Super Mining Website Review: Don’t Mine with a Scam

Super Mining Website Review: Don’t Mine with a Scam

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We have never come across a ponzi scam website like SuperMining.Website insisting that they are not ponzi scamming but mining Cryptocurrencies instead. What these guys don’t understand is that they are being delusional. They are partaking in an illicit operation which is likely to see a lot of people losing their Bitcoins. How did we know that Super Mining Website cannot be trusted? That’s simple. Just look at how they are marketing it with fake promises and misleading scam tactics. This should tell you outright that Super Mining Website is a scam ponzi scheme and has nothing to do with the usual Bitcoin mining that you and me know of.

Super Mining Website Review

The way we see it is that this website is a Cryptocurrency parasite that hopes to prey on your ignorance. For that reason, we have to expose them in this review so that people can be generally cautious about the scam project.

The allegation is that Super Mining Website lets online users mine Bitcoins on their platform. Like all virtual cloud mining operations on the internet, Super Mining Website is offering a number of cloud mining packages and enticing users to deposit Bitcoins according to the requirements of those plans so that they can multiply their earnings thereafter.

supermining website

Now, the more a user is willing to invest more money, the more he is supposed to earn. That is how all ponzi scams operate on the internet in order to entice investors with deep pockets to pour more money into their illegal scam.

In theory, this will sound like good news. But what many people may not know is that finding a legit virtual Cryptocurrency mining platform is something that is easier said than done.

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The surest scam indicators are present here as well. Super Mining Website exhibits all the characteristics of a scam Bitcoin mining platform. These elements are very common in all scam websites that we have encountered before.

The first scam indicator is the ROI which they are promising. They are unsustainable and too good to be true.

The second scam indicator is the lack of disclosure of their mining farm or rigs. This is something that Super Mining Website has avoided at all cost.

The other scam indicator has to be lack of ownership information on this website. If Super Mining Website was professional, they would have introduced their corporation, the directors and top management in general. But it seems that there is no company to back their operation. There is no director or any entity that is behind the operation of this website. Basically, we assume that the anonymous website admin is the only person managing the activities of this website. Since they are anonymous and at the same time asking money from unsuspecting investors, we strongly believe that they are scammers.

And of course it’s suspicious how Super Mining Website is not saying anything about mining hardware or rigs which they own. For mining of Bitcoins to take place, they must either own or lease mining hardware to facilitate the mining of these Cryptos. So far, this website has not talked about anything to do with mining rigs. This makes us believe that they are not mining Bitcoin at all. They are only busy looking for ways to collect funds from members of the public in the name of mining Bitcoins in the cloud.

How does the scam work?

It’s funny because while Super Mining Website insists that they are mining Bitcoins, we think that they are doing the opposite based on the aforementioned scamming factors.

Investors are supposed to purchase any of the membership packages mentioned on the website. They are supposed to earn a specific daily ROI according to what is written in the plan which they purchase.

Also, we see that getting enrolled into this scam is quite easy. A novice can get started immediately. The minimum deposit is 0.01 BTC while maximum is 3 BTC.

The 4 plans which can be found on the website are supposed to run for 6 months. According to the FAQ section of this website, the ROIs which we are seeing on this website were calculated based a duration of 180 days.

Now, if you calculate those returns, you will realize that they are deceptive and ludicrous. In other words, Super Mining Website is claiming to generate money that any other investment platform cannot generate. If anything, these returns are unsustainable.

Who’s behind this website?

We are not surprised that this website does not reveal any information pertaining to ownership. However, they are also trying to hide behind the name of a UK corporation which is to serve as their credibility token.

What investors probably don’t know is that Super Mining Website does not give satisfactory identifying information with this corporation. In other words, we can say that the corporation which they are claiming to be affiliated with is really not an entity of Super Mining Website.

Whereas the contact details which we find on the Super Mining Website suggests that they are a corporation, a careful search throughout the massive web reveals that no company in the name Super Mining Ltd is registered in the UK. Therefore, this clearly shows that this website can’t be trusted.

Furthermore, this website is giving us a physical address that cannot be traced. If you look at Google maps, you won’t be able to trace the exact address where this business is located. In other words, Super Mining Website is even lying about their location in addition to other false things that they have promised on their website.

Our best advice for you

Since Super Mining Website is a platform that’s characterized with a lot of deception, one cannot trust them at all. These elements clearly suggest that the website in question is a scam. In fact, this website is an active ponzi scheme. We cannot confirm whether or not they are paying. But based on the false promises and lies that can be found throughout the entire site, we can confidently confirm that they are a scam.

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  1. Мы с уверенностью можем сообщить что это мошенники!Мною было оплачено указанная на сайте сумма инвестиций -оплата не последовала уже в течение 7 дней!

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