Top Gun Options Review: A Scam, A Wannabe or Real Market Expert?

Top Gun Options Review: A Scam, A Wannabe or Real Market Expert?

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To those who want to know … Top Gun Options is a website that masquerades as a trading signal service and educational business. Like other websites in this niche, Top Guns Options makes enormous promises but no proof that their strategies work.

Before you sign up and throw your money into the trash bin, you need to understand a few facts concerning Top Gun Options.

First and foremost, Top Gun Options is owned by a former Navy Pilot known as ”Whiz” Buckley. This guy says and admits to the fact that he only trades with a simulator.

However, this is quite disturbing because he is already selling signals which people have begun questioning. We all doubt his ability to deliver profitable signals on a live trading environment.

As a matter of fact, Mr. Buckley can be compared to a ”paper tiger” and nothing more.

Looking at his website here, you will see that this man comes across as someone who is ranting and reacting to whatever he reads in the media.

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His investment strategies and educational courses are definitely questionable. This is a political creature as opposed to a trading guru.

In my opinion, his worldview is narrow. This clouds his judgement to perceive potentially obvious things.

He does not appear to possess the intellectual capacity to decipher opinions as well as viewpoints on a wide range of spectrum.

Top Gun Options Overview

This company first appeared in the trading scenes back in 2010. Surprisingly, this guy now brings military elements into the world of trading. You wonder what military defensive techniques have to do with trading.

This is the reason he is big on claims that Top Gun Options offers “Supersonic, Military Proven” techniques and methodologies.

The company purports to offer a wide range of products which include Primary Live Trade Brief (valued at $115), Urgent alerts (valued at $95), Options Pocket Checklist (valued at $45), Primary workbook (valued at $55), and Intermediate workbook (valued at $65).

However, we have also learned that Top Gun Options has numerous up-sells that users will encounter once they sign up. These up-sells are actually very costly because the minimum amount you can ‘invest’ in them is $1,995 besides a standard membership fee of $165 per month. Don’t be fooled by Top Gun Options trial package which costs $28 only. It’s a blinder.

Now, this man claims amazing success for anyone who will subscribe to his financial advisory service.

Nota Bene

The fine print on the website of Top Gun Options denies that this company offers investment advice, yet that is exactly what they do. Check this screenshot before we proceed.

top gun options disclamer
Enlarge image

All good? Well, we can get to the meat of the matter.

In the year 2016, this company claimed that its members made profits of $409,716 cumulatively, and that these results are 100% verifiable.

At some point, Top Gun Options claimed that their urgent alert service yielded a success rate of 86% in 2016. On the other hand, those who had subscribed to their primary live trade brief realized a win rate of 97% in the same year.

top gun options scam

Now, we were able to get hold of Top Gun Option Twitter page. That page gives truly amazing trading results. The page does not mention any losing trades whatsoever.. and that’s a red flag.

This page is managed by Mr. Buckley, and was setup with the purpose of streaming supposedly live profitable trades by the hour. Here, you will see bullshitery and hard to believe stuff.

It’s common to see things like ”$1,500 in 30 minutes”, $13,000 in just 2 weeks” etc. And so my question is, where are the records for losing trades?

Are we supposed to believe that all this stuff is authentic and that it can be verified with 100% accuracy? Do losing positions exist?

Of Verifying trade performance from Top Gun Options

To establish whether or not these results were real, we engaged the owner of Top Gun Options through an email communication.

The game was simple.. pretend that you are a trading enthusiast looking to learn and profit from Mr. Buckley’s strategies.

Of course we used an alias email address to conceal our real identify. We call it the ‘lamb email” where we act like a newbie with boat-loads of money looking to learn and trade the markets.

Now, Top Gun Options was glad to respond to our inquiry, hoping that they’d wiggle money out of a fat wallet.

The second trick was to establish a separate communication using our official email address.

Of course our introductory email was quite friendly and non-threatening so to speak. In that email, we asked Mr. Buckley to verify the performance claims of the packages he was selling namely Urgent Alerts, Primary Portfolio, and Accelerated Retirement.

It’s important to note that we used a special link tracking device which would allow us to track in real time when Mr. Buckley would open and read our email.

Funny thing… he actually read the message and deliberately refused to reply to it. Not only was his silence deafening, but it was also very rude. This guy had just refused to prove that his strategy was profitable.

So, who is Mr. Buckley?

This guy appears to have an exemplary resume. After all, what do you expect from a former Navy flight pilot who attended the highly-adored Top Gun flight school?

His resume also states that as a Navy combat pilot, he fought a number of battles throughout the Gulf.

Now, Mr. Buckley says that this experience prepared him to become a successful options trader that he is today, Really?

