Tokenizer Review: Scam or a Licensed Hedge Fund?

Tokenizer Review: Scam or a Licensed Hedge Fund?

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Tokenizer is an investment platform that appears to be abusing Cryptocurrencies. Tokenizer claims that they can help you invest in various ICOs for profit. Their target is institutional investors and fund managers, although they also work with individual investors. The main selling pitch here is that with Tokenizer, you won’t need to figure out what ICOs are worth investing in and which ones aren’t worth it. They are supposed to make your work easier by helping you put your money on crowd funding opportunities that use blockchain digital tokens.

You can pay for the plans in various Cryptocurrencies not limited to Bitcoins only. Tokenizer will then ”use the funds” to purchase tokens during their pre-sale. A 50% profit is guaranteed at the end of it all.

Also, the website claims that investors can expect at least 5-7% returns during the week and a fixed 2% during the weekend. That would mean 113% returns per month. Surely this would be a very profitable opportunity even for those who run the website.

But we do suspect that it is not real. If it were real, then Tokenizer would have been the talk of the town. The Cryptocurrency investment community would be talking about this platform on popular forums out there. But as you can see, nothing like that is happening. We had to investigate further to find out what exactly is happening and whether there are people who have already signed up and made money with this website.

Note: You can only multiply your Cryptocurrencies by either mining or trading them. The rest must be scam operations. Having said that, let’s proceed to expose what Tokenizer is all about and how you could lose money if you ignored our advice.

Tokenizer Review

You see, we have been following Cryptocurrencies and their investments very closely. We know what is a scam and what is not. Tokenizer must surely be a scam based on a number of factors that we have considered.

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The first thing to know is that in 2018, the value of cryptocurrencies have been dwindling. Back in 2017, it was possible to double the value of your investments every month, thanks to the Cryptocurrency boom.


On the other hand, ICOs seem to be doing well now. The problem is that it is not really that easy to identify ICOs that will bring returns since most of them are absolutely useless. If you invest in them, you will lose money because most of the time you are getting yourself into a pump and dump scam without knowing it. You will end up with a coin that does not have any value outside the ecosystem where it is being sold at. That means you will have bought coins that can’t be used elsewhere. That is how people lose money to these scams nowadays.

That is why we said the only way to be sure that you will at least make some returns is by trading Cryptocurrencies. When price goes up or down, you will make money either way. Your profits are not depending on the value of the coin which you are trading.

Also, if you say that you want to invest in ICOs, that’s a different ball game altogether. It takes a little bit of training and wit to be able to identify opportunities when it is still early. Investors who join early buy the coins when the price is still low, then later sell them back to investors who join later. This will always result in early investors making money while those who join later are losing it.

Also, right now it is not possible to double your money every month as a Cryptocurrency investor. If someone says you will make 100% per month, he is lying and probably wanting to scam you. In Cryptocurrencies, your profits aren’t guaranteed especially when you invest in ICOs and the likes.

Tokenizer is an illegal operation

They say that Tokenizer is registered as a corporation in Hong Kong. Whether or not this is true can’t be confirmed since all that we wanted to know was whether this company is registered with the securities and Futures Commissions in Hong Kong. If it’s not, then we are potentially dealing with a scam.

Apparently, the SFC does not know about Tokenizer. In other words, it’s an illegal investment program that will result in massive losses because it is not recognized by authorities. Such an illegal operation will result in many investors losing their funds because there is no guarantee that the people behind this operation are experienced in what they claim to do. On the other hand, there is no guarantee that the funds that are sent to their accounts are used for the purpose of investing in ICOs. At least Tokenizer has not proved so.

Therefore, this should be treated as a red flag since you are also sending funds to an anonymous person. It is the most dangerous thing to do. If you knew them or at least they were upfront about their identity, that would be a different case.

Tokenizer could be a ponzi scheme

Since this website has not proved that funds are taken from investors and invested in ICOs, we assume that they are running a pyramid scheme instead. There is at least evidence that the alleged ROI is supposed to be paid with new depositor money. Isn’t this a pyramidal financial game? Oh yes. That’s what it is.

You can image that such schemes never last long. They always collapse weeks later after they are launched. This one too is not an exception as we are seeing signs that the admin will collect enough money and then run away with it.

Our best advice for you

Tokenizer fails to convince us of their activities in the Cryptocurrency space. Rather, they are giving us more reasons to believe that they are a ponzi scheme where depositor money is used to pay existing members. Until they prove it, it won’t be possible to even think that they will make you any returns.

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