Swiss Investment FX Review: Dubious Forex Scam

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Click the button below, fill out the form to recover your lost funds from this scam company

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Swiss Investment FX Review: Dubious Forex Scam

Swiss Investment FX ( is a crude CFDs, Crypto Currency and Forex scam to hit the lucrative trading world. SwissInvestmentFX is purporting to teach investors how to increase profits and decrease loses. Is this really true? Is SwissInvestment FX really helping investors make more money? These are fake claims scammers are using to entice users to sign up. Make sure to read this detailed Swiss Investment FX review for more.

Swiss Investment FX Crypto Review

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Swiss Investment FX Review:

After receiving hundreds of complaints via email from users who lost funds, we decided to investigate. Swiss Investment FX is committing a serious offense by defrauding the very people who invest with them. Most of the people who have lost money claim this broker has gone into hiding. No communication has been forthcoming from this broker or the various account managers. Make sure to stay away from this broker and any of their affiliate programs. Whoever signs up with SwissInvestmentFX is bound to lose all their funds. Warning shots have been fired!

Landing on their homepage, it’s clear why most newbie traders are falling for this trap. Their homepage uses visually compelling images and sales messages to entice investors. Scammers know how to entice users by making insane claims and promises. They will assure investors by claiming to help them earn insane profit margins. Notice these claims are often incentives to make more money with your deposits. Stay away from brokers who make insane promises.

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About Swiss Investment FX

Not much information is given in regards to the actual people running this website. Are they even real Forex brokers or a bunch of professional scam artists? Who is the person running this website? Why have they failed to mention the founding members of this platform? Any tech guy named who made this platform usable? Lack of these vital details is proof we are dealing with a rogue Forex broker. This broker simply wants to remain anonymous for obvious reasons.

Anonymity is a dangerous platform to associate yourself with in any online investment platform. There are no details given in regards to physical address of Swiss Investment FX. This makes such platforms highly suspicious and untrustworthy. For all we know, these could be offshore brokers or worse, a front to launder money. They want to remain anonymous for fear of backlash from authorities and victims. Stay away from any broker who shares similar anonymous characteristics.

Swiss Investment FX Licensing and Registration

Looking at their entire website, there’s no mention of any license or registration document. No regulatory institution has given this broker the green-light to conduct Forex transactions. This means we are dealing with an unauthorized Forex brokerage service provider. Any investor who signs up with this platform is bound to lose funds. Sadly, recovering funds from anonymous platforms has proved to be futile. Stay safe by avoiding signing up with such Forex platforms.

Why has this broker failed to post any certificates or registration documents to prove authenticity? It’s clear we are dealing with a rogue Forex broker who is offering Forex services illegally. After checking with known regulatory bodies such as FCA and CySEC, we confirmed this broker is unlicensed. Swiss Investment FX is no different and is planning to steal your funds.

MT4 Trading Platform

According to their homepage, this broker uses MT4 trading platform as their preferred tool of trade. In order to test how well their platform worked on various devices, we decided to download it. And this is where we faced another red flag with SwissInvestment FX. Download could not complete and stalled at 80% which was unexpected. This is proof we are dealing with an unstable platform which must be avoided at all times. Unstable platforms are a disaster.

Swiss Investment FX Account Types

Hackers are targeting unstable platforms for bank details. Signing up with this platform requires you input your card details. With an unstable platform, hackers steal personal data and credit card information. They purchase goods and pay them using your credit card. These hackers are capable of stealing funds from your bank account due to lack of stability with Swiss Investment FX. Stay away from such platforms.

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Accounts used

Swiss Investment FX is using four different accounts to trap different classes of investors. These accounts are named Micro, standard, Premium, and VIP. These accounts are similar in nature as they have the same minimum lot size of 0.01. Mobile trading is also available on all these accounts which is weird compatibility issues. Claims these accounts have negative balance protection are pure lies. If they did, none of the members would be complaining of losing funds.