This guy actually claims that when trading options, he applies many fighter pilot techniques to enable him win. He’s got a well-defined strategy which is supported by special tactics and predefined exit points.

Of course this mumbo jumbo sounds very interesting. However, the million dollar question is this…. why would Mr. Buckley lack the courage of implementing his fail-proof strategies on a live trading environment?

According to Top Gun Options website, Mr. Buckley only trades with a lowly trading simulator. And what about the videos which he touts to showcase his supposedly great trading skills? Apparently, all these claims come from a trading simulator. A bad idea!

Okay, for a minute, I don’t want to imagine the kind of hard life that Mr. Buckley went through when serving his country. However, I am having a difficult time believing that his massive profits which he claims to earn year after years were generated as a result of his ‘amazing trading skills’.

With no proof even in the horizon, one can’t believe claims made by Mr. Buckley of Top Gun Options. In fact, this ”proof” only exists on a paper account which is hosted at Options House.

By telling you and me to use his strategy, this guy is simply asking you to risk your hard-earned money on the battlefront while he uses a trading simulator. A second bad idea!

He is just a brusky military man who has mastered the game of fooling traders. That’s the reason why he owns Top Gun Options.

Our best advice for you

Linking ones carrier with trading is just a common trend I have seen in this industry. Someone claims to work as a florist, then several years later claims that his experience as a florist prepared him to be a good trader. That’s what the owner of Top Gun Options is doing.

Please don’t believe him as we have very good trading systems that have been tried and tested and found to work. Forget the tales of Mr. Buckley.

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13 Replies to “Top Gun Options Review: A Scam, A Wannabe or Real Market Expert?”

  1. A couple of years ago I sat in on his open week of trading. It seemed legit but in the end I didn’t subscribe because Mr. Whiz just seems a little too much like a con artist. However I did do some research and TopGunOptions is not owned by Mr. Buckley but is a subsidiary to T3 Live. And during the week there was another gentleman from T3 Live, who displayed his trading skills. Now he seemed true to his trade. And if he had a subscription, I might go with him.

    1. Total d***** bags, can’t understand guys emotional tongue tied spitting and sputtering ..very slow customer service , trades s***, waste as of money …

  2. Your comments are right on the mark. Buckley is an entertaining scammer.

    Take a look at a little over 3 months of his detailed trading performance at Worse than pathetic. And you will never see this level of audited detail from Buckley though he recently started claiming his “results” are audited. Asked by whom and for a copy? Dead silence.

    It turns out that Buckley takes any gains in a portfolio and divides by $100k to get his profit percentage. However, his portfolios are actually well over $250k and one of them nears $600k. New math, I guess.

    Recently, the only legitimate trader at TGO, Doug Roberts, has decided to leave. If I were him, I would have done the same as the BS is getting much too deep.

    Buckley definitely pushes the edge on training v. investment recommendations. He belittles his clients, occasionally mocks them and generally plays the “I was a pilot” card a lot to keep them playing.

    One message I saw was a poor schmuck saying he had lost his entire stake but would be back when he made more!

    And then there was the guy who commented on how much he lost on a Buckley recommendation during a webinar and Buckley laughed, saying, “Yep, that happens.” Nice.

    As noted above, stay away.

    I do not have any recommendations for any service I’ve tried including T3, TGO and DTI.

    And, I strongly encourage you to only sign up for monthly at first to gauge a service. Nearly all have a no refunds policy.

      1. I had a look at what he is offering and, just like the above repl***, couldn’t get any details of a real trading history. Lots of stupid false a***ogies about ploting and trading.
        So I unsubscribed and haven’t received any email since, but I made the mistake of entering my phone number at one stage and now I’m receiving text messages of supposed trades he’s making.
        So, not only is he a scammer but a spammer as well. Avoid.

    1. It is very doubtful that this is close to the truth. My sense is that he was hired as a sales guy. Peak6 had no problems letting him go.

      Pretty interesting reading of the publicly available lawsuit Buckley initiated against Peak6:

      My take is he really p***ed in his Post Toasties in Chicago and became unemployable. He apparently took intellectual property from Peak6, trying to peddle it as his own with InvesTools. He got the co-founder of Peak6, Hulsizer, involved along with Sosnoff, cofounder of Thinkorswim and TastyTrade, to argue his non-compete agreement.

      Buckley goes on to accuse Hulsizer of telling Sosnoff that Buckley did not get along well with co-workers. From what I’ve observed, this is not a surprise. It is also likely that this was a factor in his leaving the service only 5 years shy of retirement – unsuitable for command and further promotion.

