Suzuki Coin Review: Do Not Trust a Ponzi Scam

Suzuki Coin Review: Do Not Trust a Ponzi Scam

Share This! is the newest and dirtiest investment scam in town. After carefully observing this website, we have no doubt that the dubious investment plans touted here will ever pay you any profit. By the way, Suzuki coin is making use of the name of a popular brand and even suggesting that the coin has some relationship with the popular auto-manufacturer. You should never believe this nonsense as  Suzuki coin is an independent website that has got nothing to do with the car manufacturer.

What we are seeing here is a high yield investment program where investors are falsely misled to believe that they can earn between 2-3% daily returns. In addition to that, the site claims that they are allowing unlimited daily withdrawals. The creation date of this website is 12th May 2018. It is just over a month old now. We cannot establish who the owner of this site is, although they are claiming on the sale page that this project belongs to Satoro Suzuki.

Satoro Suzuki is a popular name on the internet. But there is no relationship or link between this person and the scam which we are discussing about here. In fact, Suzuki coin is anonymously hosted, which begs the question of why the real owner is hiding from public scrutiny. This is something fishy.

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Suzuki coin Review

If this site claims to generate between 2% and 3% daily returns, the owner would probably not be compelled to share the product of his knowledge with anyone on the internet. 2% daily returns would translate to 60% monthly returns. 3% per day would translate to 90% per month. These figures are too good to be true. No one can believe that a high yield investment program like Suzuki coin can generate those returns.


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In the real economic settings, these figures can’t be achieved no matter the industry in which we are investing in. Even back then in 2017 when the price of Cryptocurrencies was rising, investors in this niche never realized a monthly return of 60%. It was much lower. Furthermore, Suzuki coin is claiming to be investing in Forex, Stocks, Exchange and in digital coins. However, we know very well that these returns cannot be generated from these business activities. It is impossible to realize a daily return of 2% because markets change every time and so there will be days of profit and losses. Ultimately, one won’t be able to achieve a monthly return of 60%, let alone 20%. Draw downs can be huge. Setbacks too will be huge.

Suzuki coin Net Ltd is the company behind Suzuki coin. It was registered in the UK. Their alleged physical address is London, UK, address 1 POPE STREET, SE1 3PR. Company number is Company No. 11368995. We know very well that company registration in the UK does not mean that the entity in question is conducting legit investment operations. Company registration in the UK is dirt cheap, and for the most part, regulators do not care what business the company is conducting. That is why it is a safe haven for scammers who want to falsely gain credibility by seeking a corporate status for their ponzi scams.

Suzuki Coin is even accepting payments in Crypto currencies because this is the only way to anonymously accept payment. The minimum investment is $50. This is to make sure that they are collecting as much money as possible from several internet randoms who may not have financial knowledge.

On the other hand, minimum withdrawal is $5. There have been complaints lately about this site refusing to accept withdrawal requests. It has officially been blacklisted as  a confirmed scam.

Why Suzuki Coin is just a scam

They claim that their company is involved in real financial trading. Do you believe this? We don’t believe it simply because there is no evidence that this ponzi scam used to pay out its ROIs based on external revenue generation activities. There is only solid evidence that ROIs used to be paid based on user deposits. When deposit streams stopped flowing, the site also stopped issuing payouts altogether.

There is no real trading. The alleged ROIs that were paid out sometimes last month can’t be verified too. Maybe the site issued a payout to just a few individuals so it win their trust and scam them more. These individuals have been complaining about their experience with this site since last month. They claim that Suzuki Coin did not pay them. Others are saying that the site used to pay and all of a sudden it stopped paying.

All in all, this is the true hallmark of a ponzi scheme. There will always be such complaints coming from the majority of real users who got disappointed when they lost money. The sales page also claims that this site was founded by a Financial Specialist. Who is this financial specialist, and why are they anonymous? This is the question we’d like to ask the anonymous admin who runs this website.

Above all, we are seeing that this is just an MLM ponzi scam. The company status is only maintained for purposes of gaining credibility so they can fool investors. While they claim that they are a 100% safe investment destination, that is not true. Previous members would have confirmed so. The reason everyone is complaining about the scam is because it has not been paying despite accepting deposits. Now, that should be self explanatory to anyone contemplating to send their precious coins to this ponzi scam.

Our best advice for you

When we look at Suzuki Coin, we see a site that does not meet the standards of a genuine investment program. The daily returns are too high to come close to reality. There is no evidence that the site has paid at any one given moment. Above all, the anonymous owner has been hiding because they know that this is a ponzi scheme which they are operating to rip off gullible investors. To make money as a trader, you must not trust anyone. Make use of these trading robots.

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20 Replies to “Suzuki Coin Review: Do Not Trust a Ponzi Scam”

  1. I am investing in Suzuki Coin for 50 days and received every day. They are well-cared for, have a WhatsApp group for investors and all the Group’s investors are also getting. Having direct contact with the CEO is fantastic.

  2. Hi, i’ve been a member of suzuki coins for 2 months now and yes it’s true im receiving profit everyday and we are well cared of our CEO. once you invest you will be added in whatsapp group and you can chat directly the CEO. if you want to invest in suzuki coins you can use below link

        1. Don’t invest in suzuki, it’s also a ponzi scam and you will regret your decision in the long run. Please look at our alternative options on our page above.

  3. Investi $ 3.000 dólares na Suzuki Coin e estou sacando todos o dias 90 dólares, e também consigo sacar todos o dias a comissões de indicação, a empresa não segura o seu dinheiro, ele liberam no mesmo dia, eu conheço o donos e ele realmente trabalham com trader, a empresa vai durar muito tempo, estão desenvolvendo já o material 2.0

    Mais informações me chama no what +55 12 98251-9116

    Link de cadastro:

  4. Investi $ 3.000 dólares na Suzuki Coin e estou sacando todos o dias 90 dólares, e também consigo sacar todos o dias a comissões de indicação, a empresa não segura o seu dinheiro, ele liberam no mesmo dia, eu conheço o donos e ele realmente trabalham com trader, a empresa vai durar muito tempo, estão desenvolvendo já o material 2.0

    Mais informações me chama no what +55 12 98251-9116

  5. Suzuki Coin is a scam through and through don’t invest, they are not paying. They have changed the name of their website to lure unsuspecting victims. Please stay clear.

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