Are Funds Safe with Swiss Investment FX?

How well do any of the members know this broker? What happens if the broker decided to make it quits? Stay away from this broker due to numerous red flags spotted with their banking procedures. Why have they failed to mention how they handle money deposited by investors?

A real broker will give details on how they handle funds and where they bank them. Swiss Investment FX is defrauding investors by depositing funds to owner’s personal bank account. This is not all; Swiss Investment FX is pooling funds in one account which is extremely dangerous. Bankruptcy can occur in any time and this broker will shut down without giving notice to members. After all, they don’t insure money deposited by members. Stay away!

No Live Chat

How do they expect users contact them, using emails? Emails are not reliable as response is at their own time. Having a live chat support team ensures users communicate directly and can solve real time problems. With email communication, this broker may decide never to respond to them. And this has been the case with this broker, not being available for comment. This is a classic scammer’s move as they have your funds and don’t need anything else. Stay away from such brokers who only prefer one-way communication channels.

Is Swiss Investment FX a Scam?

Swiss Investment FX IS a SCAM which must be exposed by all parties. In order to stay safe from this broker, ensure you warn your family and friends form registering. Ignore all pleas to sign up with this broker and mark all their emails as Spam. In case you get calls from their agents, don’t issue your personal contact details. These scammers are using these details to launder money with identities of their victims. Make sure to stay away from such brokers at all times.

Swiss Investment FX verdict

Swiss Investment FX Review

As evidence clearly shows we are dealing with a professional scam outfit, we have to protect our readers. Adding this platform to our scam blacklist will do this. Hopefully, authorities will look into this platform and shut their whole website down. This will prevent any newbie trader from signing up with this shady broker. Signing up with this broker should not cross your mind. Stay away from this broker and any of their affiliate programs.

Become a successful trader by learning from the best and most skilled professionals. Sign up with industry approved and backed Forex brokers to stand a chance to win real profits. This is a proven way to make money with Forex trading.

Finally, we wish you all the best in your Forex trading experience.

9 Replies to “Swiss Investment FX Review: Dubious Forex Scam”

  1. × Alert!
    • - Can't withdraw your funds from this fraudulent company?
    • - Have they asked you to pay excessive withdrawal fees or to deposit more funds?
    • - Or is there an excessive delay in processing your withdrawal?
    • - Are they trying to push you into depositing more money with them even without withdrawing the one you've already put in?

    It's a CONFIRMED scam company, recover your stolen funds by clicking the button below, then fill out the form and you will get a FREE Mychargeback consultation today:

    Click the button below, fill out the form to recover your lost funds from this scam company

    Click Here To Recover Your Stolen Funds
  2. sono stato contattato da swiss investiment fx dicendomi che fanno trading per conto della banca popolare di milano. Non ho visto loghi della bpm, è una truffa?

  3. Sono stato truffato da questa società, ho investito un capitale di 1800 euro, al primo prelievo sono spariti, chi puoi aiutarmi? a chi mi posso rivolgere? ho effettuato denuncia alla polizia postale, ho provato a recuperare il bonifico nei 10 giorni previsti per legge, ad ora dopo una settimana dall’accaduto nulla di fatto.

    1. Ciao,

      se riesci ancora a comunicare con loro, per favore chiedi loro di ritirare i tuoi fondi e, se rifiutano o insistono nel depositare più fondi, devi presentare uno storno di addebito alla tua banca o aprire una controversia con PayPal secondo il metodo di pagamento, quindi segnalare il caso alla polizia locale.

      Spero che questo possa essere d’aiuto.


