The principal investments for inflation that Gen Z is attracted to

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The principal investments for inflation that Gen Z is attracted to

Today’s young investors are approaching this minefield using different investment options. Most are afraid of losing their investments in today’s uncertain and volatile markets. Thanks to the high interest rates, surge in inflation, and impending recession, Gen Z, plans to seek strong investment instruments that offer security in the short and long run.

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) alongside the CFA institute found 25 percent of Gen Z members in the United States alone initiated their investments before the legal age of 18 years. The same research also found Cryptocurrencies hold a stronger position as a favored investment asset to this age demographic.

How Gen Z plans to invest for the future

That has led to an increase in crypto-related product searches in all search engines. Crypto-related topics set the bar high as the most searched investment product. These include the latest fluctuations in Bitcoin prices or the overall evolution. 55 percent of young investors have already used cryptocurrencies in their portfolios.

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The above percentage showcases the forward-thinking mindset and determination to improve their financial well-being. These young investors are seeking financial stability in the face of volatile markets and economic unpredictability. Young investors are no longer content with the status quo, others are seeking this avenue to build wealth in the long run.

Navigating the complex waters of finance is not a walk in the park. It can be smoother with some experience and vast knowledge of the market and underlying assets. Gen Z is more reluctant toward the more established professionals in the finance industry such as advisers and brokers. Instead, they are turning to social media and other online platforms for investment advice.

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Others are turning to familiar and friendly recommendations and tips to help with their decision-making.

With a challenging economy and a looming recession, Gen Z is mainly focused on safeguarding its finances against foreseen inflation. Here, we will take an in-depth look at some of GenZ’s favorite investment vehicles, it will cast light on their investment behaviors and likely tendencies.

Real Estate

Real estate still remains one of the biggest investment options in the market. Buying, managing, renting, and selling properties can be a lucrative investment venture in the long run, despite the related upfront costs.

Similar with precious metals in how they maintain their value in times of inflation, tangible assets such as real estate act as the perfect shield to inflation. Real estate does generate revenue through property appreciation with these assets safeguarding investors against inflation. With homes and rents surge in value alongside goods and services, making real estate a solid investment option.

Gen Z members, in the early stages of their career, face challenges allocating their finances alongside various priorities in their lives. These include allocation in building their portfolios, education, and leisure, most are torn where to invest more.

In this regard, there’s a huge group among them with aspirations to invest in the real estate market. These smart individuals add real estate properties to their holdings to be financially secure when everything around them jumps in price and value.

A survey conducted by GOBankingRates, a significant portion of Gen Z individuals plan to invest in real estate in the near future. 42 percent of these individuals express real interest in acquiring a home or any other real estate in the next five years. There was a surge in real estate purchases in 2021, at around 41 percent millennials, its clear youngsters are coming for the housing market.

Homeownership is seen by most as a catalyst for safe investments for the Gen Z.


Gen Z knows the best way to protect an investment portfolio from potential risks is to rely on diversification methods. As such, they’re acquiring different types of cryptocurrencies, like altcoins and stablecoins, ranging from leading ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum to ones that have recently broken into the market but have promising prospects.

Numerous reports and surveys show that cryptocurrencies are a preferred investment vehicle for Gen Z, who represent the biggest supporters of their adoption and their underpinning technology. Part of the reasoning behind their affinity to digital money lies in their symbiotic growth with social media and the technological advancements that have characterized this era.

What’s more, their openness and attraction to cryptocurrencies also coincide with the abundance of user-friendly investment apps that enable users to acquire digital holdings quickly and effortlessly. Needless to say, their significant access to educational and informational resources, which help them build a profound understanding of the inherently complex realm of cryptocurrencies, is a definite advantage.

Cryptocurrencies are substantial investment vehicles, and as Gen Z backs up the digital money trend, they’ll become even more critical players in the world of finance.


Commodities like precious metals, agricultural products, and natural gas are some of the most sought-after ventures when inflation rates rise. These can be exchanged just like securities, and investors look at them to navigate inflationary waters and protect their finances against market volatility. The benefit comes from their intrinsic values. Their prices aren’t typically correlated with each other, so when the value of an asset drops, other investments may independently rise in value or at least remain unimpacted.

Youngsters looking for commodities to protect their capital from inflation typically allocate portions of their portfolio through ETFs and futures contracts to different types of commodities. Moreover, because commodities are production inputs, their prices tend to go up when inflation rates increase, giving the portfolio inflation-resistant characteristics and making them effective store-of-value assets.

Young investors are transitioning through a change in how different commodities are valued and sought after. For instance, with the pressing climate change challenges, a substantial portion of Gen Z focuses on potable water or clean energy.  


Investing in things that bring happiness and foster a sense of achievement is truly splendid. There’s an endless world of possibilities to explore when venturing into the collectible realm, and youngsters are more prepared than any other generation to engage with them. Examples can cross the borders of imagination; books, cards, furniture, postcards, toys, currencies, and NFTs are just some investment vehicles that can provide profitable opportunities when their value increases with time. They differ from traditional financial investments that suffer price alterations in volatile environments, making them good stores of value in difficult economic periods.

A study from global management consulting firm Brain & Company unveils that youngsters will account for approximately 40% of the luxury market by 2035, which invariably impacts shopping trends and tendencies. Apart from the typical luxury goods one may think of, they’re more explicitly focusing on items with high cultural value or modern collectibles.

They’re already driving change and redefining some conventional trends that millennials are accustomed to. As they go through financial ups and downs, they become more vigilant and open-minded to exploring different investment options.

Gen Z is more financially-aware than ever. The investment vehicles illustrated above are some of the options youngsters focus on in their attempts to secure financial stability.

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