Taurus Coin Review: Unfortunately It’s A Scam

Taurus Coin Review: Unfortunately It’s A Scam

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Taurus coin is a platform that allegedly helps you trade, stake, lend and mine a new coin called Taurus coin (TRC). We have always warned our readers against trusting these websites especially when they cover the 4 areas of investing above. 95% of these sites are scams. Taurus coin does not prove to us in any way that they are legitimate. We have looked at the whitepaper and it does very little in convincing us why we should invest in Taurus coin.

The average monthly return for those who choose to lend Taurus coin is 45%. Even the website admits that this is an unrealistic amount, yet they go ahead and list it down, saying that it is possible to achieve this return with Taurus coin lending program.

Also, it is not clear whether or not Taurus coin has already been launched. There are a few details on the site pertaining to this issue.

The website does not state when they launched their ICO. Equally, they don’t mention whether or not their ICO is in progress. But they claim that there are 41 million TRC coins so far in supply.

They allegedly have a Cryptocurrency exchange which they call Taurus exchange. You are supposed to buy and sell TRC for profit in this exchange. This exchange is allegedly facilitating trading between peer to peer.

Again, it is not clear whether Taurus Coin has sufficient trading volume to become a profitable venture for participating in.

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New Cryptocurrency trading platforms often suffer low volume of trades, which hinders the profitability of investors on the platform.

Also, Taurus Coin has already been accused of being a Ponzi scheme. So in this review, we will be looking for evidence as to whether or not Taurus Coin is a ponzi operating under the shadow of an ICO program.

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taurus coin review

Taurus Coin Review

The site is very new, and so you already know that it doesn’t have any reputation yet. It’s quite dangerous to make rush decisions when it comes to your Bitcoin and new sites.

Most of the time, new sites have gone under with investors Bitcoin. Given that Tauruscoin is not an established site, there are high chances that investors could lose their Bitcoin.

Again, when doing our analysis for this site, we observed things such as ownership, location, track record and so on.

In terms of site ownership, we find that things are getting a little bit suspicious. The owner of the site is not mentioned anywhere on the website.

That is a huge red flag which could suggest that Taurus Coin website is a scam.

While they claim to run this operation through a team of Cryptocurrency professionals, there is no mentioning the names of the people who are involved in the day-to-day running of this site.

You don’t have to wonder why this site is so discreet with critical information which investors need to know.

When a site hides this information, it means that the owner is just trying to distance themselves from taking any responsibility. They prefer to remain anonymous because their activities are not legal. They know that Taurus Coin is nothing more than a ponzi scheme. It’s a shady operation that can only thrive under the shadow of darkness.

Unfortunately, we were not able to establish the ownership of this site on too. The domain is privately registered. So we can’t know who is behind it — which further raises our suspicion.

What exactly is Taurus Coin?

Taurus Coin is a platform that is supposed to act like a Cryptocurrency exchange website. But they are also claiming that they have their own coin which they call Taurus Coin or TRC.

In the whitepaper, they claim that Taurus Coin is a unique technology which is going to disrupt the entire blockchain industry, thus influencing peer to peer and mass payments.

They claim that this is a revolutionary Cryptocurrency and an idea that is going to change the way Cryptocurrency has been handled.

Their reason for justifying this Coin is that ”traditional coins” like Bitcoin require effort to manage and maintain while their platform/coin does not require any of these.

With their coin, there is less maintenance and fees, and that these benefits often trickle down to the investor.

Finally, Taurus Coin website also claims that their platform is a sustainable economy where large volumes of coins are produced, managed and traded securely.

Taurus Coin is supposed to be the first Cryptocurrency with high value instant payment. The question is, where is Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin?

As you can see, this website is boasting that their coin will have more value and benefits that mainstream coins like Bitcoin. We wonder who can believe this nonsense.

In terms of goal or vision, this website does not clearly list down any of those.

The coin which they are calling TRC does not have any value, yet they claim that it is already high valued compared to Bitcoin or Ethereum. Those statements are far-fetched indeed. One would have a difficult time understanding how a new Cryptocurrency can have more value than a more established Crypto like Bitcoin.

It is not really possible because for one, TaurusCoin is not known anywhere in the world. Because of that, it has no value.

Investment opportunities

We wonder why a sane investor would want to purchase a valueless Cryptocurrency like Taurus Coin.

taurus coin investments

First of all, ownership of this website is not known. Secondly, they are not backed by any corporation. Instead, they are only proving to investors that they are a ponzi scheme. So who can believe this crap which they are touting on their website?

There is no security with this coin at all. In fact, you can’t even be so sure that if you send your Bitcoin, they will exchange it into a useless coin like TRC.

And now that they are only accepting payment in Bitcoin (which they had already dismissed as low valued compared to the so-called TaurusCoin), we can’t be so sure if they’ll take it and disappear. Cryptocurrency payments are irreversible. Nothing stops them from stealing your coins if they have already shown the intention to steal Bitcoin.

Our best advice for you

Apparently, there are 4 ways in which folks can invest into this scam. They can trade, mine, stake or lend.

Trading involves buying the useless coin now and selling when the ICO has come to an end. By then, they shall have launched their alleged Taurus exchange. That’s the idea.

So when you sell the coin, you’re supposed to make a profit.

You can also lend the useless Cryptocurrency and earn a monthly return on investment of 45%. You simply buy (after choosing your pack) and start earning ”guaranteed profits”.

That sounds like a promise that was made by a ponzi scheme website. We anticipated this kind of statement from a site like Taurus Coin anyway.

There is also the staking of these coins where you essentially buy as many coins as possible (to earn bigger profit), then store then in their Windows, Mac or Linux wallet.

Also, the ponzi scheme claims that people can mine Taurus Coin by investing in hardware (CPU and GPU). Please understand that this is nonsense. It’s cheap talk coming from a ponzi scheme website. Ignore and invest with these legitimate cloud mining farms. 

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6 Replies to “Taurus Coin Review: Unfortunately It’s A Scam”

  1. Well, my brother is using this coin and so far is satisfied with it. And the stupid thing is that u r asking about the owner, the Taurus coin is secure and completely anonymous for users as well as owners so there is no need to show u about owner’s description or any contact and if u see on the webiste at the end u will see the option of contact us, if anyone wants to contact they can contact their. other thing is that profit in lending u will get daily profit however it is not guaranteed that u will get the same amount every day, but u will get profit for sure up to 45% on the daily basis according to your investment plan and the profit u will get is based on the daily volatility which means value of Taurus Coin as the value of the coin changes every day and it’s a commonsense. it is such a stupidity that u are saying no one knows about it, well when the Bitcoin, Etherum, Litecoin was launched no one knows about it too, everything takes time and may be u anticipate so much that u think on befalf of the world but it is clear that there are many people in this world who surely knows about Taurus coin and uses it on daily basis and it is worth 41 million users.
    How someone can call it spam without using it or doing research. The website provides all the news that has been published that u have not read neither u have researched about it other than seeing website only.

    1. its a scam…have you guys try to pull out of taurascoin? you cant even convert it too BTC as it wont let you and its been over a month.

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