Top Dog Trading Review – Scam by A Seasoned Go-Getter

Top Dog Trading Review – Scam by A Seasoned Go-Getter

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Here’s another interesting one – Top Dog Trading! This website can be found at The owner is called Barry Burns, a self-proclaimed ”Dr” of PhD, yet very canning and dubious when it comes to internet marketing.

We will talk about him shortly. For now, let us introduce you to the so-called Top Dog Trading. What exactly is Top Dog Trading?

Well, first of all, let’s say that this is a trading educational business owned by a ‘seasoned educational trading guru’.

If you want ”Dr”. Barry Burns to teach you the secrets that he has learned for the last decade or so, you’ve got to fork out some money because he is hawking a number of trading products and services at various prices.

For example, Precision Trading Cycle Tops and Bottoms goes for $297. Momentum and Catching the Big Moves goes for $495. The video package goes for $99 per month, and ‘Dr’ Barry is serious about it.

top dog trading training

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The reason you MUST buy this video package is that Barry himself will be hosting 3 weekly videos which give his students unique insights on how the markets will be moving in relation to his course.

Now, at this point in time, you have a clear overview of what Top Dog Trading is all about. So let’s get into the beefier sections of this review.

Top Dog Trading Review

You know that we always contact these people before recommending or blacklisting their products. Now, this was Dr. Barry’s case. We contacted him because we wanted evidence that he was a real trader as opposed to a seasoned charlatan who rehashed trading indicators to dupe the naive.

Of course we used an alias in this mission because we have always learned through experience that these ”trading educators” never respond to emails of this nature.

What we wanted from Dr. Barry is proof of his individual trading performance. We needed his track record for the last decade that he has traded since this information was not published anywhere on his Top Dog Trading website.

top dog trading has no results

Instead of giving us what we were requesting for, this guy simply told us that he was a trading expert, a highly acclaimed master trader who was known internationally for his trading prowess.

We kept sending more email messages to him, and this time round, our Dr. Barry just ignored those letters. So we switched tact and approached him from a different posture.

He blasted us again, meaning that any further communication with him would take revealing our true identity. So we made it clear that we were looking to review Top Dog Trading on this blog and that if he had proof of trading or track record, we would go ahead and write a positive review instead.

Otherwise, a negative review against Top Dog Trading would be written, thus exposing the ‘trading guru’ to thousands of our readers. You can think of it as blackmailing. But this is called blackmailing in a good way, not in an evil way. That’s our job.

First of all, does Mr. Barry of Top Dog Trading hold a license for providing investment advice to members of the public?

Of course not. Does he have trading history which shows how he has been performing since he started teaching students how to trade? Of course not.

He claims that showing his trading performance would be illegal and that this would get him into trouble. Of course there is no law or rule on earth that says a trading educator must not proudly display their results to someone else.

And if he has some privacy concern, well and good. But this does not prevent him from sharing a screenshot of his annual trading returns, even if he has to show a small part of the document.

A redacted broker account statement would give us the permission to come back here and say that indeed this guy is the real deal.

Apparently, Mr. Barry of Top Dog Trading does not want to comply. He simply wants his traders to have faith in his products.

Then he went ahead and gave us an assurance that he was indeed a master trader. How was he intending to convince us? Well, he stated that he was planning to attend one of those trading competitions so that the world would recognize him as a champ in matters related to trading.

On top of this, Dr. Barry gave us a link back to his website where we could see just how ‘happy’ his followers were with his trading products.

Top Dog Trading website

We love to study the content and manner in which the so-called trading educators do market their products on the internet.

First of all, most of them have dozens of domains where they sell all manner of snake oil products. Dr. Barry is just one of them as he owns a number of sites that deal with trading educational business.

He owns Best Day Trading, Day Trading Coach, Trading Success Story among others.

As you can see, most of these websites are mere landing pages that can be launched quick and easily. No effort has been used to make them look like serious learning portals for those who want to trade.

On top of that, he also maintains a YouTube following where he displays his trading ‘prowess’ to the world. In fact, he has a good following there.

Dr. Barry is skilled in attracting folks who are looking to make quick dollars on the internet from home. He’s just got a knack in the business of magic promotion because he doesn’t even have a track record of making a nickel in the market, yet people follow him like a swam or bees following an escaping target.

We analyzed his websites and realized that this guy was also a ponzi scheme expert or pyramid hustler for that matter. We couldn’t avoid thinking with this line of thought.

Dr. Barry of Top Dog Trading is also an ‘MLM guru’

This was the most ridiculous thing that we found about him. Not only does he teach people how to trade, but he also teaches them how to build a multi-million MLM rig overnight.

He used to run a now defunct website called MLM Blitz where he taught how to earn $100k annually while sited at home doing nothing. In these websites, Mr. Barry claimed that he was a multimillionaire who was well versed with the internet business.

In these websites, Mr. Barry also claimed that all his internet business was conducted from his castle in LA. Again we contacted him for proof that indeed he was wrecking in multiple 6-figure income annually. Secondly, we wanted to at least see pictures of his castle, where he works and makes a fortune while others were suffering under the pressure of a mad boss. Of course Mr. Barry refused to corporate.

Our best advice for you

We guess that Top Dog Trading is just an obvious scam that everyone should be avoiding. The CEO of Top Dog Trading is just a creative marketer. He even sold health products at some point in his life. This was running parallel with his Top Dog Trading business. The more we dug into his mess, the more we felt like laughing when we made those discoveries. Thankfully, now you know where to look when in need of a genuine trading system.

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9 Replies to “Top Dog Trading Review – Scam by A Seasoned Go-Getter”

  1. Thank you for the review. I guess an important question is: Do his trading strategies work? I’m more interested in knowing about the method than knowing about the man.
    Thank you!

      1. I have purchased his foundation course 1 & 2 and found some success using his techniques. He does “promise” that in 1 or 2 successful trades you can make back the money you spent on his course if you follow his techniques. (which I did). I haven’t purchased anymore of his courses and am also a bit skeptical about his claims (with no proof) and his videos are using charts that are over 10 years old, which is not really a ma**ive problem as the strategies are still the same. but I do wonder why he hasn’t updated any of his content, and still yet to figure what he is a Dr of. But his techniques that he teaches on the foundation course have worked for me at least.

        1. And also if you attend his live webinar sessions, at the end he will (always) offer ‘Precision Trading Cycle Tops and Bottoms’ & ‘Momentum and Catching the Big Moves’ courses for $295 for the both of them (which is the reason why I purchased it). I’ve checked out his other web pages and totally agree with the review. They do just look like quickly put together landing pages to draw in the naive opportunist but his Topdog Trading methods have made me money. (Lost some too…but for the most part made profit). I would recommend you check out his free content on YouTube and if you find it useful then attend one of his webinars. DO NOT BUY THE COURSES UNTIL YOU HAVE ATTENDED A WEBINAR because he always give a discount code for his courses at the end of the webinar.

  2. I purchased his Foundations course 1 and 2 with fib. course as well and I have to say I know more and understand more about trading then I ever have. It is exciting using his method. Still learning and doing pretty good with his method and phycology of trading.

  3. Dr Barry Burns has helped me trade better and understand charts better than any other source. I give this man a full recommendation for anyone wanting to learn to trade and understand what is required before you push that “buy” button.

  4. I purchase my self and this trading course is best i came cross sinse my ten years trading it change my trading

  5. Barry Burns gives very good advice because he is making igt very clear that this is intelligent gambling and you should never trade with money you can’t afford to lose. He also says that most people lose money. that is the best advice you can give a newbie.

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