The Super Patch Company Review: Is Selling Empty Patch Dreams?

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The Super Patch Company Review: Is Selling Empty Patch Dreams?

The Super Patch Company is one of the platforms that offer an all-in-one answer for all your problems. Our review shows why some of these products won’t work.

From nutritional supplements to patches that eliminate pain, these are some of the products under review. Is it possible to add a patch on any part of your body and see outstanding performances and results?

The Super Patch Company seems to think so with the platform claiming to have a proven patch for all types of ailments. These include physical and mental ailments that are easily handled with their unique patch.

Why The Super Patch Company is a scam

We did a little digging of the patch and it turns out, the patch is nothing but a nicotine-patch-like product. It’s all mental as the patch hasn’t any proven enhancement or medicinal value when it comes to the human body.

The developers of the patch remained anonymous, up until now as we reveal who the brains behind the products are. With a dedicated sales team, the platform has even managed to reach out to some TV personality as a brand ambassador.

That’s not all, The Super Patch Company claims you too can become their brand ambassador and earn commissions for patches sold.

Here’s our detailed review.

About The Super Patch Company

The story goes that company wanted to help people defeat their daily challenges and struggles. And that’s when the easy-to-use solution came into view by just slapping the product on a patch. Their overall aim was to bring wellness to users, plain and simple.

Jay Dhaliwal is the founder of this company and also associated with another MLM scam. VoxxLife. You will find The Super Company’s products plastered all over the VoxxLife website as a means to sell more products.

The product first hit the shelves in November 2022 and hit the market by storm. Three months down the line, users have started experiencing normal performance levels. It doesn’t offer the much acclaimed performance levels as stated.

An official launch of the product was in March 2023. The Super Patch Company and VoxxLife are Canadian Based MLM companies. VoxxLife was Dhaliwal first venture which he still uses to flag off some of the new products and services on sale.

How The Super Patch Company MLM Products Work

It all starts with the Patches on offer, the claim that these patches do offer better performance and end pain in your body. Far from it, the product is not anywhere close to FDA approval as stipulated on the website.

Dhaliwal knows how to tow the line between selling a dream and offering a scam product. He was taken into questioning a few years back for selling non-registered products in the U.S. His company paid a hefty fine for it.

There’s no difference between The Super Patch Company products and every other product and service that came out from Dhaliwal’s Companies. All offer a dream pipe that essentially no one can live.

We shipped out the product for testing and realized this was just another elastic patch with no medical or scientific advantage to the human body. Dhaliwal is selling the allure of better performance by patching the product on your body.

These types of products fall under the Supplement MLM products that claim to have huge benefits. In real sense, they don’t, it’s just playing with your mind to believe the platform works for you.

Who is the brand Ambassador of The Super Patch Company?

There are a few brand ambassadors behind this platform. We will talk about the media personality who claims to have seen immense improvement during his workout routines. This is all available on the super patch Company homepage.

Brent Bishop is the main ambassador used on this platform. If you didn’t know, he is the son of the first American Legacy to summit Mt. Everest. He now runs a think fitness shop making him the perfect ambassador for the job.

After all, you want a product to have the backing of what seems like a successful person. He’s just a paid ambassador who seems to have already have a fit body before needing the patch. So why is The Super Patch Company products not faring well in the market?

These products fail the mundane testing conducted by the FDA. None of the products have any proven performance records. Patching a product on your body without any proven testosterone supplements won’t increase performance levels.

Is there Proof The Super Patch Company Products work?

No, there’s no proof of increasing your performance levels. Let’s take a closer look at what the products claim to offer in terms of benefits to the human body. After patching the product, the Company claims you get the following increased strengths;

  • Average Centric Force

The patch claims to offer strength improvement and injury resilience. With the patch, the company claims to add 17%+average centric force. Which means you are more likely not avoid any physical injuries with the patch, far from the truth.

  • Average Eccentric Force

It also adds the same eccentric force to investors who sign up with the patch. 17%+ strength improvement and injury resilience.

  • Improved recovery

Here’s where the patch claims to offer the most benefit to the human body. The Super Patch Company claims to offer 94%+ improved recovery performance. You are better suited to manage aches and pains better according to Dhaliwal’s products.

  • Improved focus

Now here’s where the product starts to edge into the world of scam. Apparently, the patch helps users stay engaged, focused, and locked in on the task at hand. Of course, these are false claims as there’s no way this can happen, unless there’s a drug laced.

Subscriptions of the products

Members are urged to subscribe to the products to ensure they never run out of the Super Patches.

What customers think of

Is The Super Company Patch Products a Scam?

Despite claims the patch is fully backed by science, the links provided don’t share any of the company’s product plans. That’s the same as the socks VoxxLife was selling claiming they offer immense strength for runners.

It’s grossly misleading and a violation of the FTC act that states all Companies must provide consumers with information of the product. There’s also on information on who’s behind the platform, another FTC violation.

Every supplement MLM platform claims to be FDA-approved which is not true. If that’ was the case, there would be a case number or reference from the FDA with a badge on the products signaling FDA approval.

If these products were offering sports users the ‘proven’ element of staying focus and managing pain, why isn’t the product endorsed by players of the game? Every athlete in the world would be going for these products to maximize on their performance.

That’s far from the case as we have a platform failing to provide tangible proof of guaranteed performance.

What Makes The Super Patch Company Products a Risk?

The company guarantees a healthy immune system with the patch sold as a non-invasive drug free technology. Apparently, the patch claims to break bad habits, offer better sleep, and overall mental energy and focus.

All these by slapping a patch onto any part of the body!

Verdict The Super Patch Company

You should stay away from such platforms or risk losing your immune system to dangerous and risky patches.

Note: Instead of going for products that don’t make sense, why can’t you invest in products that make profit and thus, give you incentive to be better and enjoy financial freedom?

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