      Buckley also got Options University embroiled in the lawsuit as Peak6 demanded Options University remove material from their website Buckley provided that violated Buckley’s confidentiality agreement.

      All told, this young man is a bad actor who has found work as a con-man.

  3. As a fellow pilot (airline), I enjoy Whiz and his political rants. I have no doubt he served his country with honor and many of his points I agree with, thus I enjoy when he goes into his rants. However, would I join his service? I thought about it, but I just cannot trust someone who claims 97% win rates, yet trades multiple contracts on a simulator. If you had a very high win rate, would you be trading on a simulator? Plus, say he fills 50 slots times $3000 = $150,000, opened 4 times per year. Maybe he does not need to trade at all with that kind of income coming in. He is clever, I will give you that, I just do not trust that his paper trading is that profitable.

  4. I worked at P6 at the exact time Whiz was working to promote their now defunct internet options news channel. He wowed the management into hiring him when p6 used the team building company he was employed by. He came into the firm with grandiose directives and zero understanding of the business we were in. He even admitted during company meetings that his options knowledge was next to none but said was working hard to ramp up. I don’t remember exactly how many years he lasted at P6 (maybe 2-4) but when he left his options experience level a(as seen on websites that he posted) miraculously grew to 10 years. He was fired big time for trying to negotiate a new job while at a options conference.

    1. That’s hilarious, since he claims P6 came looking for him as they got wind of his success as an independent trader.

    2. That’s hilarious, as he claims they came looking for him because he was so amazingly successful as an independent trader, and that he left to get away from the crime in that neighborhood of Chicago.

  5. 1000% incontrovertibly agree with the scammer comments here. I’m a retail options trader and was perusing different services across the web and came across Top Gun Options. I joined TGO’s Full Throttle Max open free week end of January 2020 to get a sneak peek of the framework, content offered and methodology. To say the least, Matthew promises huge, almost get rich quick and retire type conjecture and results displaying ma**ive gains across various portfolios. He states he’s the only one who has made career calls and has been right and lead to large profits. The company offers multiple types of memberships and services which is difficult to follow on the website – very convoluted and plastered with nothing but successful testimonials and consistent, alpha win rates outperforming the market (huge red flag). No information or posting on losers but I’m sure I would be denied any type of honest, accurate past performance without manipulation or ha**le.
    During the free open week, I actually joined the live webinars or listened to the recorded replays: The Weekly Options Live Trade Brief, Primary Live Trade Brief, Urgent Alerts, Accelerated Retirement, and daily market briefs/intel reports and a couple others which I cannot recall the exact names. The system is very time consuming (1-1.5 hrs per session) and the webinars are mainly repeated, highly polarizing political commentary on current geopolitical events and how that lends itself to his core trading, proprietary trading strategy. It falls under mainly a fundamental view of trading with little to no consideration on technical a***ysis or other methodologies for a well-rounded, objective but a***ytical perspective. He will gleam over his suggested trades in paper simulated accounts on E-trade with a $100k model portfolios but who knows the real numbers and actual entry/exit points. There is absolutely no performance tracking or monitoring with a simple, clear view of past performance – just for my own due diligence, I had to actually spend a significant amount of time going back to the recorded videos, auditing all the trades he presented and retroactively compare with how the actual ticker and trade performed in the market the day of expiry. In short – there were significant losers with max losses but you’ll never hear of them unless you’re actively monitoring and doing your homework. Alluding to my earlier point, his so called “career calls” of Donald Trump winning the Presidency and the market going up because of it and the mid-to-end of January 2020 sell-off generating huge profits for members. If you review his TGO videos on YouTube that last week of January into first week of February, he made his third career call of the “market implosion” in February due to Coronavirus headlines and historical volatility and essentially guaranteed an aggressive bearish stance across every type of trade and market outlook. What has actually happened since February began – the market has been running up counter to his a**ertive, god-like claims and he is now calling that he was wrong, market is completely disconnected from reality and he is all out short and just had long-term shorts and longs on volatility (no clue for what timeframe). You cannot beat the Fed’s REPO operations and PBOC liquidity injections. In other w***s, he’s licking his own wounds and swallowing a bitter pill from his earlier “surefire” claims. What I presume hurts most, I’m sure many impressionable traders and current members (new and old) fed into this garbage from over the free open session, full throttle max week and may have went aggressive feeling confident in their hands. Whiz can be very persuasive and convincing and the end of January performance probably led many to blow up their accounts into February as we’re closing near all-time highs two weeks in – just another lesson that nothing will replace proper risk management and capital preservation.
    I’ve read other reviews and a**essments of this trading service on other websites across the web – consensus is poor and will take your money/blow up your account.

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