SuperSage Review: a Flawless Scam

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SuperSage Review: a Flawless Scam

SuperSage claims that they are the first-ever smart contact and a decentralized platform. The company features the number of investors who have joined them in the last 24 hours to be over 300. Additionally, the total number of participants that the platform has it’s around 45K.

The statistic that they display does not seem realistic, and it is the reason we do not have much faith in the operation of this platform. The company claim that investors do not need to worry as they are not exposed to any risk.

The entity is using a smart contract that is created by its developers. They additionally state that no one can hack or interfere with their system.

SuperSage is allegedly an international crowdfunding entity. It uses a matrix to reward their customers. In reality, the company is using ambiguous words to hide their fraudulent activities even though the platform claim that it is secure. However, the possibility of this being a scam is very high.

The entity is operating like a pyramid scheme, which means they use the fund of a new client to pay their pioneer customers. Such operation is doomed to fail as the number of withdrawal will surpass the number of funds coming in.

The company claims that it cannot be hacked well in the past; we have seen several entities suffering from the same, and this is due to something the developer might have missed when designing the system. You can invest with legit crypto trading software that does not beat around the bush when it comes to offering their information. Review

SuperSage is a platform that subjects their existing clients to recruit other people for them to earn. They rely on you to bring traffic to their website. For you to earn more, you need to convince your relative, colleagues, and friends to join the movement.

SuperSage Review, Platform

Investors have to buy more slots and upgrade for them to earn without the affiliate program. If you don’t have enough money to buy their slot, then you are subjected to use their referral method to generate an income.

SuperSage is a scam that looks flawless; you cannot suspect that they are involved in illegal activities. The company promised users a lucrative passive income opportunity. However, those who fall for their scheme will only end up losing money.

The shady entity is presenting itself as a top-notch digital currency project, while in reality, they are hiding their fraudulent activities behind the technology. The entity is operating similarly like Forsage.

It was a renowned Ponzi scheme that was blacklisted by the financial authority of the Philippines. Those who might be tempted to give this entity a try should refrain. To become a member of this entity, you need to deposit an amount of 500 Tron currency.

Investors need to deposit more TRX token if they want to move to the next level. To attain your deposit back, you need to refer to new investors in the company. The model they are using is very appealing and might attract a great number of investors.

How Does SuperSage Operate?

For starters, the company does not have any financial products or services. If you choose to invest with them, you will be trusting fraudsters with your money. The platform guarantees investors quick money within an unrealistic timeline.

The money is flowing from the bottom to the top. It means that its system is inevitable to fail. They will not be able to cater to the withdrawal request. The majority of investors will end up losing their money. The question you should be asking yourself is, when is this platform not going to be there.

The company is still new in the market, yet the number they project is obnoxious. The only people who might benefit from this system are their early investors.

Who is the Founder of SuperSage?

The company does not have a founder. The suspicious entity state that those who designed their smart contract are the one behind Tron blockchain.

Hence, they do not need a manager or anyone to run their decentralized platform. This is a bluff to avoid being questioned about their legitimacy. We believe that this firm does not have any relation with Tron currency.

The truth of the matter is that there is someone who is benefiting from the operation of this Ponzi scheme. However, we do not know who they are as the information of the owner is hidden from the members of the public. Whoever is responsible for this scam is determined to conceal their identity.

Contact Details

The company does not disclose the country of its origin. The scammers behind this platform are smart and anonymous. On the website, they do not feature any method that you can reach support. It means that the only thing that interests the website is the money that you deposit.

You will not get a good experience once you give this platform a try. Ponzi schemes do not care about their customers. Leaving out this critical data is intentional as they don’t want any authority minding with their business.

Regulatory Status

Cryptocurrencies are meant to observe anonymity. However, this does not mean that companies offering investment services do not need to be transparent. SuperSage company that does not have a license.

They are collecting money from members of the public illegally. You will not be able to trace the deposit that you make. This is because the transaction go directly into the scammer’s wallet. You will be emptying your pocket while you make a scammer rich.

False Reviews and Testimonials

During our research, we encountered several misleading reviews that insinuate SuperSage is a legit entity. Unfortunately, this information has been written by shady promoters of this platform. People claim to have earned money from this entity.

However, we would like them to present proof of payment if they want us to believe their fantasy. Additionally, several reviews are positive from Trustpilot. Investors claim they have earned a fortune using this pyramid scheme.

Please do not make the judgment of join SuperSage because you will only end up regretting it. Warn your loved one and anyone who might be blinded by their lies. Eventually, the company will not be in existence.

Domain Insight was registered in July 2020 and will expire in the same month, the day year 2021. Ponzi scheme will normally be in operation for a period of one year. If more people are buying their narrative, they might extend their duration in the market.

However, if they don’t have many audiences, their platform will collapse. The company seems to be having a great number of audiences, as their global Alexis ranking is at 77,188. The geographical audience of their victims is from India, Nigeria, and Venezuela.

Final Verdict

SuperSage is a modern-day Ponzi scheme that uses complex words to confuse investors. The platform claims that it is using a smart contract, but this does not change the fact that their firm is a scam. They are transferring funds of their new customers to their initial investors.

Companies like these do not end well as eventually, people will lose money. The circus with this company will one day come to an end, and there will be a victim who will not recover.

Therefore, you can invest with a legit crypto trading bot that is transparent. Moreover, they have no intention of stealing from you.

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