The Bitcoin Profits Plan Review – The Cheap Bitcoin Scam

The Bitcoin Profits Plan Review – The Cheap Bitcoin Scam

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The Bitcoin Profits Plan is presented by two anonymous people known as Robert Corrigan and Barry Joyce. We are told that the Bitcoin Profits Plan is a system that is supposed to help you build multiple BTC income streams from your portfolio. This system allegedly needs a small investment to let you magically grow your income in Bitcoins. Is this real? That you can only invest a small amount of money ($17) to be rich?

We have always suspected these kinds of programs to be scams because they present nothing to the table. They are only full of empty promises, and most of the time they are owned and operated by fake Bitcoin gurus who will tell you the price of Bitcoin is rising and you can make a lot of money from the charts.

These fake investment gurus do not want to say the truth because if they tell you the truth, you will not buy their product. The Bitcoin Profits Plan is therefore quite suspicious, and we are going to take a careful look at it to see whether it’s worth investing a few bucks into this plan or not.

The Bitcoin Profits Plan review

There are many wrong things with this website, and that’s one problem that we have with it. When we look at the site, we find many misleading statement. If you are financially inexperienced, they may give you false hope which will result in a big loss. You must understand that there is nothing in this world like free Bitcoin, Free money etc. You should stop believing in free money because this kind of greed is the reason people lose money on the internet to scammers.

You must understand that Bitcoin is a currency, and for that reason, it has a value. It is like saying that someone can give you free money. Currency is not given or exchanged for free. If you want to make Bitcoin, you must earn it through trading or mining. Both options involve some form of prior investment into the project in order to acquire the Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Profits Plan

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So clearly you can can see that Bitcoin is never free. If it were free, it would be valueless. But as we all know, BTC has some value. Even if you were to mine it with the platforms above, guess what? You’d still incur costs in terms of hardware maintenance and electricity. These are real costs. For those who want to trade it, they must invest in proper trading software to be able to do so successfully. There is no shortcut.

Exchanges have no free Bitcoin

As we have said before, the Bitcoin Profits Plan has many problems and you need to be aware of them so that you won’t get scammed for believing on something that does not exist. They are showing us exchanges like Coinbase and trading platforms like IQ Option and claiming that we can get free Bitcoins from these platforms.

This is quite misleading, and it’s crystal clear that the person who is being targeted here is the naive investor. Brokers or Bitcoin exchanges do not give away free Bitcoin. You can buy or trade it from them. But you can never have free Bitcoins from these platforms. Therefore, you can clearly see that this website is quite misleading and manipulative. It tells one lie after the other so that you can be mislead.

Robert Corrigan and Barry Joyce

To know that this thing belongs to scammers, all you have to do is consider the owners behind the operation – the Bitcoin Profits Plan. These two guys are anonymous and quite mysterious. When you start to consider their identity, you will even be less convinced that this thing is real. Corrigan has been selling fake products on the web. He has a history of doing so. He has sold more than 10 fake digital products on the internet claiming that these products will help you build a successful business. It appears that all of them have now failed and you now have to experiment with his latest product, the Bitcoin Profits Plan. He simply gathers free information on the web, spice them up with lies before creating an ebook which can be sold for cheap. This is what he has been doing all this while. And it seems he makes a couple of bucks by misleading naive internet users who think that there is something called free Bitcoin.

Little is known about Barry his partner. But we do believe that he is a fake internet marketer because nothing is known about him. These scammers can do anything to earn money. So don’t be surprised that they even gave us a fake name for purposes of marketing their digital products.

Should you consider the Bitcoin Profits Plan or is it a scam?

Due to its cost effectiveness, many people would be tempted to try this plan to see how good it can be. After all, the plan sounds very convincing even if it tells misleading statements.

The first thing you have to know is that when someone tells you that you can earn free Bitcoins, they are liars who probably want to steal from you. That is the same predicament that certain websites have suffered. They do not tell their audience the truth. Instead, they tell them that they can earn free Bitcoin, and this is something that is quite misleading.

Secondly, the owners of this program have a history of selling fake digital products that never work. They keep selling fake products. So if you buy the Bitcoin Profits Plan, you will lose the few bucks which you have invested into it.

Our best advice for you

Since the presentation of the Bitcoin Profits Plan is quite misleading, our best advice for you would be to avoid it at all cost because clearly the person who is responsible for these lies is targeting something that you probably don’t know. Having said that, just trade Bitcoins to earn decent amounts of Bitcoins.

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