The Bitcoin Club Is Scam – Read this Review

The Bitcoin Club Is Scam – Read this Review

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There’s a new wave of bitcoin scam that misuses the concept of crypto-currency trading in the most dishonest of ways. Last time we reviewed Bitcoin Trader, and we found out that it was just another silly scam intended to rip off investors.

Keep in mind that during the same month, we also reviewed two scams of such kinds, namely the Bitcoin Millionaire and the Bitcoin Code.

So we are at it again, discussing the Bitcoin Club because it is of similar nature to the ones we just mentioned above. In fact, we strongly believe that these scams are operated by one person who thinks that making money by defrauding investors is a lucrative business.

The Bitcoin Club presentation was very short at the time of writing this review. The sales page only consists of a video with a few quotes here and there about crypto-curency trading.

This website has the same exact layout and content as those which are found on the various sites hosting the aforementioned scams above.

The Bitcoin club simply preaches the message of turning people into Bitcoin millionaires. They claim that this ‘unique’ app will literally turn you into a millionaire because it earns hundreds of dollars by the hour.

? ***Want to earn money with Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies without the pain and hassle of learning to trade from scratch? Imagine if you could trade and get regular results with profitable performance! Are you tired of the forex and crypto scams, false promises and games out there designed to separate you from your hard-earned funds? If any of that rings true with you, then STOP EVERYTHING. ProfitFarmers is for you! With their software working as your Crypto Co-Pilot, YOU remain as the Pilot with total control over your money, 100% of the time. ProfitFarmers is a trading tool that combines artificial intelligence with the expertise of veteran traders to deliver high-probability trade plans right into your hands. There’s no need to spend hours trying to figure out what to trade!
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PS: ProfitFarmers is a Trading Tool. Your money ALWAYS remains in your Binance wallet, never on ProfitFarmers. 100% Verified and Recommended by

We are opposed to this lie. So we have to expose them by first mentioning the most important things and proving our points with nothing but facts.

The Bitcoin Club review

The Bitcoin Club Review

The entire website and content found therein is pure nonsense. We have never heard or seen a copy-cat website that spills BS like this particular one.

Yes, the other Bitcoin scams also tend to dwell on the same message, same website layout and even same actors. However, this kind of laziness is just too much to fathom.

The Bitcoin Club is of course free. You literally pay nothing to gain access to secrets that only Bitcoin Millionaires know. It’s just too good to be true. In fact, these promises only make this opportunity look suspicious. Let’s go ahead and expose these scammers for what they are.

The Bitcoin Club software

By the way, we started this review with accusations. We never mentioned the product description. Now, this is a good chance to try and describe what this product is according to the sales page.

Well, the Bitcoin Club is a binary options robot that trades crypto-currencies only. If you’re into trading digital coins, then this one belongs to you.

Also, if you’re in the mood of making free Bitcoin money, this software is for you.

Anyway, that is how this trading system is being introduced. The reality is that it is a money-sucking system. It will just take your money and trade it with a scam broker. Once that happens, the two parties will smile on their way to the bank while you curse the day you were born.

We feel that this scam is also quite manipulative. See, they know that crypto-currency is volatile and best for trading if you have a working strategy. They know that this volatility can make you thousands of dollars in a relatively short time (that is if you have the right strategy).

The problem is that the Bitcoin Club is not that strategy. They are only taking advantage of the fact that crypto-currency trading is profitable and that many investors would want to try their luck on it.

Fake testimonials

We excepted that a ‘millionaire trading system’ like the Bitcoin Club would be very popular by now. In fact, their servers would have been jammed due to the crazy traffic that ”netizens” would be sending to that site just to get a piece of the pie.

Consequently, this would mean social mentions and forum exposure because once people pick up an opportunity like this on the web, they often spread the word out there, some seeking opinions while others telling their success stories with the so-called ”the Bitcoin club”.

However, this would also mean no fake testimonials or reviews, right?

