SwissAZ Review: Dull Forex Scam

SwissAZ Review: Dull Forex Scam

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SwissAZ ( is a cruel Binary, CFDs, Crypto Currency, Forex, and Shares scam platform. Swiss AZ is professing to be a reliable, simple, and innovative trading platform. After checking with most members’ experience with this broker, a lot is to be said. These scam artists are popping up everywhere and is becoming hard to spot them. What is happening at this brokerage? Read this honest SWISSAZ Review for more details.

SwissAZ Review

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SwissAZ Review

After some members of the said platform contacted us, we had to investigate.  None of the members who reached out has been able to make any withdrawals. We will be looking at why most investors fall for sleazy scams. Professional scam artists prey on the minds of investors as they claim to have the answers to investing. Investors are promised with over the moon claims which drive them to signing up with scam artists.

What these scam artists have done with their website is clear and simple, they have cloned it. At first glance, it is easy to believe this is a genuine brokerage site. And this is what these scam artists want users to believe. Thanks to our years of trading experience, we know how to spot a scam from a mile away. SwissAZ is promising investors heaven only to deliver hell. Read this detailed review as we will be exposing all their tricks. Signing up with Swiss AZ is prohibited.

About SwissAZ

Not much information is given as to the company which is behind this scam brokerage site. What we do know is they claim to be registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. What this means is we are dealing with an offshore brokerage site. Avoid brokers whose residence  is in St. Vincent and Grenadines. It has become a haven for would-be scam platforms due to anonymity.

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Another red flag we must raise pertains to the real fraudsters behind this website. Have you noticed these scam artists have not mentioned any name? Who are the people operating and running this website? As it turns out, these scam artists have kept their names out of the soup. Afraid of receiving any backlash from authorities and victims, they hide their names. Anyone should now know these scam artists are protecting themselves. Stay away from any anonymous online entity.

Is SwissAZ licensed or registered?

We checked with major regulatory bodies to confirm their status, and SwissAZ is not licensed. Institutions we reached out to include ASIC, COSNOB, CySEC, FCA, NFA, and SEC. All these institutions have not heard or registered Swiss AZ. Operating without a license is a huge offence which is punishable by law. Whoever signs up is committing financial suicide, stay away.

Another shocking issue we have with SwissAZ is lack of any valid documentation. A real broker will post details regarding their licensing for all to see. Why have they failed to post even copies of their registration? It means we are dealing with an illicit or underground trading platform. The problem with unlicensed entities is they close shop without warning. We are sure this brokerage site will close down shop after investigations start. What’s worse is, members won’t recover their funds.

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Features of SwissAZ/ Advantages

We could not find any advantages of trading with an unlicensed entity. Why would we allow investors to sign up with a rogue platform? It is our duty to fully protect all our readers and investors from online scams. There are numerous red flags we would like to expose in regards to Swiss AZ being an illicit broker. To get the whole story, make sure you continue reading this on-point review. You should ensure you are on the lookout for any platforms with same similarities.

Disadvantages of SwissAZ

Accounts Offered

SwissAZ Accounts Offered

SwissAZ is offering users with four different account types. Accounts are named Silver, Gold, Diamond, and VIP. We have a big problem with these accounts as there is not enough information on them. What are the spread types and leverage with each account? Does trading with their accounts offer any real advantage? Why have they failed to give users a demo account on each account? Traders are signing up blindly without knowing the terms of these account types.

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Deposit and Withdrawal

SwissAZ is ensuring deposits are made easily and quickly. Investors are using MasterCard, Wire Transfer, and Visa to make deposit. A huge problem still lies with lack of withdrawal. Most members are not able to make any withdrawals.  And this is proof we are dealing with a scam outfit.

Trading Platform

MT4 is what they claim to use as their preferred mode of trading. We did a thorough background check and which we must share. Just like their website is not secure, so does their trading platform. Users will have their bank accounts swept clean by these hackers all because of an unstable platform.

Unresponsive support team

Another issue which we must raise pertains to having no live chat support. With today’s technology, you would expect any online trading platform to offer live chat support. Swiss AZ is ensuring communication is via email which is one way. It gives them a reason to choose which email to respond to. Ensure you stay away from this lame brokerage site.

Are funds safe with SwissAZ?

How can funds be safe with a broker who is anonymous and based offshore? It is also alarming that users are depositing funds straight to owner’s personal bank account. Dealing with these scam platforms leads to nothing good. Ensure you stay away from any online investment platform that lacks SSL Encryption.

Is SwissAZ a scam?

SwissAZ Trading Platform

Details clearly point out to SwissAZ being a total scam. No one can prove otherwise as these scam artists failed to respond to our emails. Mark their emails as Spam and ensure you warn your family and friends. Stay safe and use industry recommended products at all times.

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Adding this brokerage site to our scam blacklist will ensure our readers stay informed. Signing up will lead to more harm than good, stay away.

Wishing all investors a happy and prosperous trading experience.

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