Throne Legacy Capital Review: Should you use for Forex Trading?

Throne Legacy Capital Review: Should you use for Forex Trading?

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Throne Legacy Capital claims to be a modern Forex trading platform that is capable of providing significant profits to its users. Its domain,, was registered in January 2019. Overall, the website is highly successful in painting the company as a legitimate and authentic Forex trading platform. Yet, there are many discrepancies in its business model which you should know before investing any kind of money in it.

What is Throne Legacy Capital? states that it is the world’s leading investment management company. It takes pride in the fact that experts from various types of trading and industrial sectors are working at the company. Throne Legacy Capital also tries to justify its claims to being a leading platform by stating that it has managed to successfully grow as a trustable Forex trading company by using modern technology and infrastructure.

The aim of the company is to provide as many income opportunities as possible so that users can achieve optimum financial freedom. keeps mentioning that it provides transparent working procedures, trading strategies, and income opportunities. Yet, there is very limited evidence available that the company is capable of providing any major Forex trading chances.

Founders of Throne Legacy Capital

Carl Ronny is running the company. He recently graduated from Leiden University, Netherlands. According to his corporate bio, Ronny has been a part of numerous investment companies. He claims to have an experience of more than ten years in the trading industry. However, the website or his profile does not mention the name of any specific project.

Throne Legacy Capital

In the promotional videos and pictures of Throne Legacy Capital, another individual can be seen. His name is Kwanky Tse. Tse is also credited as the CEO of It is highly possible that Tse and his team are actually running the company. This kind of confusing information about the origins and founders of the company makes it a highly suspicious Forex trading platform.

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How to Join Throne Legacy Capital? is a relatively new company, and it is quite shocking to see that it is demanding a huge amount of money. The most basic package of the company costs $1500. You cannot participate in Forex trading or any other income opportunities without buying this package. Two other packages are also offered. The cost of the second package is $15,000, and the third one costs $30,000.

Throne Legacy Capital does not give any specific information about these plans. However, it generally mentions that the income opportunities of all these three packages are different. Such kind of lack of information is very disappointing, especially when you consider the fact you have pay to a whooping minimum amount of $1500.

Income Structure of Throne Legacy Capital is taking a huge sum of money from the users and promising stable and passive income in return. Even though the company is promising that profits will be given on a monthly basis, users cannot withdraw them until 24 months.

The website clearly states that the users will not have the option to withdraw any amount for at least 24 months because the fund will be locked in the company and used for trading. However, this kind of business model is not sustainable at all. It is extremely disappointing that the company is taking such a large amount without giving any immediate profits.

Overall, the entire business structure of Throne Legacy Capital is highly suspicious and seems like any other fraudulent platform. As a result, it would not be wrong to say that you will be wasting your money by investing $1500 or even more amount in this platform.

You should avoid this company at all cost. Instead, use the Forex trading robots that are much more reliable and trustworthy than such suspicious Forex trading companies. These robots can help you in earning good amount of profits as they are user-friendly and provide flexible account plans.

Affiliate Ranks

Throne Legacy Capital has the following seven affiliate ranks:

  1. IB Rank at which you have to invest at least $1500
  2. IB1 Rank at which you have to invest $1500 and make further investments.
  3. IB2 Rank at which you have to invest $1500, recruit two members on IB1 Rank, and make further investments.
  4. MIB1 Rank at which you have to invest $1500 and recruit three members on IB2 Rank.
  5. MIB2 Rank at which you have to invest $1500 in five different projects and recruit two members on MIB1 Rank.
  6. SIB1 Rank at which you have to invest $1500 in eight different projects and recruit two members on MIB2 Rank.
  7. SIB2 Rank at which you have to invest $1500 in ten different projects and recruit two members on SIB1 Rank.


Throne Legacy Capital is promising many other profits as well. Generation bonuses are heavily promoted throughout the website. Such bonuses are like any other recruitment commissions. A team of two individuals is generated. An affiliate is the leader of the team, while two positions are located under him. On the second level, the splitting of the positions take place, and four positions are generated in total.

The company promises you more profits at higher levels. For this purpose, you will have to keep hiring more and more people. However, enjoying continuous recruitment is not possible, especially for a platform like that is asking for at least $1500 in initial investment.


There are some other significant features of the company that should be discussed in detail. These are:

Leading Platform

The company claims that it is a leading Forex trading platform that is simply untrue. It has been only a year since Throne Legacy Capital was founded. There is no proof that this company has the required technology and skills needed to become a prominent leader in the Forex trading industry.

High Profits promises a huge amount of profits to its users without giving any significant details about how such profits are actually distributed. Moreover, the company is taking a whopping amount of $1500

Market Fluctuations

One of the most surprising claims of is that it is not vulnerable to market fluctuations. However, it is simply not possible because all types of trading, including Forex trading, is always going up and down. Hence, no company can promise continuous profits to its users.


The above discussion makes it quite evident that Throne Legacy Capital is not a suitable company for investment in Forex trading. There is no proof that the company actually provides any kind of profits via trading.

In fact, the company seems to be acting like a pyramid company. It is taking a massive amount of at least $1500 from the users and does not allow them to withdraw any kind of income until 24 months have passed. It is highly possible that the company will collapse within two years.

The passive profits promised by this company are another proof that the Throne Legacy Capital is actually a pyramid scheme. It tries to seem like a legitimate company, but it has no interest in giving any kind of profits to the users.

Therefore, you should not invest any amount of money in this fraudulent Forex trading platform. Instead, you should use legal and genuine Forex trading robots. These robots have transparent working procedures and provide instant withdrawal options as well. Hence, you can trust these trading robots to earn the maximum amount of profits via Forex trading.


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