The Pattern Trader Scam: Disturbing Review!

The Pattern Trader Scam: Disturbing Review!

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This review will focus on The Pattern Trader, a Forex trading business owned and managed by Mark Shawzin. Mark Shawzin claims to have worked with some of the most prestigious Wall Street firms which include Drexel Burnham, EF Hutton, Merril Lynch, Oppenheimer, and Commodities Corp.

According to Mark, all these firms wanted a piece of him so badly that they couldn’t resist what he was willing to offer them at whatever price.

Since he is a ‘Forex investment and management guru’ with skills that no one else has, Mark simply believes that he deserves the attention of everyone else who wants to make millions of dollars out Forex trading.

But according to the SEC and State of California, Mark Shawzin is a seasoned investment hustler who projects himself as a trading expert when his reputation says otherwise.

At some point, this guy was convicted of committing an insider trading scheme fraud, and was fined 6.3 million dollars.

In this case, Mark was accused of providing investment advisory services while not authorized to do so.

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You see, for a long time now, he has been operating as an unlicensed and unregistered Forex merchant who targets the naive and the desperate.

Although he was fined a hefty sum as mentioned above, this guy doesn’t seem like he will quit his rogue operation any time soon.

In fact, the list of complaints and violations pointed at him has been growing since the 90s. The Pattern Trader is just one of his latest schemes. And now he wants to manage your money!

The Pattern Trader Review

The reason why naive investors fall into his trap is because he knows how to appeal to his audience. For example, he claims to have turned a $3k account into $1.5 million account in less than a year.

In our opinion, this guy loves the act of moving from one hustle to the next. How do we come to this conclusion?

Well, according to our research, this guy not only own the Pattern Trader website. This is because he has been running a number of corny websites which purport to provide a special mix of professional Forex asset management and signal services.

Most of these domains are now defunct. These include,,,, and

But as you may have noticed, is still an active business, charging an upfront fee of $7,995 with the promise that subscribers will earn 10% monthly return on investment. The biggest selling point here is that the current CEO of the Pattern Trader owns a ‘secret trading system‘ that can make you a millionaire.

The rest of the domains mentioned above have since disappeared. They are the subject of multiple online complaints even today.

But first, let’s concentrate on Mark’s background before discussing the Pattern Trader.

Mark Shawzin looks like someone who loves to jump from one business to the next. Of course he does this to evade detection. Today he will launch a website, promise quick investment riches which will obviously entice naive investors to jump in. Once you join him by actually sending him money, he will churn and burn your wallet.

This is the reason as to why he has a lot of websites which appear and suspiciously disappear afterwards. It’s because he is an experienced con artist who wants to keep stealing but at the same time, working cautiously behind the curtains to evade detection.

Can the owner of The Pattern Trader prove that he once turned $3k into $1.5 million in less than a year? Of course he can’t because he doesn’t have evidence yet.

Also, where is proof that his subscribers have been earning 10-100% return on investment through his various Forex investment schemes?

This guy clearly loves to create stories out of the thin air. At some point, he claimed that he was the Vice President of nearly all investment companies situated in the United States of America. But according to Finra, this guy does not have any work history. In short, he has never worked for any of the companies mentioned above.

The only truth here is that Mark has mastered the art of fleecing individuals on the internet. He has been actively violating laws of Portfolio trading (as instituted by the SEC) for his own personal gain. We do not think that this person is worth your trust.

The Pattern Trader website

Today, this guy has The Pattern Trader website up and running. But there is no guarantee that this website will exist in the next one year from now.

You see, this guy has formed a habit of launching and shuttering these websites due to massive complaints and violations.

Now, when you visit the Pattern Trader website for example, all you can see is nothing but lies. The homepage of this website has a quote from one supposed customer who claims that Mark Shawzin is the real deal for those who want to learn and implement a profitable Forex trading strategy in the long run.

the pattern trader website

The Trading Pattern website has few writings here and there which project Mark as the only trading guru who can give you secret strategies of making lots of money from Forex trading.

On top of that, The Trading Pattern seems to act like some sort of blog where he promotes freebies. These include PDF reports and blog posts which appear to be useful to those who are in need of learning the basics of trading.

