The Binary Destroyer Review: Scam or Safe?


The Binary Destroyer Review: Scam or Safe?

The Binary Destroyer is a  binary options platform and also a signal provider that claims to have profiting trade signals. The company works with the MT4 trading platform, which is a well-established platform.

A section on the website shows two investors created the company had been trading binary stocks for an extended period. They also claim to have dealt with many signal providers over the past years, and they boast of having the experience that is required to generate profits for investors.

The platform claims that its owned and operated by Binary Destroyer LTD, and the creator of the platform is Jamie Palma, who partners with Michael vert. The two claim to have the knowledge that is required to generate maximum profits for investors through their trading strategies, which they do not list anywhere in the platform.

The Binary Destroyer Review, Platform

We are even not sure their names are real, and as you read this review further will touch on some of the reasons why you should not trust this company with your money. The owners of the software claim that they have been in the market for 12 years and that through their strategies, they’ve been able to maintain a constant profit. Therefore they saw the need for sharing this to benefit other clients. Review

The Binary Destroyer claim it can be used for long term benefits on the MT4 platform. The method of operation in this investment firm is shady, and you should only invest with legit companies that are profitable and lower the risk of losses that you encounter while trading.

The platform is missing some of the essential information that is essential when choosing a legit investment firm. The company only talks about the pricing of their software, yet they recorded in use to generate the profit returns are not known.

Legit investment firms will always let you know the kind of pairs they are trading and the profitability rate and also the risk percentage if possible. The platform owners only talk of price action company, yet they do not speak more of the indicator and how they come up with the signals.

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They use stock images as owners of the platform, and we checked for their names all over social media to see if they’re associated with any trading and the result of shocking. The two alleged owners of the platform are just made up to hide their shady business and look legit.

We also found out that they have  Facebook videos, and they also have a YouTube channel where they talk more about the platform. Investors are also promised one-on-one trading and video tutorials and also a coach to help you in making the right decisions while trading.

How long the signals take to expire is not mentioned anywhere in the platform, and if you have to trade the signals immediately is also not known. The minimum investment amount that you can deposit in the platform is €100, and they accept various methods of payment.

The price seems reasonable, but do not be so quick to deposit a single coin in this investment firm because there is no evidence of an individual investor seen to benefit from the platform. Moreover, signal providers need to estimate how long their signals last.

The company guarantees investors a 95% winning rate and that the return result is constant, and this for any investor who has experience in the trading world will realize the murkiness behind the statement.

Legit platforms will promise you minimal risk investment, and also the winning rate is not constant and may vary from time to time. Therefore promising investors’ regular return rates are impossible to achieve, and this creates doubt in the Investment firm.


The company uses the reviews that only talk of massive returns that investors have been able to generate without any link to the company. These alleged happy investors claim to have benefited from the trade signals. We found out that these names of these clients are just made-up.

Scammers will always use this kind of marketing strategy to try and prove legitimacy in the platform. This investor does not even know of the company’s existence, and their names are used against their will and also their pictures.

Multiple complaints have been raised, and you should see this as red flags to prevent you from depositing a single coin in this investment firm. Some angry investors claim to have lost much money from this investment firm expecting returns that they never receive.

Funds Safety

The Binary Destroyer is not a company that you should trust with your money because you’ll be trading with a platform that is not transparent. Furthermore, there is no evidence of any past trade transactions that the company has been able to provide to ensure your money is going to benefit you.

The company expects you to pay through various methods such as PayPal MasterCard, among others, yet they do not offer any banking information that they operate with and you do not know how your money is going to be used to generate profits; this is a warning sign for you not to waste a single dime while awaiting benefits.

Contact Support

The Binary Destroyer has no contact support that you can use to reach them just in case you require assistance. However, legit investment firms always offer you working contact support and quick response regarding your query.

Scammers will always use false contact information and email support that is not still working, whereas for legit companies, the contact is always working, and these boost your confidence with the company.


There is no regulation data that has been availed in the platform, and you can prove this because no evidence of the same has been provided to investors. Legit companies that are regulated will always showcase evidence of the same on their website.

However, Ponzi schemes will always use fake incorporation certificate or try and confuse you by providing registration documents instead of regulatory data. The founders of the platform risk facing criminal prosecutions and massive lawsuits for operating illegally.

Final Verdict

The Binary Destroyer is operating illegally and generating money from the public without following The strict measures that have been set to prevent the public from scammers. Ponzi schemes never produce legit information of the company owners, and they use stock images on their websites, and the same characteristics are visible in this company.

There are legit investment firms that provides best signal services you should trust they always focus on transparency, and you can easily reach them through the contact support system. Furthermore, you require evidence of past transactions that have been completed to decide to deposit your money on any platform.

How long the signals take before expiring in this company is not known in this is a major red flag. Transparency is essential in any legit investment firm; this proves that you will benefit profitably.

Moreover, you’re not aware of the kind of investment returns you will receive from venturing in this company and also the type of trade signals they focus with. There are few customers complains that they have lost money from this investment firm, and the situation is not likely to change once you fall for their catch and deposit money in The Binary Destroyer.


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  1. your a**essment here could not be more wrong. Does not provide a signal service, absolutely shows the various strategies in use, Jamie is heavily prevalent on Facebook and youtube, the website is actually, there is definately help and contact details. Not a funded service, 100% up to the individual how and what they trade. It is a 1 time fee for lifetime access and updates.

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