The Shiny Ball Syndrome Review: How Deceives Investors

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The Shiny Ball Syndrome Review: How Deceives Investors

The Shiny Ball syndrome professes to guarantee 100 money back if you don’t make a profit. Our review is all about the buzz and fuss of this project.

Paul Darby is the brains behind this project and even uses his older version of himself using AI to sell the project. We know this because he has done it previously with another project dubbed ‘YouGetPaidFast’ that collapsed.

Paul Darby is behind The Shiny Ball Syndrome

2013 was the year Paul Darby hit the MLM scene with his first get-rich-quick money-back guarantee. The reason why he keeps on coming back is to evade the law by changing nationalities.

He has been promoting third-party scams to victims either as a brand ambassador or YouTube influencer. Nonetheless, we will expose his current project which claims to get investors rich by depositing $10.

Yes, a mere ten bucks is what Paul Darby claims The Shiny Ball Syndrome needs from you to succeed. With his YouTube channel, you can see various MLM projects he has marketed over time.

Nearly all of them duped investors and some were even flagged by the SEC. It goes to show The Shiny Ball Syndrome is another high-risk no-reward investment project. You need to stay away from any of Paul’s projects.

Learn more in our detailed TheShinyBallSyndrome Review.

About The Shiny Ball Syndrome

You Get Paid Fast collapse set Paul Darby up for more of such projects seeing he netted over $10 million from investors. The funds are usually used to fund his lavish lifestyle and also fund other such-like projects.

His next MLM project was Z System which he was strategically marketing to American and European investors. The marketing for this $10 investment project started a few months back with investors getting an insane promise.

According to Darby, The Shiny Ball Syndrome will net investors a cool 2000% ROI before Christmas 2023. This means in less than two months, your $10 will turn to $2,000. The question remains, would you believe such antics?

Well, there are desperate investors who will do just about anything to double their funds. And this also includes having to buy-in projects without taking a second glance. And Paul knows how best to convince such investors.

Aside from the project itself, Paul is also targeting network investors with his affiliate program. For every $10 deposited, the affiliate gets to make $4.80 in commissions and a matching 50% bonus.

Members are the main targets seeing they will be making over $15 for their funds and each affiliate brought in. That’s why Paul doesn’t have to do a lot when marketing his high-risk project.

He lets all the members do the heavy lifting and ensures no one gets paid. That’s his end game from the word go, to fool investors. This ‘Miracle’ is one of the biggest scams we have in the MLM industry.

If authorities take no action, The Shiny Ball Syndrome is about to wreak havoc. Paul decided to target small investors and guarantee he will target more. Within two months of this platform, we believe he has netted over $5 million.

How The Shiny Ball Syndrome Targets Naïve Investors

Paul knows a lot of young investors, and old ones have money problems. He makes the bold statement of claiming The Shiny Ball Syndrome is the end of all your money problems. It’s a simple $10 buy-in pyramid scheme targeting the lower class investors.

With an email capture sign up tag, the website leaves a lot to be desired. There’s no actual progress or relevant information on how Paul doubles your funds in two months. As a rule of thumb, such information should be available to investors.

He creates the allure that he can double your investment using a secret method only he has access to. And investors fall for it. It’s one of the surest ways of convincing naïve investors to give them your money for free.

Hundreds of investors have fallen prey to this obnoxious investment platform. We can see investors from Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and the United States all signing up. And this has led to uproar in some of the States seeing Paul is not a legit banker.

How deceives investors

To convince investors of the project, Paul does allow part of the investment group to withdraw funds. He does so by using deposits made by other investors as a way of convincing investors to deposit more.

Those who get to withdraw post their withdrawals on Social media to showcase their investment success. For all we know, some of these investors are merely part of the larger group of partners. Paul Darby is not the only one benefiting from this project.

And as such, investors easily believe what’s posted as withdrawal records are there to see. What they don’t know is that Paul has already funded the accounts with other members’ deposits.

Scammed by The Shiny Ball Syndrome?

Investors who will later become victims of The Shiny Ball Syndrome won’t know where to turn to. Paul will shut down the project once sign up number dwindle as the deposits won’t come as he wishes.

And this means having to pull the rag on the entire project, and those who won’t have made any withdrawals will suffer the consequences. That’s how he has managed to stay in the MLM game for years.

Losses are inevitable with The Shiny Ball Syndrome project, the question is what’s next for victims. We can only offer our solace and a way to try and get back your funds thanks to professionals who partner with authorities.

Paul has been in the game for long and knows when to get into the market and go out unnoticed. He usually opens a new YouTube channel with each project he has to ensure victims don’t catch up with him.

As an investor, you need to have realistic goals and ponder what it is that Paul does to make such a high-profit margin. These claims are over-the-moon and far from being real, making him a big-time MLM scammer.

You’ll notice that he doesn’t even show his face on any of the website or information that would lead to him. And as such, he has leeway to convince other naïve investors with upcoming projects similar to The Shiny Ball Syndrome.

A sign of a high-risk no-reward investment project is a lack of information. Anonymity and transparency should be pointers of a legitimate or scam investment project.

Customer Complaints and Feedback 

Despite the platform guaranteeing money back for not meeting any ROI, no member gets it. There are hundreds of investors who have turned to social media to highlight their case regarding the platform’s refusal to offer money back.

You need to do due diligence before investing in any online project. Please reach out if you have any concerns or doubts with an investment project. We will be happy to conduct a review on your behalf.

Is High-Risk (Scam) or Legit?

There’s no way The Shiny Ball Syndrome is a legit investment project. Chances of losing the entire vested amount are high. The platform won’t even release affiliate bonuses and commissions.

Our Verdict The Shiny Ball Syndrome

After reviewing some of Paul’s recent projects, it’s clear The Shiny Ball Syndrome is a scam. Please stay away.

Your best bet of winning is going for proven projects that offer realistic returns.

Do leave a comment or email us with any queries.

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