  4. io sono stato contattato ed ho investito 200€.poi mi è stato promesso un recupero credito, dopo un mese mi anno detto che il credito recuperato era disponibile in una banca, io dovevo pagare il 23% per poterlo sbloccare io le ho risposto che pagavo dopo l’accredito,e contemporaneamente ho chiesto il ritiro del capitale versato +il guadagno ma non mi anno dato nulla

  5. Salve. Sto provando a riavere i miei soldi 250€ ma stanno trovando un mare di scuse. Addirittura tramite un loro consulente come si è definito mi sta chiedendo i codici della carta di credito che fortunatamente non gli ho dato: potrebbe prendere altri importi a mia insaputa.

  6. In trying to address this, I will try to be as explicit as possible. May i say that there is no best way to this. Your DUE DILIGENCE is key. One at this juncture has to be very strategic. Below are some workable means to an end:
    1. One of the best practices is to search if your broker is regulated by any agency. If this is in the positive, then your chances of getting your money back via this channel becomes an access gate. Upon verifying this, get all your proof and send a complaint mail to either SEC or CFTC for investigation. If it turns out to be that your broker was either negligent or manipulative which is against trading ethics, the Regulatory body would order them to recompense you. Upon their failure to follow SEC’s order, their operation license would be revoked and SEC would bring action against them. However, if your regulator is unregulated, it follows to say that you have gambled with your hard earned money and beware that this kind of risk is captured under the slogan, ‘BUYERS BEWARE’. No legal protection. If the later is the case, you have no business with SEC since the total assumption is that you have been scammed by some scam artistes who pose as brokers but who are not in real sense. 
    2. Some will advise for a charge back which may be plausible with like 10% success rate. Remember that you never consulted your financial institution before making this financial decision. Also, your means of payment could be cryptocurrency which is untraceable. Let me ask; “ HOW DO YOU WANT YOUR FINANCIAL INSTITUTION TO GET THE MONEY FROM’? Just note that if this is the case, anyone offering you chargeback service merely wants to make away with your money. You can only consider this is it is real inter-bank transaction. In that case your chargeback claim would hold water.
    3. Needles to say that you must as a duty report to any law enforcement agency where you are resident for prompt action. This could be any authority saddled with discreet investigation. The FBI is a good go option for you. Ensure that you file with proof. Your chances of getting your money may be slim since these companies are registered with fake identities. With the use of data track network, tracking them down is not hard. But the FBI is over burdened with too many complaints which might it take longer than necessary to get to your turn. File with them but still look for a way. In the recent time, their ability to retrieve such funds has not really been easy since their are more state related issues to attend to. Also, their is outright of cryptocurrency in some jurisdictions. If you fall into the category of these countries, kindly look for alternative. 
    4. Do not go through litigation if the company is not regulated. Let it sink into your head that it is not one of the roads that would lead you home. Who do you want to maintain the action against? A ghost? You can only maintain action against a real person because of the fundamental principle of fair hearing. 
    5. This last option may be the most plausible if you can get a trusted company. There are some asset recovery companies but 80% of them are operated by scam artist. That is where the work is. Knowing where, when and how to your problem. Desperation should not even be on your heart at this point. Take a deep breath! Pray; if you are the religious type. Do your due diligence. There are a good ones that you could reach out to. PLEASE; ensure that you do not make upfront payment. That would be another scam line. There are some like TIBEX INC, AXA RADAR. Also, there is HORIZON SECURITY. None of these companies would accept your case without proof since they must obtain an authorisation from the requisite body before acting. When you go to the latter by filing through admin (at)HORIZON-SECURITY ORG, it may take some days for them to reply but you may choose to be patient. Some of their personal or tech staff left some big tech giants before joining the company and have good knowledge of operational tech models. If you have all the documents relating to your transaction, getting remedy from them could be an easy ride. Peradventure they drop your case because you do not have the requisite documents, you may contact the other two. While doing this, still maintain your action with the law enforcement agency. 
    Finally, may i advise you never to invest anymore. Learn trading if you desire money from the futures and options market. It is a very complex transaction which requires patience. In the interim, leave your money in your bank account.
    I hope you find this helpful!

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