The Future Trade Review: is a Crypto Trading Scam

The Future Trade Review: is a Crypto Trading Scam

The Future Trade is claiming to be an all-in-one trading platform that can help you in making profits via both crypto and forex investment. The primary focus of the company is on crypto trading as the website,, mentions various features of its crypto trading procedures. 

In this article, we will be reviewing The Future Trade in detail to determine whether it is actually capable of providing you any significant profits. 

Overview of The Future Trade states that it is a Forex and crypto trading platform that uses modern tools and technologies to help people generate maximum profits through trading. The company is claiming to have a highly reliable and sustainable model of providing profits to all of its users. 

The Future Trade is also trying to attract users by promoting the fact that it is regulated by several international financial organizations. However, the website does not mention any of these institutions by name. 

Domain Insights

The website of the company,, was registered in 2018. However, the website did not become active until October 2020. The website states that the company’s offices are in the Marshall Islands. Similarly, the company also provides documents of incorporation for Singapore and Seychelles.

However, such documents do not have any actual value as this information is not verifiable by other sources. You should also note that it is quite common for crypto scam companies to provide fake incorporation details to seem legitimate and reliable companies. 

The analysis of by Alexa shows that Singapore and UK are contributing the highest amount of traffic to the website. It is clear that the website is facing a dull period as it has not been much successful in attracting significant traffic. 

Owner of The Future Trade mentions the name of the four main members of the company. The founder of The Future Trade is Meril Rid. He also appears in the YouTube marketing video of the platform. However, there is a very high chance that an actor is hired to play Rid. 

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There is no information available about Meril Rid outside of The Future Trade. He is claiming to have years of experience in the trading industry. Yet, he does not seem to be associated with any other crypto trading platform in the past. He does not have any official social media accounts. 

These tactics point to the fact that is providing fake information to attract more people and make them invest in the company.

How to Join The Future Trade?

The initial affiliate membership of The Future Trade is free. However, there is no use for this kind of membership. If you want to participate in the income structure of, you will have to invest at least $50.

The company encourages users to invest as much money as they can. also states that you will be getting access to modern, reliable, and user-friendly trading bots to transform your life and gain complete financial independence. 

Features of The Future Trade mentions several different features to convince users to invest in the company. It is important to review these features before making any decision about investing in The Future Trade. 

Access encourages you to invest in the company because you will be getting 24/7 access to modern crypto trading bots. The website states that you will have the power of trading from any place that will allow you to generate maximum profits. 

It is true that this is a highly useful feature, especially in a volatile trading industry like crypto. However, this is not some kind of unique feature. Instead, it is also present in every other crypto investment or trading platform. 

Safe and Secure

Security is always a vital factor to consider when you are finding the investment platform. The Future Trade claims that it has implemented various security protocols to protect you from frauds and malpractices. 

Nevertheless, you should know that there are many different risks in the crypto industry. Hackers and cyber attackers are always looking for vulnerabilities to attack crypto trading systems. It is important for the companies to have state-of-the-art security systems,

There is no proof of the fact that The Future Trade actually has access to such a modern security system. It is possible that the company is only claiming to have reliable security protocols to win the confidence of the users. 

Such factors point to the fact that The Future Trade is not a suitable investment opportunity. There is no guarantee that you will make any profits from it. You should avoid investing in Instead, use user-friendly crypto trading bots that you can trust with your finances and making profits via crypto trading. 

Maximum Customer Support states that the team behind the company is always available to help you out and resolve your issues. However, the website only provides traditional ways of contacting the support team. You do not have the option of online chat with the company’s representative. 


The Future Trade is promoting itself as a highly reliable and credible platform in the crypto industry. The website is encouraging users to invest as much money as they to get guaranteed profits. 

However, crypto is a volatile market, and there is no way that a relatively new platform like is capable of providing profits to each and every user. 

Income Structure of The Future Trade

Other than the features discussed above, the income structure of the company is quite disappointing as well. It is similar to any other Ponzi scheme that asks you to invest a certain amount in exchange for ROI.

The Future Trade provides the following breakdown of the income structure:

  • Basic 1 Package in which the users will have to invest $50 to $1000 and get 5% per week for 40 weeks. 
  • Basic 2 Package in which the users will have to invest $1001 to $10000 and get 6% per week for 40 weeks. 
  • Moderate 1 Package in which the users will have to invest $10001 to $25000 and get 8% per week for 30 weeks. 
  • Moderate 2 Package in which the users will have to invest $25001 to $50000 and get 9% per week for 30 weeks. 
  • Classic 1 Package in which the users will have to invest $50001 to $100000 and get 10% per week for 25 weeks. 
  • Classic 2 Package in the which the users will have to invest $100001 or greater amount to get 12% per week for 23 weeks

This income structure shows that the company is expecting you to invest a significant amount of money in the platform to give you any significant profits. Yet, there is no evidence that you will actually get the returns. 


The Future Trade is certainly trying its best to seem like a legitimate and profitable platform. It is promoting itself as a well-established name in the crypto industry even though it is a relatively new company. 

The core business model of the company is like any crypto Ponzi scheme. The Future Trade expects users to keep investing in the company in exchange for weekly profits. However, there is no proof that is actually capable of providing the promised profits. 

Keeping these factors in mind, you should not waste your money on a Ponzi scheme like The Future Trade. Instead, you should be using reliable and efficient crypto trading bots that are suitable for both beginners and experienced traders. These bots have been present in the crypto industry for a long time now, so you can completely trust them for crypto trading and making profits. 


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