The saddest truth is that the website of the Bitcoin Club is using fake testimonials to tell lies. Why are they doing this?

Well, first, they are intending to get more users who will pay $250 to get scammed. Secondly, no real user would utilize this trading system to make a profit. So the easiest way to promote it is to resort to some unethical means of marketing on the web.

The section of the website named ”our happy club members” is where the nonsense begins. All the faces you see here are stock photos. Let’s take the example of this Asian man from Singapore (they claim so). If you search his image on Google, you will discover that he is a stock photo from a website called iStock.

testimonial for the bitcoin club

The same applies to all other faces which you see in this section of the website. It’s all about fake success stories which are obviously meant to create a false perception of success.

What you get inside this software

Believe it or not, this software is a white label that everyone can buy and use for malicious purpose on the web, including stealing banking information.

Bitcoin Club whitelabel

We checked it out using our own tricks and discovered that it us the same thing that was repackaged and sold as Liberty BTC system and the Infinity app.

At this point in time, you must know that this scam white label is widely used on the internet. Many people have fallen victims to this robot under various logos. They simply repackage it and sell it as a brand new trading algorithm.

What they intend to do to traders who will ignore our recommendations

Once you agree to their nonsense, they will send you to a CFD stock broker in the name of opening a brokerage account on the internet.

The first thing is that this brokerage website is not registered, so you literally have zero chance of recovering your money.

Please note that you will not have a choice but to activate the Bitcoin Club using $250. There is no testing or trying it for free. That would not be good for the scammers.

Anyway, once you send the money and hit ‘auto-trade’, the magic will happen. Sometimes the software will start trading even if you don’t push that button (as long as you have money in your trading account).

It will literally gamble all your money. We are sure that you will complain to them after going through this experience. Now, broker will get back to you via email telling you that when you agreed to their terms and conditions, you were literally saying that you are okay with losses that could potentially come from your trading activities.

Sending an email to the guys at Bitcoin Club will do nothing because they are paid when they refer a new depositor to their broker of choice. Don’t expect any reply from them by the way.

Our best advice for you

The Bitcoin club is total nonsense. If you insist on using it, please do so at your own risk. Otherwise, you can always use these recommended binary options trading systems. We are advising you to use them because we have tried, tested and established that there is no monkey business involved. It’s just plain reasonable profits.

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6 Replies to “The Bitcoin Club Is Scam – Read this Review”

  1. Ecco perchè sconsiglio altamente questo gruppo “Bitcoin3X”:
    ● Insegnano strategie fallimentari nel mondo delle criptovalute portando ad ingenti perdite (nel mio caso -400$).
    ● Nel loro sito appare lo slogan “O guadagni o è gratis” entro 14 giorni (prima erano 10 giorni, poi si sono resi conto di non essere in regola con la legge e hanno modificato) quando ti dicono di fare esercitazioni su excel per le prime due settimane (in modo tale che poi quando operi realmente, se perdi non puoi chiedere il rimborso dell’abbonamento).
    ● Mi hanno risposto scortesemente (per non dire altro) a delle contestazioni lecite sul gruppo facebook a pagamento. Dopo queste contestazioni si sono aggiunti a mio sostegno altri membri i quali sono stati sbattuti fuori.
    ● sono stato espulso dal gruppo pubblico facebook e bloccato mentre ero un loro regolare membro pagante.
    ● Gruppo a pagamento pa**ato da 1000 a 700 persone in pochissimi giorni (indice di insoddisfazione generale).
    ● Richiesto il rimborso PayPal contattando il venditore il quale dopo una settimana non mi ha risposto, ho quindi dovuto riscrivere e ho aspettato altri due giorni, ma ancora non ho rivevuto alcuna risposta (dimostrando la scarsa professionalità)
    ● Sono stato accusato di “estorsione” (!) perchè gli dissi che li avrei recensiti negativamente in base alla mia personale esperienza.
    A voi le conclusioni.

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