SwedenCap Review: Forex Scam

SwedenCap Review: Forex Scam

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SwedenCap ( is a CFDs, Crypto Currency and Forex scam to hit the lucrative Forex world. Sweden Cap is purporting to offer users the chance to achieve their financial goals. SWEDENCAP promises to help traders earn money at the comfort of your home. This broker claims to have a team of financial advisers with them. That’s why we conducted this investigation. Find out what we discovered in this SwedenCap Review.

SwedenCap Review

SwedenCap Review:

According to the numerous complaints we received, this broker simply wants users to deposit. Once money has been deposited with them, that’s the last you will hear from them. These scammers have created a moving website that is easily believable. That’s what these scammers are after, to grab your attention. With images of what seems to be like professionals, no wonder newbie traders are signing up.

Claims and promises are what makes newbie investors fall into Forex scams. SwedenCap is no different as these scammers have promised traders heaven only to deliver hell. Users are promised to trade in markets from United States, Canada, Sweden, Germany, England, and France. Don’t forget that this broker promises traders that they will also trade in Crypto Currency. Read this review and find out the whole truth regarding Sweden Cap.

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Who Owns SwedenCap?

According to the disclaimer at the footer of the homepage, this platform is owned by Sweden Capital LLC. This is a financial Group registered in Charlestown, Nevis under registration number L19344. What stands out with this claim is how anonymous this statement is. Level of anonymity with this broker is one of the first red flags we noticed with this broker. Who actually owns Sweden Capital LLC?

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There’s no information regarding who the CEO or CFO of this mother company. According to Google search, this is a marketing and consulting firm. It does not handle any Forex business. This means that the scammers are using another company’s name to fain legitimacy. Folks, we are dealing with a professional scam outfit that’s ready to rip off traders. Stay away from this broker as far as possible.

Is SwedenCap Licensed or regulated?

SwedenCap Scam

Just because a broker posts information regarding registration, it doesn’t mean it’s true. This broker has posted fake registration claims on their homepage. It should be noted that the registrar of companies in Sweden does not use this algorithm to register companies. These scammers are using a fake registration number to entice users into believing they are real. Don’t fall for their rhetoric claims, SwedenCap is another Forex scam.

Where are their registration documents that prove their legitimacy? A real broker will post their registration certificates and documents for all to see. Why has this broker failed to clearly show their registration certificates? It’s because they don’t have any registration certificates to prove their authenticity. Make sure never to sign up with a broker who fails the registration test. Sweden Cap is another Forex scam that we must expose.

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Account Types.

SwedenCap offers users six different account types to choose from. These accounts include Micro, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP Platinum. Minimum deposit to start trading is $200, $10,000, $20,000, $50,000, $100,000, and $200,000 respectively. These accounts come with bonuses that start at 200%. Note that this is another promotional material meant to entice users to sign up.

These accounts come with a financial advisor, but the first two accounts don’t have weekly webinars. What we noticed peculiar with these accounts is that they offer the same perks. Why would anyone deposit $200,000 and get the same advantage as the person who deposits $20,000? This broker simply wants to sign up anyone and shut down their operation once they get their fill. Don’t deposit money with this platform.

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Deposit and Withdrawal.

Most complaints we received had the same issues, deposit was easy, and withdrawal was a headache. This broker has made depositing money with them easy and fast. Users can deposit money using available channels such as Visa, MasterCard, Bank transfer and Bitcoin. This broker has ensured that users can deposit money without any hassles. Folks, this is not a genuine reason to deposit money, there’s more than meets the eye.

Once deposits are made, making a withdrawal is what every member has a problem with. No member has been able to withdraw money using this broker. According to the complaints, they get an excuse as to why they can’t withdraw money with this broker. Excuse they mostly get has to do with the required trading volume. According to the broker, a user must meet a certain trading volume to warrant withdrawal. Stay away from this broker at once!

Are Funds Safe with SwedenCap?

SwedenCap Fake Review

You should know that funds are never safe with an anonymous broker. Your funds will never be secure with an unlicensed broker. Have you noticed that this broker fails to provide vital information regarding their banking partner? Which institution do they use to bank money deposited by members? Did you know that members could be depositing money straight to the owner’s personal bank account?

