times of the day that are recommended, see a great setup. REPAINT. Save your money.

  9. I am always fascinated by people who never spoke to you but they become experts on who you are and what you do. Only one person who did a review ever personally contact me and spoke to me to get answers for his group. That I can respect. But to summarize someone’s life and work and never speak to them is not something I personally would do.

  10. Happy I did my research! I almost waisted $300 on a BS system. At the end of the day its better to put in the work and learn real price action trading!

  11. I joined so called SuperEZ in 2019 and had to struggle and learn on my own and develope my own strategy to win. It wasn’t super easy. I would go to class and not learn much at all but hear useless jargon about life and trading but never learning real price action. All indicator trading. Indicators are ok in my opinion but with price action. I was in the siganls group and never made money…lost about every trade…what a waste. Class is just the same old stuff over and over. He says come to class and it’s nothing new. You learn more on youtube for free. Save your money and learn price action. I learned to trade on my own after joining this group. Didn’t learn much here and the strategies just don’t work. Learn price action and develope your own strategies. SuperEZ and simplicity is not worth it.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing. I joined SuperEZ as well and had a very similar experience. The classes taught you almost nothing about price action. I couldn’t agree more that learning price action and developing your own strategies is the only way to learn to trade. I would advise anyone considering joining the group, you would do so much better in watching the free content on YouTube and learn to trade that way. In a way, it was worth it in the long run in that sometimes you have to experience what doesn’t work until you finally realize what does.

  12. At the start I felt how some of you felt pi**ed off and thought it’s a waste of time, but with patience and the right mind set I am now seeing the benefits of simplicity, look at it this way everyone is different try it for yourself if you can, $323 is far less to invest in yourself than keep feeding the market thousands and losing, and the weekly class plus other members in the group you can ask questions anytime if you need answers. What I would say is before purchasing any system make sure it’s one that suits your style of trading e.g. you might like trading only chart patterns find you a system that does that and stick with it that’s the key.

  13. I am tripping on how many negative comments are made of Uncle P recently. He seems like a real d***y mayate who scams people that he has an automated forex system that is 99% profitable

  14. He says “come to cl@ss” but the cl@sides don’t teach you how to trade especially starting from scratch like so many newer people coming into the industry. He’ll just give motivational life coaching encouragement, answer questions from people asking him why they’re still losing, and it’s like that every single class. I had the triple arrow system, simplicity, AND his new indicators “2EZ”, it’s a new indicator or “strategy” every few months. Just Save your money man.

  15. I can understand why people are complaining if you did not sign up under a person that been in the group for a while and knows how to trade the old system you will have problems, if you don’t understand supply and demand and market structure you will have problems, I just everybody that got the old system to search jance trade EZ on youtube she show you have to use it , I had to pay for the privilege


  17. It’s not the indicator or system, it is the people using it. No system is perfect and he tells you how to interpret signals. It is on you to follow them.

  18. I bought this indicator also. It just gives one false signal after another. The only thing Super EZ about it is the name. Sorry Mr P. if you don’t like hearing and reading the truth about real people and their real experiences. If you don’t like it stop selling a garbage product.

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