The Trading Den Review – A Manipulative SCAM!

The Trading Den Review – A Manipulative SCAM!

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Thanks for reading this eye-opening review. We are at it again. This time round, a website called the Trading Den ( is the offensive.

This trading school is run by someone called Simon Townshend who makes weird marketing declarations such as ”Everyone in my trading room makes a 6-figure extra income.” At one point, he even said that it was virtually impossible to record a loss under his guidance.

Unfortunately, this man is just a skilled internet marketer… a charlatan as always.

He provides a trading room and trade signals which are then replicated by a third party brokerage firm.

Despite Townshend describing how all participants in his trading room have been earning a 6-figure income, customers are still complaining about this business.

We received a couple of customer reviews lamenting how their trading accounts were wiped out by Mr. Townshend auto-trading service.

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the trading den magic tools

So what can we say about these complaints as far as the Trading Den is concerned? Read this review to find out.

The Trading Den review: The untold truth

This website provides a live trading room and signals to those who want to trade stocks.

The one man army called Simon Townshend is based out of the UK.

So the Trading Den is basically asking people to subscribe annually and get to copy live trades from Simon Townshend himself.

The Trading Den business is charging an annual subscription fee of $6000 per year, although payment can also be broken down into easy $2000. But if you want to take advantage of a ”super special offer”, just pay $4000 and you will be ‘okay’, set to start copying trade signals from Townshend.

Since there is a live day trading room, traders are expected to watch Townshend as he does his thing via the chat room.

The second method of service delivery is through signing up for an auto-trading service that will copy trades directly from Townshend’s ‘live trading room’.

This website is also being marketed across various social media platforms. The obvious ones include Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

If you look at their Facebook page, you will notice that Townshend is making some weird marketing declaration concerning his business.

For example, he says: ”another hugely profitable trade with virtually no risk.”

The second most ridiculous claim is ”Learn how to trade ticks and profit everyday from virtually all market conditions even in bad days.”

In another part, he says that there is no reason why traders shouldn’t become a part of the 1% elite community which make enormous amounts of money trading stocks and futures.

And then he appears to be promoting another service which he calls ”The Amazing Winning Trading Secret” of a WallStreet Mastery man.”

On top of this, the guy also says that he has an amazing track record of trading stocks and futures profitably, and that his track record can be verified if people want to.

He’s so bold that he even displays his supposed live trade results on his website and on various other social media pages where he has a presence.

If this track record is anything to go by, then we can say that Simon Townshend is really experienced in doing what he does. The problem is that his track record isn’t so convincing.

Let’s analyze his alleged live trade performance

What we have observed with this man is that he likes to make bold statements which serious traders would never dare making.

For instance, at one time, he said that making $10,000 a month from trading was very easy, and that all you had to do was follow his trades and you will be assured of making that much every month.

All you needed is his Trading Den subscription and a small live account for trading stocks or futures. Then you’re set.

But for him to convince the masses further, he continued making outrageous claims that favor his business — the Trading Den.

He said that all followers of his live trading room have made over 100k in their last 2 consecutive years of trading with him/remaining subscribed at the Trading Den website.

He also said that when you subscribe to the Trading Den, you won’t do the hard work… that all you needed to do is to relax on the couch, copy his trades and you will be guaranteed of a 6 figure income.

Other claims which he made were touching on how people were making crazy returns on investment. He says all traders have been making a 1000% return on investment each year, thanks to the Trading Den website.

And finally, he stated that his method was so easy to get along with because even a caveman could do it.

What about his other get-rich quick websites?

Simon Townshend not only owns the Trading Den. He used to own a couple of other websites which have since gone defunct.

What happened to We will never know. However, we are very much aware that before this website became defunct, it was preaching quick riches through tradings stocks and futures.

And then here comes another one called This one too is a defunct property. It used to offer quick riches to all those who would trust the self-proclaimed Simon Townshend.

This is not all that he has done with such websites. He has been in this game for as long as we can remember. What surprises us is that some or all of his websites and affiliated entities have since vanished into thin oblivion.

All these fell under the ”get rich quick scheme” category of websites. He has also been involved with (which is now defunct) as well as, Century of Trading, and 4 Step Trading.

What about DotComUniversity?

We have seen evidence above that this guy not only runs the Trading Den, but he also runs a number of shoddy money making opportunities on the web.

dot com university by simon

So if get rich quick schemes aren’t your cup of tea, you shouldn’t worry because Simon Townshend has something else for you.

He claims that when you take advantage of his ”secret formula”, you will make over $400 in daily profits. This has to do with promoting stuff on the web.

In this website, he claims that everyone is getting rich and that you should join immediately to take advantage of this.

A customer complaint against the Trading Den and Simon Townshend

A newbie customer was taken advantage of when he got laid off from his job in the state of Michigan.

This guy was in his early 50s when he approached Townshend with his savings. He was desperate for help because he had come across his get-rich quick schemes, and he believed that this man was a godsend.

Now, this guy opted for Simon’s auto-trading service because he had learned that this service was so convenient. You do nothing but at the end of the day, you pocket $10,000.

So after consulting with his wife, he decided to take the plunge, not knowing what was coming ahead.

Now, he stayed with the Trading Den for 6 months, took 250 trades (with majority being losers) and blowing up a whooping $20k in that period.

The loss was big and fat. The tiny winners could not even make up for a quarter of the losses he had incurred. In fact, those winners were insignificant.

Our best advice for you

You know how it went for this man. Anyone who joins the Trading Den should be prepared for trouble. Good news, we have real trading products for you here. Try them out.

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