The Bitcoin Challenge Review – Scam Doesn’t Deserve your Money

The Bitcoin Challenge Review – Scam Doesn’t Deserve your Money

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When pure malice is the true intent for someone who is promoting a Crypto trading software on the internet, there is always a 100% chance that you will lose money, thanks to their collaboration with rogue offshore brokers who won’t hear any of your complaints once you’ve made a deposit.

The Bitcoin Challenge is one of those scams. It was designed by greedy internet marketers who don’t have your best interest at heart. It’s a get-rich Crypto scam that will leave you broker after spending a minimum of $250 and leaving with nothing thereafter.

If you’re an opportunity seeker on the internet who has some money to spare, please direct your investment to a safer place. You can sign up here if you want to make money with Cryptocurrency investing.

It emerges that the Bitcoin Challenge is very similar to a program which we reviewed here a while ago. There is no significant difference between the Bitcoin Challenge and the the Crypto Shield program because both are scams.

The greatest challenge here is how to avoid getting scammed by these crooks. The greatest challenge is for some people to get convinced that no matter how genuine this looks, it is still a scam that takes advantage of the fact that many people are still ignorant about Bitcoin investing.

This review was published to enlighten anyone who initially thought that the Bitcoin Challenge was a legit offer. It’s not, and here is our take on this.

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The Bitcoin Challenge review

When you visit the website at, the first thing you will see is the promise that this app makes $1000 every hour. Yes, this is $1000 every hour. It’s not a typo.

Now, you can always ask yourself: is making $1000 per hour realistic? Is it even possible with Cryptocurrency trading or mining for that sake?

We all need to be reasonable enough to see that this is a scam, and the signs are written all over the website. In fact, the Bitcoin Challenge is just a blatant scam because they disregarded the fact that experienced investors would come to this website and reveal the truth to others who aren’t aware of the fact that this is a get-rich quick Crypto scam.

To unlock your copy of this amazing trading system, the Bitcoin Challenge, one needs to sign up with their name and email. No money is needed to obtain a copy of this software since it’s free.

That does not sound very convincing. If this software was making $1000 per hour, it would attract a premium price tag. In fact, nobody would be giving it away for free. It’s like you own a Goose that lays golden eggs and you’re thinking that you can give it away for free? It’s dumb, and it doesn’t even make sense to give it away and for free.

So this is clearly a scam that insults your intelligence. They are obviously targeting a naive audience who has never lost money to these Bitcoin scams.

Oh, the Bitcoin challenge program is even giving away a free eBook on how to get started with Bitcoin. That’s an incentive for using their program to trade Cryptocurrency. Do you think that this eBook is any valuable?

We think it’s not. We think that it only contains generic information that can be found everywhere else on Google. If you’re intending to use this software just because you want this eBook, you better find that information elsewhere and for free — without being forced to sign up to some scam software in order to access that information.

We checked the sales page and the video presentation too. It was too similar to what we saw with the Bitcoin Code scam. In fact, we were made to believe that the Bitcoin Challenge is a replica of the Bitcoin Code. They just copied everything else from that website and only gave it a new name.

Their social media profiles

When you scroll downwards on the website of the Bitcoin Challenge, you will come to their supposed social media profile where alleged users are giving their testimonials and feedback concerning this software.

the bitcoinchallenge fake facebook

The first thing to know is that these social media profiles are fake as well. Those users don’t exist. If they did, we could just click their names and the system would lead us to their various social media pages on Facebook and Twitter.

The fact that those social media users can’t be traced is a sign that the Bitcoin Challenge is a scam.

How it works

There is this talk that scams in this industry love very much. The phrase ”massive data crunching mainframes” is something which they can’t resist using.

This is the case with the Bitcoin Challenge too. They claim that their system uses massive data crunching mainframes to analyze the Bitcoin market 24/7.

They claim that the average Joe is able to receive an automated slice of the 7.8 trillion dollars market, thanks to their advanced trading strategies.

The fact of the matter is that this phrase really means nothing. Don’t be too intimidated.

Also, there is no evidence that the Bitcoin Challenge is currently working with some 500 industry experts. That’s not true in fact.

The only truth that we have here is that this website is a solo-man operation where naive investors are asked to fund their broker account, ultimately losing that money to a trading software that randomly selects trades.

Another important thing to take note of

Now that they are making it a guarantee that you will earn $1000 every hour with this software, have you read their risk disclaimer?

You’ll be shocked that things are not as you had expected. All of a sudden, the story changes. The very same people who claim that you will make 1k every hour are now warning you that you will lose all your investments, and that you should be very careful when trading with the Bitcoin Challenge.

Most people who get scammed tend to miss this part. It’s in the fine print at the footer of the site, and that means it’s easy to ignore it.

Fake testimonials

Fake testimonials will always be a part of scams, and this one is not an exception.

the bitcoin challenge actor

Joanne Bowyer (the woman you see in the fake Facebook page) is an Indian actor. They just stole her picture and decided to use it for purposes of promoting this app. The same applies to any other person that is alleged to have used this software in the past. These people are not real. Their photos were stolen on the internet without their consent.

Our best advice for you

You want to lose money? There are several ways to do so. But the quickest way of all is to use the Bitcoin Challenge because it’s designed to steal in the most unethical of ways.

Do not believe the nonsense that this website is trying to peddle around. A man doesn’t gain anything by giving out a treasure for free. Instead, he loses the whole world. A person can only give out something that seemingly looks profitable because they only want to scam you, not because they want to help you.

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