The Crypto Genius Review: Avoid This Scam Please!

The Crypto Genius Review: Avoid This Scam Please!

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The Crypto Genius software is all about instant wealth creation. All members allegedly make $5900 in 24 hours. Others are even making more than this. Those who joined last week have allegedly bought beach-front mansions, and are going around the globe enjoying the good life.

And of course the Crypto Genius software is free to use. You only need a free email account to get started. Nevertheless, if you don’t take action immediately, you’ll end up losing the opportunity to join their 10,000 already registered members.

This is because there are only 6 beta spots left. While still at it, the website keeps receiving hundreds of visitors every hour. But somehow, the 6 slots never get filled up. It’s like these people are visiting the site and deciding not to opt in. Or better still, this is fake traffic.

There is no way a website owner will display the size of their traffic for other visitors to see. This might only happen because they are marketing to their visitors. But most of the time, a legitimate website won’t see the need to display their traffic.

And it’s also possible that we are dealing with fake traffic here.

The Crypto Genius software is just another freaking lie, and the motive is to steal your money. Specifically, they want to steal your $250, just the same way traditional binary options software that scam people have always done.

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So, what’s up with the Crypto Genius software? Do we blacklist it straight away? Of course yes. But let us present our case with facts and evidence before sending it to the blacklist.

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The Crypto Genius software review is the domain name of this scam. The project is presented by someone called ”Chris Peterson”.

This guy’s real name has been hidden for purposes of acting. We all know it. And now there are so many scamming variables on this website. It confirms our suspicion.

The fact of the matter is that Crypto Genius software is a dubious app. The website is characterized by falsified information which is clearly aimed at misleading anyone who will believe that quick wealth can be amassed through this software.

The Crypto Genius software is designed to steal money from victims who fall for their tricks. But for them to achieve this mission easily, they have to make use of actors and lots of lies to hypnotize those who will dare listen to their dubious stories.

Honestly, it sounds like fairy tale when you imagine that this website can make you $5,900 every day on auto pilot, and that now you have the power and means to travel to your favorite holiday destination because money isn’t a problem.

No one can believe this crap. And even if you pretend that you do believe what these internet crooks are saying, your conscience will always put you in a state of doubt. We don’t want our audience to fall for such scams anymore.

thecryptogenius review

So, what exactly is the Crypto Genius software according to this website?

According to the site, the Crypto Genius system is an automatic trading system that turns people into millionaire in a span of just weeks.

If you can make $5,900 per day, how much do you think you will make in 8 weeks for example? A lot of money, isn’t it?

This is clearly a get-rich quick scheme because the presentation says it all. And if you still doubt it, listen to their stories a little bit more.

According to this website, the Crypto Genius is the underground secret of the elite. And if you use this software, you will be using a trading robot with the most sophisticated trading algorithm in the world. This is supposed to win you a spot among wealthy people who make 1% of the world’s population.

These lies are clearly outrageous. And the problem is that new traders keep falling for these scams on a daily basis. Everyone wants easy money without risking anything, and that’s exactly what the Crypto Genius is promising.

The other problem is that if you fall for these promises, then the ultimate thing is going to happen — you shall lose all your money. When that happens, the scammers will ignore you completely because that’s what they’ve been doing in the past.

These false promises have simply polluted the trading industry. There is no such thing as 100% winning software. If you still believe in this myth, then you’re most likely going to lose your money to these websites some day.

Now, we would like you to ask yourself this question: If this software was really able to make 6K every 24 hours, do you think these people would give it out for free? It is highly unlikely.

Who’s the creator of The Crypto Genius?

There is an introduction video on the homepage which supposedly introduces the founder of this software. This dude is called ”Chris Peterson”.

Is Peterson a real person or is he using an alias name to fool his audience? Can you trust him with your money?

Not at all. This guy cannot be trusted for the simple fact that he is an actor that was hired to spit lies on camera.

The real owner of this website is a thief, which is why he is working with fake characters and stock photos as well. The real owner of this site lacks transparency. He is not an honest person. And if he can use aliases to introduce a product, how much more can he lie about other matters?

This is a big red flag. We don’t think anyone will be willing to place money in the hands of this pathological liar.

The fake reviews endorsing the Crypto Genius system

There are many fake reviews and testimonials on this site. Those reviews were written by the owner of this site and stock photos used to reinforce the message.

thecryptogenius fake testimonials

When we look at those testimonials, we see a lot of using making a lot of money in a very short time. It is hard to believe what we are seeing here.

But there is also another problem. Their income cannot be verified, so it’s impossible to say with 100% absoluteness that these folks made money.

Secondly, those photos were taken from the internet. The owners probably don’t even know that their photos are being used by a person who runs a criminal enterprise on the web.

The Crypto Genius software can’t really be trusted because of these reasons.

We managed to spot at least 3 Fiverr actors endorsing this software. We know that such endorsements are always fake and misleading since these actors always want to get paid so they can mislead investors.

Their profiles can be found on these links:, and

So we obviously know that these guys are liars. The message which you’re getting in that introduction video are obviously meant to mislead since actors were used as opposed to real investors.

Our best advice for you

You should avoid the Crypto Genius software at all cost. Unless you want to lose your money (which we believe isn’t the case), there is no need to donate it to scammers hoping that you will make several thousands of dollars per day. Meanwhile, check out this link to learn how to invest in Cryptocurrency profitably using auto-trading robots.

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17 Replies to “The Crypto Genius Review: Avoid This Scam Please!”

  1. Como removo a minha conta
    no site the crypto genius….não param de me telefonar. Já disse que não para remover a minha conta e contact…nunca fiz
    nenhuma transaçao

    1. Oi,

      Peça a eles que retirem seus fundos e, se recusarem ou insistirem em depositar mais fundos, você deverá registrar um estorno em seu banco ou abrir uma disputa com o PayPal de acordo com o método de pagamento, e então denunciar o caso à polícia local.

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