The Peterson Group Review: The Scam Portfolio Manager

The Peterson Group Review: The Scam Portfolio Manager

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The Peterson Group is a website that claims to grow the portfolio of its investors. The website looks shady from the word go. The trick is to masquerade as a place where expatriates invest their money and watch it grow. To win the client’s trust, they claim that their company will maintain clear and consistent communication during the investment phase.

The Peterson Group is allegedly headed by Peter Wagner who is introduced as the managing director. Peter Wagner’s background in investing is virtually anonymous and his professional career cannot be determined by a mere online search. However, they insist that the Peterson Group is a team of fellow expatriates working to create the best conditions for your financial prosperity. Foremost among our qualifications is their ability to have the candid conversations that put you in position to accomplish your goals.

The Peterson Group claims to offer offers products that are traded on margin which means that the company need a broker’s license from the jurisdiction they are operating from. This way, they can legally continue to operate their financial services. However, this is just one of the many financial services out there with no license or authorization from any regulator. This shows that the company is potentially a scam. The many stories they give don’t add up if they can’t prove to us that they have been licensed and authorized to do what they claim to do. Those of you who want to invest must avoid boiler room scams and take matters in their hands by taking advantage of these recommended trading tools. 

The Peterson Group review

A boiler room scam is made up of a bunch of persons who sit in a room and cold call people to convince them of an investment opportunity that has never been heard of before. The calls are so persistent that some victims have been forced to transfer money from their bank accounts to those of the scammers. These victims have even been threatened and told that if they don’t invest more money, they will not get the original investment back.

Is The Peterson Group like one of those fake investing companies run by scammers? Yes of course they are operating exactly like the description above.

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They claim to offer expert guidance in investing which basically means the company is offering investment advice. To legally offer investment advice, you must have a regulator’s license with you. Again, this company does not have a regulator’s license and yet it claims to offer expert guidance in investing. Sounds like a scam, right?

Take a look at the following statement:

“The Peterson Group exists solely to make you money. To accomplish this simple task, we expend untold effort to remain well informed in the areas we cover. We look beyond financial fads to locate trends that bespeak near and long term profit. Moreover, we reconcile this knowledge with your specific investment expectations to create a foundation of wealth that you can build upon to realize your dreams. New technologies and global, ubiquitous communications mean that new and emerging markets are better understood than ever before. As these regions develop, you need an advisory group that separates reality from hype can identify profitable investment where solid returns do not mean sacrificing growth. The Peterson Group extensive focus on new and emerging markets means we find opportunity and locate fresh investment options that generate cash flow and capital gain.”

Insightful market analysis and research

The anonymous team (who have been presented using stock photos) have claimed that they are conducting insightful market analysis and research which is why their company is allegedly so successful.

“Winners in the global marketplace succeed by remaining cognizant of investment opportunities that hold the promise of realizing substantial profit. Knowing when to apply a bold or cautious approach is The Peterson Group’s method for aggrandizing our clients’ portfolios. Our team helps you collect profits that spell the difference between modest growth and real excitement — the kind that your family and peers recognize as your fortunes rise.

A world where many industries are dying, while some like energy and commodities stay vibrant, and where new economic rules mean investors need a new playbook. A playbook that maps strategies that shield you from increasing tax- es, volatile markets, and trading models that use technology as a substitute for research and analysis. We subject our portfolio to a series of penetrating questions that track meta-trends that define our world today as well as the basics of the business and industry.”

These claims are unjustifiable and unverifiable. This company does not have any track record of successfully investing their clients funds. So how do they convince us that their services are meant to expand the portfolio of their clients? This is something we cannot believe by any means.

The truth about The Peterson Group

The truth is that this company’s team does not exist as it appears to be operated by a one man army.

The second truth is that the stock photos being used to represent members of the team is a sign that the people who run the Peterson Group are liars and potentially scammers.

The third thing to remember is that the company or scam is operating without a license. The fact that they are a scam means they won’t qualify for a license.

These criminals try to convince you that we are just another disappointed customer trying to blame them for losses in the market. Challenge us directly! We try to answer all mails as soon as possible. Our quest is to expose these criminals offering phony investments all over the world. As such we need your help. So please inform if your investment “partner” is missing and do provide recordings if possible.

Our best advice for you

Scams like the Peterson Group are to be avoided at all cost. The company is not transparent and their lack of a regulator’s license means people will lose their money. Stick to these recommended trading resources.

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2 Replies to “The Peterson Group Review: The Scam Portfolio Manager”

  1. The Peterson Group (TPG). Is definitely a scam run by English speaking criminals who stole my money. They presently continue their criminal activities with the Authorities doing nothing to bring these con men to justice.

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