Super Trend Profit Review – Is This FX Indicator Scam?

Super Trend Profit Review – Is This FX Indicator Scam?

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One problem with Forex trend indicators is that they repaint, and thus giving you false signals. This also makes them not any different from any other regular indicator which you find in an MT4 chart.

Therefore, for any developer to convince us that his FX indicator is the best and most profitable, they must be able to demonstrate what they say with proof.

Sadly, Karl Dittmann who created the Super Trend Profit FX indicator does not give us a satisfactory explanation as to why we should endorse this product.

In fact, he made a terrible mistake by putting up a landing page which recycles the same things that have been said about this Forex indicator.

Truth be told, that website does not tell us anything meaningful. We were in fact bored to death because it lacked substance. What Karl Dittmann has done with that website is to promise his readers that Super Trend Profit predicts trends in advance, and that he is not kidding when he says this thing will change your life as a trader.

And that is where we disagree with him. It amounts to utter ignorance when a developer says that they have a magic system that guarantees between 100-200 pips per day. Unless they are a god, there’s no way they can beat the markets each single day without a loss.

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The Super Trend Profit Overview

It is promoted as a 95% accurate Forex indicator that’s easy to use because it paints Buy or Sell signals on the chart so that traders can make the necessary step.

Karl Dittmann says that the Super Trend Profit indicator never fails because it uses a unique technology to read the charts and do the magic.

This website ( talks of unique technology back in 2012. Someone should tell this developer that we are in 2017, and things have changed.

This is one of the signs that Super Trend Profit website has never been updated ever since it was launched. So can he guarantee that this product will be updated if you buy it?

Worse still, Super Trend Profit is using the so-called new technology, yet this technology is dated back then. If it worked in 2012, chances are that there are many new robots and indicators that have since emerged, and are doing better than this product.

The claim that something ”special” has been revealed

By now, you have looked at the land page of Super Trend Profit indicator. Does that website speak anything that would make you believe that this Forex indicator can trade with 90% accuracy?

Absolutely nothing. In fact, the content of that site is just repetition of what has been said in the previous paragraphs. No substance at all.

We were not able to find proof that Super Trend Profit indicator makes at least 100 pips every day without fail. Such claims need to be accompanied by proof by the way.

super trend indicator mt4 interface

You see, screenshots of an mt4 chart should never be treated as proof that a product works. These screenshots are not valid proof that Super Trend Profit produces a high win rate whenever it delivers a signal alert.

Instead, we need Karl Dittmann’s broker statements to prove that this product works as claimed.

If it makes at least 100 pips per day without fail, then surely the owner must be using it. Or at least he has tested it on a live account several times.

Therefore, what we are requesting here is evidence that Super Trend Profit was put to task and it yielded good results.

Apparently, nowhere on that website is proof published to suggest that the Super Trend Profit has made profits several times during its testing run.

Sorry Karl Dittmann, if you don’t produce past performance of you or any other trader that has used this product before, then we can’t endorse it.

Also, notice the first mt4 chart where this guy indicates that 200 pips were acquired on a 15 minutes time frame. Is that realistic?

I mean, how do you scale 200 pips on a 15 minutes time frame chart?

The point is, this could be a higher time frame chart. Probably he was working with a 24 hour time frame. However, the reason why he labeled it as 15 minutes time frame is beyond our comprehension.

Who is Karl Dittmann?

We were able to trace him on his blog. The domain of that website can be accessed here —

As you can see, he comes across as an expert in Forex trading. He also creates products which he promotes through that blog. We recently did a review about one of his products called Pips Wizard Pro. That product too failed our test, hence the negative review.

He is also the owner of Infinity scalper… a program that promises quick riches. You can see the review here to understand what we are talking about.

As you can see, this guy sells a lot of bogus trading products on the internet. Super Trend Profit is just one of the many products which he promotes.

Unfortunately, this man does not have a track record of ever trading with success. Has he never made money by trading Forex? No, he has not.

Ask him proof and he will either shut up or give you an undesirable response.

The guy appears to be earning a living through selling Forex products only– which isn’t a bad thing in itself. However, creating robots or FX indicators and misleading traders into buying them is a fraudulent way of doing business.

Rest assured that the Super Trend Profit is not any better. By the way, what do you expect from a man who has never traded the Forex market successfully? Ask yourself before you get talked into buying this product.

What strategy does Super Trend profit use?

We were able to figure out that this product is a trend indicator.

However, they are taking it a little bit far when they say that it identifies trends in advance so that it can trade with 100% accuracy. Those claims must be taken with a pinch of salt because most of these FX indicators only repaint. Super Trend Profit is no exception — even though the owner will never admit this.

Pricing of this product

Super Trend Profit goes for $137. Is this price worth it? Well, Karl claims that he has a 30-day money back guarantee for anyone who will not be satisfied with this product.

Now, the question is; why should you go through the pain of losing so that you can ask your money back at the end of the 30-day period?

Wise traders take proactive steps so as not to lose money anyhow.

This program has clearly demonstrated that it is not unique. The owner only talks of how it identifies trends and acts accordingly. But he has never mentioned the methodology behind it. In fact, we don’t see the difference between Super Trend Profit and the regular indicators that are found on the charts.

Our best advice for you

This product should be avoided because it does not offer any value for money. It is just one means through which Karl generates residual income, so he does not take it seriously. Secondly, unless you have gone nuts, you wouldn’t want to invest in a product that has not been tested yet.

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