The Trading Framework Scam – Review Exposes Truth

The Trading Framework Scam – Review Exposes Truth

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During a web-surfing escapade last weekend, we basted Kam Dhadwar, the CEO of The Trading Framework website. Kam Dhadwar is a ”good” gentleman. The problem is that he is among the vast majority of day trading mentors who lack a track record of trading successfully, yet they preach and teach materials which they would never implement themselves.

The Trading Framework has a ‘live trading room’. However, this live trading room does not have any live trading activities going on. Also, the name of this website has been smeared by mud and poop because problems do arise which Kam Dhadwar never bothers to solve.

One particular customer of the Trading Framework was promised a refund because the deal had gone wrong. That money never arrived in their bank account.

Apart from not having a track record to verify his claims, this con artist refused to cooperate with our investigators. This added to his already tainted reputation. We would therefore be more than glad to expose him in this eye-opening review of the Trading Framework training school.

the trading framework review

Overview of the Trading Framework

Kam Dhadwar poses as a day trading mentor who coaches novice traders and also introduces them to complex topics like auction market theory.

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In addition to this, the man operates a live day trading room. This facility is rumored to be based somewhere in the United Kingdom.

We did a very thorough internet search on him and discovered that this man has been around in the tradings scenes since 2007.

His website has morphed into various domain versions in the course of time. It started out as, then it went to and now it is This re-branding happened sometimes in 2015.

Perhaps it had to happen because disgruntled customers had created so much negative energy around his business, and so he had to camouflage into something else to avoid attention.

Kam Dhadwar advertises his business on social media, mainly on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Honestly speaking, the Trading Framework has some of the most expensive trading products around. This means that Kam Dhadwar only targets folks with deep pockets.

Investigations reveal that a live seminar in London would cost a neat $3,500. Coaching on an hourly basis would cost $385 per hour. Other trading courses would cost anywhere between $65 and $1,900.

The funniest thing is that this man doesn’t stop there yet. He introduces his customers to some sort of religious dancing ritual which he recommends to every trader who seeks his services at the Trading Framework website.

He says that this dancing technique has to be applied to your daily trading routine in order to realize success.

It is very difficult to describe this dancing technique in words. However, we can figure out that this is some kind of mystical blessings on your trades in order to come out successful.

The President of the Trading Framework seems to be so much into mystical stuff. He relates them to trading and even explains how his ”hand dancing” could make you successful while others fail in the business.

Kam Dhadwar of The Trading Framework dancing ritual on youtube

Now, if you enjoy mystical stuff and are an aspiring trader, this sort of thing is available in his aforementioned YouTube channel. There, you can subscribe to get more of what he teaches in relation to this dancing and how it can make you money in the financial markets.

These videos actually piqued our curiosity. He performs them like a religious ritual and relates them to trading. We could not connect the dots, although we watched some of them on YouTube.

But the main issue here is whether the CEO of the Trading Framework can trade successfully. And if this is the case, are his students successful?

This takes us to the complaints that the Trading Framework has received in the course of its existence. Let’s review them below:

Complaints against Kam Dhadwar and his trading school

Believe you me, the Trading Framework has received many customer complaints which have not been attended to up to now. These customers were ignored.

The first two customers came out to complain that they forked out several thousands of dollars to buy an educational trading course and despite spending that amount of money, they never realized any success.

In those complaints, we gathered that these customers were not able to verify whether Kam Dhadwar was actually trading. Also, they confessed that the ‘live’ trading rooms hosted by this guy were actually not live. Their description of this trading room was ridiculous. They claimed that this was an informational chart room and not the regular live trading room that you and me are accustomed to.

Just in case you don’t understand this properly, we could put it in another simpler way to make you understand.

These customers said that these ”live trading rooms” were a place where Kam Dhadwar discusses the markets and never actually pulled the trigger on a real money account.

We asked these individuals whether they had verified the track record of this guy. They said No. Instead, they explained to us that they had earlier listened to a podcast that was talking about Kam, and so they assumed that he must be having a real track record. There was no need to verify anything.

Where did they find that podcast? Well, that link can be found here. And by the way, why should such a platform give this guy so much publicity? Perhaps they are in some sort of contract with him, where he pays to enjoy publicity and consequently more business.

The third complaint was about a certain guy who invested $4k in total in order to enjoy the ”ultimate trading educational package”. This is because the sweet-talker had promised him that this was the last coin he would ever spend on an educational package. As always, people who commit such foolish mistakes never realize any trading success.

You can guess that this man never earned a nickel after investing a whooping $4,000. It would have been better to put that investment on an opportunity like Tradenet student program. He would have built massive profits by now.

But this is the most disturbing thing of all. Many customers said that Kam would never show up in most training sessions, despite his customers having paid him upfront for the lessons.

Yes, an excuse was given during each one of those incidences. At one time, he said that he got stuck in traffic. In another incident, he said that his grandma had passed on. And in another different incident, he said that he was experiencing a migraine headache, hence he couldn’t host the session. Those excuses are endless.

Customers got frustrated with The Trading Framework, so what did they do?

They asked for a refund. One customer asked for a refund which Kam agreed to. That money never arrived, yet the Trading Framework website is still active and is in business full swing.

Our best advice for you

The Trading Framework does not appear to be a serious business. Equally, the owner of this site behaves and talks like a fraud. The thing he has done also speak volumes about his real intent and character.

The Trading Framework is simply the place of getting defrauded. If you really want trading opportunities that can make you money, check out these products instead.

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  1. I’m so happy to have seen this article. I was not satisfied with the service I received. How can you not turn up to your own training sessions?! It’s obvious he knows nothing about what he’s selling.

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