The Crypto Edge System Review: Fresh Scam

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The Crypto Edge System Review: Fresh Scam

The Crypto Edge System is a disappointing software. The anonymous operators have resorted to using shady and deceptive marketing tactics that will eventually lead to huge losses. The Crypto Edge System website was put together by someone with very little knowledge of Cryptocurrencies and how they work. They keep screaming Cryptocurrency trading yet there is no substantial evidence to suggest that the Crypto Edge System is a cutting-edge tool for trading Cryptocurrencies.

Once we had assessed the site and analyzed every red flag, it was time to write this Crypto Edge System review. What we have published here is inspired by facts and evidence. Our verdict is that this software is shady. It does not appear to have what it takes to succeed in making the alleged $700 per day profit.

Let’s dig further into this matter. Don’t be surprised if more question marks arise in the process.

Crypto Edge System review

The Crypto Edge System is a trading program that also comes with a free ebook. The software costs nothing to acquire. It is really difficult to believe that a free robot can have all the premium features which the anonymous owner of this website is boasting of.

They claim that the world is leaping forward in terms of technology, and that their mission is to help the average trade succeed in a fast-paced world.

They also claim that the Crypto Edge System is a high profiting yet free software to use. Those two phrases don’t convince at all.

Free tools like the Crypto Edge System will never make it. If you’re thinking that trading Cryptocurrencies and making profits with such a tool is a reality, you should be in for a surprise. This is too good to be true. You shouldn’t expect to make a lot of money for free and for doing nothing. We should probably keep things realistic.

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The Crypto Edge System is hyped for the sake of marketing it to the masses. Inside the software lies an empty shell.

cryptoedge system review

It does not matter whether or not it is easy to access this software from any computer or device. This is the standard in the 21st century. All software are required to conform with mobile standards. That is not a unique feature anymore.

They also claim that beside the Crypto Edge System working to only identify profitable Cryptocurrency trades, the software is also backed by ”expert traders and analysts who work round the clock to support their users. The question is, how exactly are they paying these ”professional traders” if this package is supposed to be distributed for free?

We shall get into that shortly. For now, let’s focus on the alleged features of the Crypto Edge System. They claim that it uses arbitrage trading strategies. But it also seems that whoever wrote these things does not understand what arbitrage trading is. This is because after listing the title with reference to arbitrage trading, the crook went ahead to claim that they will offer safe and profitable trading because there are 500 developers and expert strategy traders working for this platform.

They did not elaborate on what arbitrage strategies they were using. In fact, this section of the website is totally irrelevant.

Arbitrage trading is basically the act of buying low from one broker and selling high at another broker. With respect to this, we expected them to explain what strategies they were using and which brokerages or exchanges they were investing with.

So far, that information has not been published anywhere on the site. But they are of course expecting beginners to believe that they are real expert traders who have mastered the art of trading with finesse.

How it works

The website claims that this app uses blockchain technology to deliver 99,7% win rate. Isn’t this a big lie? In fact, this statement isn’t making any sense. How is using blockchain technology related to Cryptocurrency trading? That’s a question that we have not gotten an answer to.

Such explanations might suggest that whoever owns this website has no idea what they are talking about. They are vague because they don’t know any other way to explain their scam project. Keep on eye on them because they are liars, and they are likely to convince those who are not familiar with these tricks.

Developers and expert traders behind this system

It’s one thing to make these claims but it is another to prove that you actually work with developers and expert traders.

According to the website of the Crypto Edge System, there are 500 staff members working for this platform. That is a little bit far-fetched because from what we have seen, these crooks can never afford to employ one expert trader, let alone 10, 20 or 500 of them.

The other thing is that these staff members are anonymous as they were mentioned in the passing. We do not know their names, and that means verifying their alleged prowess is an exercise in futility.

The truth remains that any vendor who is not willing to prove such a statement is a big liar.

The Crypto Edge System is a one man operation. That one man operation is not willing to disclose the identity of the person involved. These details cannot even be gathered from platforms like because the crook just went there and purchased premium features which allows them to conceal their identity.

Profit estimates

There are claims that the Crypto Edge System makes $700 per day. However, the entire website also puts more emphasis on how this trading robot is making huge profits.

First of all, they have not told us how much a trader should part with in order to make the alleged $700 per day. The other thing is that this amount is so high. No trading robot can generate such returns in a short period of time. If this was true, we bet that they would not be sharing this app with you. Why do they need you anyway if they have an app that generates $700 per day on auto-pilot? You have to think about it.

False ratings and endorsement

The Crypto Edge System has allegedly been rated and endorsed by various people in the Cryptocurrency trading community. They also claim that they have been endorsed by various financial news outlets on the internet. Unfortunately, these sources have not been named. The so-called expert Cryptocurrency traders have not been mentioned anywhere, hence it’s quite difficult to verify these statements.

We believe that such an endorsement would be a moment to recon for the owner of this software. They would be screaming it all over their site. They would be citing sources and even giving us links back to the articles or videos where this software was mentioned or endorsed.

Unfortunately, nothing of this nature has happened. We are forced to believe that the Crypto Edge System is a hoax. If you want to live a lie and get scammed, go ahead and subscribe to a useless trading app.

Our best advice for you

The Crypto Edge System is a clever scam robot. You cannot make a dime with this software. If you want to know which robots work, you better visit this link which will take you to our page of trusted altcoins trading robots.

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