Swarm Intelligence Scam: The Sugarcoated Lies

Swarm Intelligence Scam: The Sugarcoated Lies

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The distance between expectation and reality is called stress. This concludes why most traders are stressed all the time. They set up unrealistic expectations and end up being disappointed. Yes, most traders fall for the claims of trading bots promising them big fortune overnight.

Note: A good alternative to this Swarm Intelligence Scam is the Super Simple Bot.

Trading scams have become very common, and every day we see the so called new breakthroughs in trade. These are so common that the crux is to gradually avoid falling for one. Speaking of which, Swarm Intelligence is the new “so called” trading breakthrough. We are going to crack the case on this nut and show everyone the scam it is.

Swarm Intelligence: The So-Called Breakthrough

Swarm Intelligence beta has just been completed and it generated 80% of winning trades. The system was created in early 2016, and was being tested for months. Swarm Intelligence came up with a stunning 72% ITM winning percentage. It sounds exciting, but is it true? How can be one assured that Swarm Intelligence is not fraud.

To answer those questions, we will start with the basics, such as what does the term mean. Swarm Intelligence (SI) means a form of Collective intelligence of natural or artificial intelligence. These systems mainly contain agents or boids which interact with each other or their environment.   This inspiration can be drawn from nature. The agents work on simple rules and there is no centralized control structure which shows how individual agents should really behave. The interaction between these agents forms emergence of global behavior which other members know nothing about.

Dr. Steven Francis, expert on Animal Behavior Specialist and Founder of Swarm Intelligence explains this Phenomenon as a group of organisms joining forces for the greater. Now change the perspective a little, and instead of joining of joining forces, the concept is to join intelligence.  This is what Swarm Intelligence all about. Instead of leaving bots to figure out everything on their own, Swarm Intelligence brings together a group of trading bots and makes them join intelligence to ensure their clients win on every bet.

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So it can be deduced the whole fuss is about how the bots are working. But, does it really make a difference? Every trader knows for sure that they cannot win every bet. Sure it will help you win more than usually but it’s not fool proof. Every calculation is based on three aspects, mechanical, technical and fundamental analyses.  It sounds good but fails to convince that the platform is actually has any use.

Swarm Intelligence

Note: Choose the credible bots and avoid the scammers.

All the winning figures given on official Website has no backing evidence. The Claims like 83% win is not given anywhere else rather than the video. So it may be fabricated. What else makes Swarm Intelligence trading unique?

Apart from the Swarm Intelligence concept, the agreed swarm is one of the highlighted features which help to make you win your bid (if it’s true at all). After you log in, you have to choose between recommended brokers. Every network has 10 computers connected to a super computer. Every user has these 10 computers and their joined intelligence. The swarm level means how many out of 10 computers agrees on a bet. The default is 7, but users can change as they like. Swarm Intelligence also lets you select the amount per trade. The allotted amount can be $25-500.

Money management is another important feature of Swarm Intelligence, the money management calculator. This feature assists user with trading amounts according to current balance. While it all sounds great and convincing, let us remind you there is no supportive data backing any claims or any reviews about how the system works or is it really helpful? Therefore, everything about Swarm Intelligence sounds a bit cheesy.

One thing about Swarm Intelligence that makes it convincing is it doesn’t promise you to win any particular amount a day. However, there is a demonstration in the video, but again, it can be fabricated.

Enough of the chit chats, let’s get real here. The only impressive thing about Swarm Tech (the parent company) is its marketing effort. The company marketed their product beautifully and we don’t blame if any amateur trader falls for their trap. The only thing that makes sense on their website is the video, which haven’t any backing data.

Before you sign in, you can be convinced that the official intro makes sense. But once you log in with the company and follow every instructed. This is when you actually make sense of it. The video was scripted and the Actors did a great job to convince you Swarm Intelligence is legit.  The company didn’t invested half of the effort on their original product, Swarm Intelligence as they invested on its promotion. Still the marketing had some loop holes.

Swarm Intelligence Scam Review

Note: Stay away from the scams and pick the credible bots.

The founders (as seen in the video) are saying this is a breakthrough product, but why they are giving it for free? Its because Swarm Intelligence is worth nada. It won’t make a difference and the 15 minute long video explaining all features was just a big fat lie.  Swarm Intelligence makes it final fragile attempt to look convincing by adding a fake publication, Wiki page explaining the concept of Swarm Intelligence, not the product. The handful testimonials at end of page are fake.  The testimonials are basic and they don’t have an given figures. So they are hard to trust. The most hilarious thing is the so present founders and CEO is giving away their business plan. Who does that?

Final Thoughts on Swarm Intelligence

Swarm Intelligence is a newcomer to the Binary World, it’s not tested and clearly begs for user base. Don’t take our word, see the official website, sign up and trade with it. There are a few recommended brokers are in the list. The company is clearly giving away the fact that it’s all fake and everything being mentioned or said there is fabricated and a clear lie. It not rocket science. Swarm Intelligence just want to target new and amateur traders looking for a short and dirty secret to success, and capitalize on their futile mental state.

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