Tesler 2 App Review: Relaunched Scam or $237 Per Hour?

Tesler 2 App Review: Relaunched Scam or $237 Per Hour?

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Why should you pay attention to this review? There are quite a number of reasons. First off, the new Tesler 2 app is the new version of the unimaginative scam robot called Tesla App.

The former version was launched back in 2016, and users got ripped off as a result of trusting these phony internet marketers who aggressively promoted the app using all means possible.

We dedicated our time to studying the website ( as well as the pitch video which featured a man called ”Steve Abraham”.

He claims to be the CEO of Tesler Investments, yet we could not verify the status of a company existing in the name of Tesler Investments.

Truth is; the former scam has been relaunched with a newly revamped website. This makes the product look as if the former version was successful and now the owner just released a brand new version that is more efficient and powerful than its former version.

These crooks are simply taking you for a ride. The acting is fake to begin with. What you’re seeing on the pitch video is pure acting and made-up stuff. It’s not real.

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If you want more evidence that the Tesler 2 app is pure Bullshit, here’s what you need to know:

Tesler 2 App Review: facts revealed

The Tesler 2 app would convince rookie traders who have never been conned on the internet, thanks to their sweet-talking actors and salesmen who are clearly promoting it for the sake of their bellies.

The website claims that Tesler 2 app uses cutting-edge satellite technology to help traders make life-changing amounts of money on auto-pilot.

It monitors the markets 24/7 and facilitates speedy transfer of online trading data by milliseconds. According to Tesler 2 app website, this should allow normal people like you and me to make money on auto-pilot or when they are asleep at night.

Well, life must be really good here. But remember that push-button apps that make millions in your sleep don’t exist. It’s the creation of dreamers. As an investor, you need to wake up and question whatever nonsense they are feeding you with.

‘Stephen Abraham’ and the Tesler 2 app

”Stephen Abraham” ought to have polished his acting skills before going in front of the camera.

tesler 2 app actor for a CEO

This pitch video simply embarrasses him because he talks things that can easily be verified as lies.

For example, he makes a ludicrous assertion that he is one of the former Wall Street investors who quit in order to make a life of his own — through creating a robot that people could use to make money while trading Binary options.

His lies are very transparent. He mentions that he used to be known by the secret nickname of ‘The Midas’ among his circles at Wall Street.

Why does he claim that he is the real Midas? Well, he figures that associating himself with the mythical personality would automatically give him the power to convince people that he is really generous and does not want anything back in exchange for his software — Tesler 2 app.

Rest assured that Wall Street has never had someone with that nickname. If this was true, he would be a prominent personality.

In the world of stock investments, reputation matters, and reputations are built using solid career profiles.

Therefore, his online presence would have spread beyond the boundaries of Wall Street activities.

Funny enough, we could not locate any investor with the name ”The Midas”. So this is made up stuff — just like I mentioned earlier.

A second background check was conducted on the alleged company known as Tesler Investments. We found nothing. This company has never been registered anywhere. It’s only a creation of scammers who come up with funny narratives to promote scams like Tesler 2 App.

There’s a possibility that these crooks wanted to associate this app with the famous car manufacturer Tesla. The name Tesla belongs to a famous scientist and an inventor.

Therefore, if you searched for Tesler or Telsa and were not aware of the correct spelling, you’d easily get convinced that Tesler 2 app is genuine.

What we can tell you for sure is that Telser Investments is a fake company. Mr. Stephen Abraham is an actor and a fantasy CEO. Shame on him.

Bogus earning claims

Did you get the part that said that Tesler 2 app makes $237 per hour?

tesler 2 app scam

You surely can’t miss it because it is written with big letters where everyone can see on top of the video.

In another part, Tesler website also claims that you can earn $208 per hour in your country (they use a Geo-location widget) to create a local presence. This kind of thing is used by many internet marketers because it creates a local feel, thus elevating the trust of potential users.

It would be crazy and insane to trust that these earning claims are real. We’ve already seen that Tesler 2 app was created by someone who uses a fake CEO and company to mislead traders into signing up for a scam.

These earning projections are simply ridiculous. I have never heard or used a trading system that makes $200 per hour.

All you need to do with this rogue website is to invest $300 with their mysterious brokers so that you can begin making $5,000 a day.

That sounds too good to be true. And we hate to tell you the truth that this is absolute nonsense.

There is no way a scam can generate those earnings. Even legitimate binary options trading systems don’t produce abnormal profits. Anyone who claims otherwise is therefore a big liar and a charlatan.

Another interesting take from the Tesler 2 scam website is that they limit single trades to the value of $85. However, when you watch the video clip, you are shown trade samples from past performance data (which is obviously fake). Even then, most of these positions were worth +$200.

During the video, we also detected that whoever was behind this acting had poor Photoshop skills. The acting and fabrication was obvious, and could not be used to deceive investors.

If you blindly take a chance with the Tesler 2 app website, you will have kissed your funds goodbye because that is the last time you will see that money.

Fake testimonials to support Tesler 2 app website

This website writes its own testimonials to fool traders. Apart from that, they use actors on the video to endorse a false product that they have never used in their life.

A clever combination of Fiverr performers and stolen images make up the profiles of the alleged users of Tesler 2 system. Chances are that the ”CEO” was also sourced from Fiverr.

Our Best advice for you

I believe that you read this Tesler 2 app review because you are a sensible trader who doesn’t want to get scammed.

So the first thing you should do is to check out this list of legitimate binary options robots. Pick any of the robots that seem attractive to you.

As for the Tesler 2 app, you should know that this is the work of scammers. It was recycled by its owner who hopped that he would win the heart of a greater fool. Sure, this might happen because no lie is too small to convince people. Just stay away from this horrible app and you will not get scammed.

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  1. Ich verstehe nicht ganz,weil ist der Tesler nicht registriert irgendwo?So ja oder nicht?Kann mann nichts machen gegen diese Kriminaletat??sehr doof,wen jemand aus hunger bei lidle kuche in der ta**e stackt wirdt sofort politzei angeruffen und diese leute klauen miljarden von ganze werlt

  2. Betr. Deposit $98.591, Mail vom16.02.19 19,39h, erbitte näher Angaben über Teilnahme, (Keon Mobiltelefon) Verlauf Automatisch /oder Roboter

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