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Swiss Capital Investment is a company that is operating illegally. It has no trade license and is on list of fraudulent firms.

The platform is allegedly a wealth and asset management, as well as a Forex broker. The platform assures their clients that they will have the best trading experience in the industry. Additionally, the pyramid scheme claims that they only indulge with only the best financial professionals.

Please stick with us as we expose this Ponzi scheme operation. On the other hand, you can check out the best Forex trading brokerage in the market that will give you reasonable returns.

Swiss Capital Investment Review

The company claim they deal with CFD and Forex brokers. The pyramid scheme has a various trading account that they offer their victims. Unfortunately, they do not disclose their trading condition to their clients.

If you choose this company, you will invest blindly without knowing the essential matters. The owner of the company is running it behind the scenes. There is no information regarding the company’s team or the qualification they have in the financial sector.

The data that Swiss Capital Invest provides in their platform is wanting and inadequate. The company does not offer a demo account on their website. To get the full details of their business model, you will have to call their platform.

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The scheme uses a web-based interface; they do not have the popular MT4 or MT5 platform. It does not stir trust, as most traders love these features.

Investment Plans

The company has four types of investment account that their clients can choose. They have basic, advance, expert, and capital account.

The company’s minimal acceptable deposit is 5,000 Euros. The amount is too high compared to the other platform. Usually, most legit Forex brokerage accepts a deposit of around $250.

The only reason the shady website is accepting such a higher amount is to ensure they steal as much as they can. The company offers its clients leverage of 1:200. However, keep in mind that the higher the force, the higher the risks.

Swiss Capital Investment deals with a wide range of assets. They have many CFDs, commodities, stock, cryptocurrencies, Forex, indices, and precious metals. The digital currencies that you can trade are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, and Lite-coin.

However, the platform is not the best choice when it comes to these trading instruments. The pyramid scheme charges their customers a hefty inactive charge of 10% of the money that is available in your account.

The platform also claims that the least amount of funds that you can withdraw deposit is 250 Euros. Sadly, in their investment plan section, it states otherwise. They accept funds ranging from 5,000 Euros.

The minimal amount of info that you can cash out is missing from the platform. It is a critical data that should be availed so that all potential clients can see for themselves if this is a favorable firm.

You should not risk your money by investing in Swiss Capital Investment. We are confident that this company will not be in the market for a long duration. Review, Swiss capital invest Platform

Swiss Capital Invest Regulation and Registration

Swiss Capital Invest claims that they licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under corporate number 658156. Sadly, all this information is bogus and false. Additionally, the Swiss financial regulator FINMA has also warned investors against this platform.

The FCA has issued a warning against this fraudulent firm. The pyramid scheme is using a license number of a company that has no link with them.

The shady company uses information of Swiss Capital Holding Limited, which is in Dublin. Note the difference between the two platforms. It would be easy for investors to miss the small details, and the scammers know this. Hence, they use the factor against their clients.

Swiss Capital Holding Ltd is authorized to carry out its investment services in the UK by the FCA. However, Swiss Capital Investment is operating illegally to scam innocent investors.

Not only were these professional scammers using deceptive licensing data, but they were also using detail of another regulated company. The pyramid scheme has been reported of calling investors and then referring themselves as the clone platform.

Unfortunately, you cannot file a complaint with the authority as nobody knows who they are. Investing with Swiss Capital Invest it open you to multiple risks.

Contact Details

Swiss Capital Invest proclaims that they it is registered in Dublin, and their headquarters are in London. The customer support of this Ponzi scheme has very excellent customer support services, especially when they want to milk your money.

After you deposit funds, they will keep calling assuring you of better deals. They will lose your money intentionally, then ask for more to recover your losses. Unfortunately, when you run out of the money, you become useless, and they will stop bothering you.

Be very careful when indulging with such companies. You can contact them via their telephone number or on email; 02034759837, and [email protected] respectively.

The location they have provided is false, it is to paint the right image regarding the operation. In a real sense, the company is operating from an undisclosed location.

Complaints from Investors

Some investors have already been scammed by the company. The salesperson of the company is persuasive, and they are trained, con artists.

They cold-call potential investors and convince them to venture with their platform.

Upon depositing the minimal amount that the company accepts, you will receive your earning. The salesperson will be on your case, convincing you to deposit more funds so that you can even earn more money.

When investors attempt to withdraw the cash, they will convince you to try one last profitable deal, and they will lose your money deliberately.

Swiss Capital Invest is a company that is operating illegally. The company offers lucrative programs to those that fall for their narrative, but they do not provide any financial report or previous achievements that can assist traders in making the best judgment.

The company has characteristic of Ponzi schemes, and all the indicators that we have pointed out shows they will only steal your money.

The firm has no intention of making anyone productive. It is prove that the platform cannot be trusted with investors money.

The negative reviews should keep you off their services. The company is infamous for observing a high level of anonymity. The company is run by anonymous people.

Is Swiss Capital Invest Trustworthy or Not?

The company is not trustworthy; it is a scam platform that various regulatory watchdogs have warned their citizens against venturing with them.

The company has very low ranting, primarily because they have scammed innocent users’ hard-earned money.

Swiss Capital Invest does not protect users’ funds. There is no financial institution detail on their website, which creates even more red flags.

Final Verdict

It would be best if investors keep off Swiss Capital Invest as FCA has blacklisted their company as a scam. It would be best if you only trusted Forex brokers that are regulated by either FCA, ASIC, or CySEC.

You will sleep better knowing your money is in safe hands. Swiss Capital Invest is not the best choice in the market, and you should be wary of their services. The company will only leave you high and dry when they exit the market.

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2 Replies to “ Review: Swiss Capital Invest is Scam”

  1. attenzione a capital swiss fx…personalmente non so chi sono ma la presentazione della pagina sul loro sito è molto simile a quella della ex Capital FMI che mi ha rubato un bel gruzzoletto…oggi ancora non trovo recensioni su di loro come non trovavo su Capital FMI a febbraio…Il mordi e guggi

  2. Do not put your money in Swiss Capital. At first they put interest in you and gain your trust and make you invest more. However the withdrawal is manual process and you will never be able to get you money back.

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