On this website, Mark has a profile picture which features a kid (supposed his child). So we presume that he is married. He claims that he has been playing this game for 35 years now, managing portfolio of high net worth individuals.

Mark of the pattern trader

Then he also has a couple of products which he is selling at exorbitant prices. The Master Pattern Trader costs $997 per year. In this trading course, Mark claims that he will give you access to his weekly live trading rooms so that you can see what he usually does to make money.

Of course this guy doesn’t have a track record of trading for profits. Therefore, you are probably going to be treated to a demo or simulator trading where Mark doesn’t even take actual trades.

The Pattern Trader Accelerator costs a whooping $1200 per year. In this trading course, Mark simply talks of how he usually takes swing trades. He supposedly shows you where to enter and exit these trades. Again, total bullshit is being peddled here.

The Pattern Trader Advisory is probably the cheapest product that Mark has ever sold because it costs $150 per year. Guess what? This is a weekly report which he writes and sends out to his subscribers every 7th day of the week.

products of The Pattern Trader

And of course Mark is always willing to squeeze your wallet dry. So he introduces a silly product called The Pattern Trader Gold. This product basically gives you a record of trades that Mark has taken on Gold for the last 12 months. Not only is this a stupid idea, but Mark is selling this product for $1997 per year.

Our best advice for you

With the kind of reputation that this man has stacked upon himself, we don’t believe that a sane trader can go ahead and ignore the tale tell signs.

The bottom line is this: we have selected very decent products for your Forex trading. Pick one of them and smile on your way to the bank.

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11 Replies to “The Pattern Trader Scam: Disturbing Review!”

  1. kevin alsup
    kevin alsup
    9 minutes ago
    All you people a bunch of i****s. He could win an academy award for that acting. What a scammer. Plain and simple.

    kevin alsup
    kevin alsup
    4 minutes ago
    I gave him 5k and then read all about his past. This video was just a farce to cover that hes a scammer. Hey all you dumb a**’s, i have some ocean front property for you in Nevada. He Ripped me off. Scammer of the century. He won’t give me my money back. I’m fighting the CC company now. I’m hiring a lawyer to get my money back. He will pay….

    kevin alsup
    kevin alsup
    1 second ago
    Think about it. He gets 1000 i****s to give him 5k. Thats 5 million bucks my i****s friends, he then sends out trades that very seldom win. HE WOULD NOT EVEN HAVE TO TRADE. THIS IS A SCAM MY FRIENDS. WAKE THE H*** UP.

  2. Holy Stoploss! This guy was one of the more convincing scammers I have heard. Thank you for taking the time to review him.

  3. I am a Canadian dumba** who signed up last year. It didn’t take long to realise after watching a couple of videos. I canceled with him or so I thought. He ripped off my Visa card again today. The phone number he suppl*** on the email receipt disconnects straight away. I did receive a reply from the email address he supplied. Hopefully I will get my yearly subscription fee refunded to me.

  4. I started suspecting something was up when he didn’t reply to my email about holding over his 4-day offer to discount Pattern Trader Accelerator from $1299 to $279 for an e tea couple if days to clear my funds. After buying his “guide” for “whatever I want to pay” (minimum $1 which he said he’d match as a donation to a cancer charity – seemingly validating his heartstring-pull story of having a “close brush with cancer” ) I thought he was the real deal. His “guide” was simply 21 shots of candlestick patterns and brief rationale on the “real trades” taken on them.

    When Mark didn’t reply immediately as I asked that’s when I suspected a scam. After all he was sending daily emails urging me to take advantage of the discount before it was “too late”. Instead I simply got another of those very same marketing emails, as if I hadn’t sent a response at all.
    I de used to look him up and here I am!

    As a novice trader I am very grateful to discover scam and con exposing sites like this one. Thank you for letting me know to avoid this vulture!

  5. It’s impressive what videos can be made by scammers today. There was a lot of really nice talk there. It is a pity that this review is so poorly suggested by Google, only after a few facebooks and other admiration pages.

  6. I subscribed on August 12t and 2 debits of $49.50 were made to my account, No information and pa**w*** were sent me and after a few days there were no messages. I emailed the organisation and used it
    website contact page to notify this three times but had no response I then asked that my sub be cancelled and payments
    refunded in accord with
    guarantee/ This request was repeated but still
    no response.

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