When it comes to segregation of accounts, this broker does no such thing. It means that they are pooling funds in one account which is dangerous. In case of bankruptcy or insolvency, this broker will lose your money instantly. Don’t expect to be compensated; SwedenCap does not participate in a compensation scheme. That’s why we strongly distance ourselves from this shady Forex broker scam. You should too.

Trading Platform.

According to their platform page, they claim to use the award winning Meta Trader 4 platform. In order to test its compatibility with our devices, we decided to download it. And this is where we faced our next hurdle. Once we started download the process stalled at 39%. This is bad news for anyone using this platform. It means we are dealing with an unstable platform which is bad for business.

Unstable platforms have been known to be the cause of investors losing money. Hackers find unstable platforms to be a perfect breeding ground to steal data. These hackers will steal credit card information by taking over unstable platforms. That’s not all; these hackers will steal your personal details and use them to commit other online fraud. That’s why we strongly recommend that you stay away from SWEDENCAP.

Is SwedenCap a Scam?

Evidence clearly points out that we are dealing with a rogue Forex broker. Make sure to mark all their emails as Spam and never click on any links. Warn your friends and relatives from signing up with this Forex broker. Stay away from SwedenCap as it’s simply another bogus Forex scam. That way, you will remain safe from their annoying email marketing campaigns. Make sure to never open an account with this broker.

SwedenCap Final Verdict.

SwedenCap Scam Review

Our only option is to add Sweden Cap to our scam blacklist. Once this is done, we hope that the relevant authorities will look into it. Shutting down this scam will safely ensure that newbie traders don’t get swindled by these scammers. That’s the only way to guarantee that newbie traders will remain safe.

At all times, sign up with Recommended Forex brokers that have been vetted. Sign up with Forex brokers that have been certified and Proven to produce results. Stay safe and sign up with Approved and Dependable Forex brokers.

Lastly, we wish you all the best in your Forex trading endeavors.




Be Careful with the positive comments you find below this article. We have detected that the employees of SwedenCap are deliberately adding fake positive comments in order to seem as though they are a genuine company. Our final verdict on them remains the same – they are a scam company and you should not deal with them unless you want to lose your funds!

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18 Replies to “SwedenCap Review: Forex Scam”

  1. Buenas tardes, paso a contar mi experiencia tanto con este broker como con otros mas a los que estuve asociado.
    He comenzado a invertir en el mes de marzo en 3 brokers distintos, HotForex, Xtrade y Swedencap.
    En los 3 inverti la misma cantidad, 250 dolares. En los 3 casos les indique que no tenia mas capital que esos 250 dolares inciales. A los 2 dias siguientes mi cuenta en Xtrade ya habia perdido TODO mi capital y para lo unico que se pusieron en contacto conmigo era para REACTIVARLA con mas dinero???? En HotForex y en Swedencap segui aprendiendo y haciendo pequeñas transacciones. En ambos inverti 2mil dolares mas. En Swedencap, mi asesor se comunica conmigo al menos 1 vez a la semana. Con HotForex sigo teniendo la cuenta ahi, perdiendo dinero, pero no podria nunca culpar al broker.
    IMPORTANTE, tanto en HotForex como en Swedencap pude retirar dinero sin problema. Swedencap me lo giro DIRECTAMENTE a mi cuenta bancaria desde una cuenta CITIBANK de los estados unidos. Por parte de HotForex fue reembolso a mi tarjeta.

    1. Buenos días, con respecto a swedencap usted puede afirmar que no es una estafa y que es seguro invertir con ellos ?

      1. Hola Luis! Hasta el momento la verdad es que no he tenido ningun problema. Tanto para depositar, comunicacion y retiros.
        Yo les recomiendo cualquiera de los dos brokers, tanto Hotforex como Swedencap pero NO Xtrade….

        1. Mi experiencia fue que literalmente hicieron un robo de 1.200 dolares de mi cuenta, al notar la insistencia de que depositara mas dinero para mas operaciones, demande el reintegro de parte de mi capital y al estafador asesor que me orientaba hicimos una operación con oro y en menos de media mañana todos los fondos de la cuenta habían desaparecido. que casualidad que el mismo día que solicite reintegro, una operación sale mal y pierdo todo lo que alli habia, afortunadamente solo fue esa mínima cantidad.
          Es una estafa, tengan mucho cuidado con estos estafadores.

