Taigafund Review:, a Confirmed Scam Operation

Taigafund Review:, a Confirmed Scam Operation

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Taiga Fund and a series of other scams which belong to the same network have surfaced on the internet with the intention of lying to their customers to steal their funds. The scams which are related to Taiga Fund include IndexCryptoMarket, FxBitTrade, My Crypto Invests, 247 CryptoMarket, 24CryptoFX and many others (the list is long) have come out in numbers to swindle investors on the internet. These sites are offering investment plans with big returns. They claim that they are special hedge funds that are generating returns to their investors. There is only one difference between these sites. Some pretend to be investing in Forex, Crypto currencies while others like Taiga Fund pretend that they are investing in stocks. In the real sense, no investing is going on behind the scenes.

Most of these sites look alike because they use the same themes and sometimes just a little variation. The focus of this review is on Taiga Fund. Taiga Fund claims that it is under the management of another entity known as TAIGA FUND MANAGEMENT. They also claim to be an  Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) based in Oslo and are focusing on publicly traded equities. They also claim that the company was founded in Ola Wessel-Aas and Andreas Petterøe in October 2007 but there is zero evidence that such a company exists and that it was formed in 2007.

taiga fund

In addition to this, Taiga Funds tries to claim that they are regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway. This claim is false because throughout the site, we cannot find the licensing number which proves that this operation is indeed regulated. Taiga Funds shamelessly declares that they have been recognized with numerous industry awards. These include Eurohedge, Investors Choice, NordicHedge and Emerging Managers Awards. Again, we cannot confirm these claims. So this is yet another evidence that we are dealing with a fake hedge fund manager.

Just in case you want to utilize the services of a hedge fund, our advice is that you should click here to find out what genuine hedge funds are out there.

Taiga Funds Review

This site claims that they are based in Norway. We cannot establish the truth here because even the domain is anonymously registered. It is difficult to trace details of this domain but we do understand that it is one of the many sites in the industry which intend to scam individuals. They are not regulated anywhere and all evidence even suggest that Taiga Funds is a money loser.

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The company which Taiga Fund is claiming affiliations to is not in existence. They have not given us any registration numbers and even if they did, that number would be fake.

The site where Taiga Fund is hosted at looks basic and the information which describes what they do sounds vague. We have no confidence in whatever they are saying here. Even the most foolish of investors can never fall for their presentation because apart from being too basic and vague, we realize that the site has too many red flags to be considered a genuine investment fund.

Taiga Fund also claims that they are registered with the Irish Stock Exchange where they are recognized as a company. But this too is a big fat lie. We cannot be convinced that this is the case. We have checked out their sticker on this exchange but found nothing. The more we conduct investigations to find the truth, the more we are confirming that everything that the site says is a lie.

Returns and proof of performance

Taiga Fund is a site with no past performance to verify their claims. They only tell us that we should expect high returns at the end of the day. But where is the proof? We need proof to be able to trust that they can safely handle our funds.

In this competitive industry, there needs to be something that sets them apart from the rest. This is where trading performance comes in. Taiga Fund does not show us any performance record. In fact, they never even mentioned it at all.

Who is behind Taiga Fund?

The people behind this site are anonymous. The reason is quite clear by now. With all the red flags, it only means they are up to no good. The site will just take your funds on the pretext that it is going to trade them. Eventually, you will lose your funds because there are no real traders behind the scenes.

We are sure that if Taiga Fund was doing so well and that they were experienced in trading, they would have no fear introducing their members on the site. The alleged members which we see listed on the site are not genuine, and the list is highly suspicious.

Having said that, we are warning investors not to dare send any money to these crooks. The fact that Taiga Fund is also associated with several other scams means that they are not honest.

You must never deposit

The best way to prevent scammers from stealing your money is to avoid depositing any money on their platform. And if you happen to have deposited, don’t deposit some more even when they convince you that you need to deposit some more in order to withdraw your money. These scammers have mastered the art of finding excuses for not giving you your money. They will also find many excuses as to why you should send more money in order to withdraw whatever balance you have with them.

And in some cases, a site like Taiga Fund will let you do a small withdrawal so that you can trust them with a bigger amount. When that happens, rest assured that you will lose everything.

Our best advice for you

We’ve seen these sites many times before, and some have been reviewed here too. Please invest in your own trading using appropriate tools and don’t trust thieves. We highly recommend these tools because they are the best in the industry.

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