TEMCOINS Review: crypto scam unveiled!

TEMCOINS Review: crypto scam unveiled!

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TEMCOINS Review: crypto scam unveiled!


TEMCOINS ( is another HYIP scam that has hit the crypto currency industry. Go through this review and find out why TEMCOINS will drain your account.
Developers of this platform claim this investment platform rolls out massive payouts daily. We were not convinced and decided to take a closer look at TEMCOINS and find out what this HYIP is really about.

Who is the developer of TEMCOINS?


One of the red flags that stood out was that there was no developer mentioned. Questions on who runs this HYIP scam is still a mystery. When you log into their website, there’s no mention of a single person who runs or claims to own TEMCOINS. Homepage does not even mention the leadership hierarchy of this HYIP investment platform nor who owns the company.

Fact of the matter is, this is another anonymous and faceless crypto currency scam that should be avoided. If you want to get money with crypto currency, you need to invest with legitimate platforms that are recommended. You need to know who’s in charge of the platform you’re investing in. You should not give away your hard earned money to someone you don’t know. They hide their identities for one reason only, hiding from victims and law authorities.

One reason why any developer would want to remain anonymous is because they are conducting illegal activities. These crooks behind TEMCOINS simply want to run away with your money once you deposit with them. This is obvious simply because they don’t want their identities to be known. They might be open to legal repercussions for fraud and theft hence the anonymity.

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What seems to be a pesky problem is that this company does not really exist. One of the claims that this company is based in New York is a total lie. They simply have no evidence that can back up this fact. Even the address provided on the website is not real. As far as the government is concerned, this company is not registered.


We also conducted a thorough research using the registrar of companies and found that TEMCOINS is not existent. Address and phone number being posted on the homepage does not belong to this company. We tried to get a hold at anyone working with these guys but to no avail. Since the US business registry does not have this company, its safe to say TEMCOINS is a scam.

You should not be worried with such products that are floating throughout the internet. We are here to let you know that you can safely trade cryptocurrencies if you use the right channels.

Being a cryptocurrency firm, it should be registered and licensed. This company has no legal standing whatsoever simply because its not licensed. What we mean by this is that these crooks have no right to take other people’s money for any kind of investment. This company does not have the right to make an investment on behalf of any third party. This company is a fraud and should not be allowed to exist.

How does TEMCOINS generate profits?


Do you know how this HYIP investment platform generates money? Owners of this platform claim that this HYIP engages in crypto trading as well as Bitcoin mining. This all sounds good however, there’s no evidence to back this up. They don’t tell or show us how this trading or mining operation works. How about telling us who is trading on our behalf or the software they are using? No mention of this anywhere.


These scam artists don’t even tell us which coins they are trading making it more suspicious. Don’t you think this is a disaster waiting to happen?
What about Bitcoin mining they are doing? Have they told us the mining facilities involved? A legitimate platform would even share the overhead costs incurred. TEMCOINS does not indicate how much of your investment they will use for mining crypto currency. These are some of the unanswered questions that we are asking. We still have a lot more questions to ask regarding this platform.

There’s no evidence to prove that there’s any bitcoin mining going on with TEMCOINS. It makes it harder to accept that this is a legitimate HYIP platform.

You can be able to gain real profits using profitable crypto currency mining companies which will help you invest safely and help you earn a passive income that is not bloated in any way.

How about the Profit Margins?


Another red flag we spotted was the amount of profit TEMCOINS claims to generate. One of the claims they use is that if you invest with around $3000, you are guaranteed of 300% of ROI. All this in a matter of 3 hours. Who thinks that they can quadruple their investment in such a limited time? This is all false.
We can also take it further by doing a little math by ourselves. If you traded this for a whole day, this would equate to 2100% in ROI within a period of 24 hours. This is simply not possible. Wouldn’t every one be using TEMCOINS to become millionaires within months? This ROI being promised is too high to be real. This is simply dreams that can’t be achieved.

Fake Results Posted


On their homepage, when you scroll down, you will see a list of payouts. According to the website, these are payments that members have accrued since joining TEMCOINS. We have no way of verifying that this is real at all. We cannot reach any member and ask whether the claims are true. Could be that these payouts are forged and created by simply photo editing. We have seen it done in countless fake programs such as this.

We have also received numerous complaints from people who invested with TEMCOINS. Most, well all, claim to have been screwed by this HYIP platform. As far as we can tell, no one has managed to get a single penny out of this crypto scam program. You can also look on the internet and see the various claims and complaints from people all over the world.
No one has said a single positive thing about TEMCOINS. This is obvious that something shady is going on with this trading platform.

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Is TEMCOINS a Ponzi Scheme?


Without a doubt this is a one of a kind Ponzi scheme straight from the scam books. We have proved that it comes with an affiliate referral program which is simply too good to be true. With the fake promises this HYIP platform offers, it’s no wonder most people have fallen for it. This fraudsters will not hesitate to take away your money. Truth is, even if you refer someone to this platform, you will not receive a single penny.

Final Verdict for TEMCOINS



We have uncovered too many loopholes with TEMCOINS. There’s concrete proof that this is simply a scam that you should stay away from.
There are indeed legitimate and approved bitcoin products that can be used to generate a passive income. These products have been tested and proven to work well and have experienced teams behind them. There’s are platforms that make real profits through both Forex trading and Crypto System.
Stay safe and trade with the right crypto currency trading robots and see how happy it is to invest in crypto currencies.

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