      2. no inviertan son unos estafadores,ya que ami no me reebolsan mi deposito de 2000 dolares, cunado andas correos te pasean como nunca, no los recomiendo. at un tal GADIEL SILVA Y ALFREDO SANCEZ, Para depositar te llaman todoslos dias , despues te transfiere con otras persona y asi de empelotan.

    2. este comentario parece q es propio de swedem cap, por que no es cierto. mas falso nunca te depositan tus anancias y menos tu fondo. pesimo no lo recomiendo. por que teno pruebas que es una estafa.

  2. Buenas tardes, les escribo absolutamente decepcionada con Sweden Cap, son unos estafadores, perdi todo mi dinero con ellos, sus recomendaciones, de lo peor, no son expertos, solo juegan con tu dinero. Aléjense de ellos!

    1. Hola Abril!
      Qué te pasó? Te animas a contarnos tu experiencia con mas detalle? Esto ayudaria a todos los nuevos inversores y a los que ya somos parte de la empresa.

      La verdad es que no entiendo porque en el articulo este dice que no te llaman, que no te hacen retiro, que se tranca la plataforma?? Jamas me paso algo asi!

      1. Empece a operar con SWEDENCAP desde abril de este año, al principio bien, ganaba de a pocos, pero para mi era suficiente. Hasta que el asesor que tenia empezo a recomendarme compra d einstrumentos que fueron un desastre, a pesar de os malos resultados creia en sus cuentos y pensaba sincneramente que se recuperaria mi cuenta; pues nada, se hizo una bola d enieve, me reocmendo adrede operaciones que cobraban un monto excesivo de SWAP y mi cuenta s ehizo agua; cuando le reclame, saco la verdadera cara, me echó la culpa y se liberaron de toda responsabilidad, por recuperar el dinero perdido, supuestamente me reocmendaron peores operaciones, al final cerraron mi cuenta por margen bajo. finalmente mi conclusión es que son genet inescrupulosa, y que no tienen idea de en que invertir; tener mucho cuidado con lo que inviertes, NUNCA montos mayores de 5000$; no son expertos, ni saben en lo que se metan y te inducen a cometer errores. Cámbiense de trader.

    2. Que te sucedió???, a mí me fue completamente distinto. Llevo 3 meses operando con SwedenCap y he retirado de la cuenta 1.600 dólares en total. Esperaba un poco más pero está bien de todas formas.
      Explica en detalle por favor

      1. Hola Mario, yo hace 1 mes comence con ellos y ahora me encuentro en el proceso de retiro de mi ganancia. Lo que me lllama poderosamente la atencion es que me soliciten un estracto de mi cuenta bancaria, a vos te paso igual? Me sabrias decir porque?

        1. Hola Estefania, si! me pasó igual. Pero no me pidieron estracto me pidieron un comprobante de que era mi cuenta bancaria.
          Yo simplemente le pedi a mi ejecutivo de cuenta una carta y que me me la sellen.
          De ninguna manera pases un extracto bancario a nadie, nadie tiene porque saber lo que tiene o lo que no.
          Saludos y mandaselos, es la mejor manera de probar si te envian el dinero o no!

  3. Hasta el momento me ha servido mucho la experiencia que tengo con Swedencap. No sabía absolutamente nada de este mercado, aunque siempre me había dado curiosidad porque se hablaba que la gente ganaba mucho dinero con esto, y yo solamente tenía mi dinero en el banco para gastos.

    Con ellos encontré la respuesta a poder generar un segundo ingreso aparte de mi trabajo. Lo recomiendo para otros principiantes.

  4. Definitivamente son una esta, al principio te enseñan para que deposites más dinero, luego te estafan y son tan caraduras que luego te dicen que hay que reinvertir, perdí $10000.
    Pdta, el estafador (broker) que me asignaron es un tal Miguel Diaz de Uruguay

  5. Pues por lo visto no soy la unica estafada por ese tal Miguel Diaz pues por sus malos manejos perdi todo y ahora nadie responde ni llamadas telefonicás ni correos asi que no caigan en sus engaños

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