SureFire Trading Challenge Review: is Scam?

SureFire Trading Challenge Review: is Scam?

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SureFire Trading Challenge promises a return of 495.27% per month, which is astonishingly high and unrealistic. When we see this kind of gimmicky marketing, we conclude that this is an outright scam. Unless this page can give us proof of the kind of returns which they are touting, there is no need to believe to think that this is a life changing trading system that can easily put money in the bank. We are writing this review because we have already scrutinized this website and found disturbing facts about the product. The number one disturbing fact about SureFire Trading Challenge is that it is promising to teach us how to turn $150 into over $7000 in 30 days. The question is what trading system can make such enormous profits in a short period of time? Unless you are going to take huge and unnecessary risks, we do not think that you can even get close to the kind of returns which they are touting.

We need to know which trading system they are using because honestly, there is no way $150 can magically turn into over $7000 in 30 days. No matter which strategy you use, you cannot have this kind of returns. Furthermore, $150 is such a small deposit. You don’t expect your account to grow rapidly with such a small deposit. Those who risk a lot just to grow their account this fast will always lose money. There is no safe way to trade a small account to make a lot of money fast.

SureFire Trading Challenge

We have already dismissed this trading system because the promises are too good to be true. Moreover, the owner of this landing page is anonymous. We don’t trust anonymous service providers who claim to have the capability to make Forex traders rich in a fortnight. These people are scammers and if there is upfront money that is involved, not only will you lose that money but you will also lose money from your trading account as a result of poor win rate. If you want to trade and actually make money, you can do so using these trading tools.

SureFire Trading Challenge review

The first thing you will notice is that this is a simple landing page claiming to help traders make millions of dollars in less than a year. The purpose of this landing page is to capture leads by letting them believe that they will gain access to a magic strategy that makes money. This landing page captures emails and this makes us believe that this website is owned and operated by internet marketers as opposed to serious traders. This is something that is easy to find out since we will be looking to see whether we can find proof of trading performance and whether or not the person behind this site is a professional trader.

For now, we know that they are 100% anonymous. The landing page does not even provide a way to contact the person who is in charge of this website. We don’t know whom to contact even if we were to make an effort to do so. Basically, the level of mystery that surrounds this site is quite disturbing. If money is going to change hands, you would need to do thorough investigations upfront because lack of it would lead to serious regrets later on.

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495.27% in one month: is there proof?

We are afraid that just by looking at those numbers, one concludes that this is a scam. Without revealing the strategy that is being used to trade the Forex market to generate those returns, we can’t really believe these income claims. Besides, it is not possible to generate these returns within a span of one month and any attempt to trade vigorously in order to attain these returns will only result in a big fat loss.

We expected the owner of SureFire Trading Challenge to provide us with proof of trading performance which they can always provide through a myfxbook account. This shouldn’t be an uphill task provided they are professional traders and their system is working as claimed on the sales page. In Forex trading, vendors will tell you that they have made millions of dollars trading the Forex market with a secret or magic formula. This is a very common way of selling a product or service, be it a Forex robot or a signal service. Without proof that the product actually works as claimed, it becomes very difficult to trust the vendor. Moreover, if you come across a shiny landing page that tells an audience about some impossible to generate profits, you need to run away as fast as you can because that page is definitely hosted by a cheat.

Is SureFire Trading Challenge a scam?

This is most likely a scam because our trust and confidence towards this service is like 10%. We cannot believe a shiny sales page that tells us we can become millionaires in record 30 days.  Forex trading is not a get rich quick scheme and any sales page that tells you otherwise is definitely lying to you since they want to make quick bucks over your ignorance. Our advice is that you should avoid any product or service that is marketed based on the idea that you can make astronomical returns in a fortnight. It is easy to identify such products. You can identify it by going through the pitch videos and the sales material on their websites. So our advice is that you should avoid SureFire Trading Challenge at all cost.

Our best advice for you

This is a nasty scam. You should know that by now. SureFire Trading Challenge is a name that can make you feel intimidated because, with such names for a trading product, one can easily be dissuaded to imagine that they are about to purchase a product that will change your life. But we are warning you a second time. Don’t because this is clearly a hoax. If you want to become a professional Forex trader, take advantage of these Forex trading products. 

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