Top Prop Firms and Forex Funded Account Programs (No Challenges).

Top Prop Firms and Forex Funded Account Programs (No Challenges).

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What exactly are Forex Funded Account Programs?


Forex Funded Account ProgramTypeBeginner FriendlyInvestment/CostEvaluationsFeaturesProsCons
Fund ManagementYesN/A- No challenges, just investment- Uses Rebalancing approach to get undervalued altcoins - Highly profitable
- Uses a unique method of investing that safeguards investors from risks
- Make take a year or two to get closer to the $100K price point
Fund ManagementYesMinimum £87 for a $5,000 funded account- No Challenges
- No profit targets
- No Verification
- Payouts paid after reaching profit targets
- Limited number of lots and open positions
- Average break-even is 4.3% to 9%
- USD possible trading currency
- Instant funding models
- No profit targets to meet
- Lower risk
- Flexibility
- Trade on your terms
- Longer trading hours
- High fees incurred when deducting profit
Fund ManagementYesMinimum £147 Refundable- No Challenges- Traders paid up to 70% of all earnings
- Personal contact available with immediate feedback
- Exceptional flexibility
- Zero loss with refundable fees
- Start with a live funded account
- Profit split up to 70%
- No liability for losses and offers refundable fees
- Invest and trade without restrictive rules
- Mostly involves less trading
- Less regulated hence rules may vary


Forex Funded Account Programs necessitate that you trade on the company’s account. The prop trading platform gives you sufficient buying power, capital, and leverage.

And this gives seasoned traders the benefit of making significant profits from the financial market.

Seasoned traders do set some targets, including becoming funded traders. It serves them well as they profit from the world’s most lucrative financial markets.

Depending on the financial instruments a trader is working on, there are various forex funded account programs to choose from.

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Forex funded account programs specifically target a one-niche type of trading, such as futures and options.

Why Forex Funded Account Programs (No Challenges) are what you need

6 Reasons to Become a Forex Funded Account Programs Trader

1. Capital to trade is mainly provided by the prop trading firm

If you’ve been facing problems investing in your funds, forex funded account programs make this disappear.

You no longer put personal funds in danger as you can trade any amount of money at your disposal.

All the funds for trading come from the ‘funded account’, which means no more stress of losing money.

You can make a certain amount of daily losses to mitigate the risks.

You significantly gain earnings, and your trading expertise level goes through the roof.

2. You get to trade anytime and in your preferred time zone

It’s even better for you if your discipline can create a good and rigid trading timetable plan. You can also trade on the go as you wait and see the results of your trade.

Getting started with Managed forex funded programs

Traders using forex funded account programs get to choose the time they trade. The money available for transacting makes it possible to trade on the go.

If you are a night owl, you can take advantage of the many trading benefits of markets from your different time zone.

3. Make money every month with forex funded account programs

With forex funded account programs, you make money every month. Traders get paid each month depending on the success of the market.

You rarely have to think about winning or losing, just that the market becomes successful while you’re trading.

Traders don’t use their funds to trade, which means you have to consider taking the best out of your trading closet.

With a completely funded trading account, withdrawals don’t attract any large fees as opposed to when you’re trading as an independent trader.

4. Getting approval in the trading world

Getting the nod from a prop trading firm means you get a certification for your proficiency as a trader.

And this means you did exceptionally well in the demanding tests of your trading skills. Once you get the nod, it means your trading skills are formally introduced to the world.

Advantages of Having Forex Funded Account Programs (No Challenges)

5. Potential for growth in your forex funded account programs

A forex funded account programs holder may have such success that the prop firm decides to increase their trading amount.

The amount you get as a starting balance will increase depending on the level of success for your trading.

As a trader, applying for forex funded account programs is one of the most successful growth pattern strategies an independent trader can go for.

You are likely going to use institutional-grade trading software used by traders using institutional forex funded account programs.

6. Risk Management

You want justification to join a forex funded account program? How about no risk involved as the funds used for trading are provided by the prop firm?

Risk is the best justification for joining a funded trading program.

Since the funds you use are not yours, you can develop risk management strategies to increase your trading skills and better manage your portfolio.

Advantages of forex funded account programs

Which is the best Forex Funded Account Programs (No Challenges) services provider?

Here are some of the advantages of trading with our recommended list of forex funded account programs.

  • Your horizon of growth potential increases while using forex funded account programs

One of the most exciting aspects of using forex funded account programs has to be the growth horizon/potential.

When trading independently, you can only grow what you earn organically. If you withdraw any profits, it goes against your growth.

With a forex funded account programs, all you need is to prove your trading skills level to get more funding.

For every milestone hit, the prop firm will increase more funds in your account.

  • As a forex funded account programs, you don’t trade alone

The main problem with being an independent trader is that you don’t have someone to consult with when it comes to facing any hurdles.

With a prop trading firm, you get advice and support from experienced and other traders in the dedicated prop’s firm forums.

The interest for you to succeed is shared amongst the trading firm, with advice coming relatively easy for you.

  • Getting clear trading policies

When you trade using a forex funded account programs, you get clear policy on account and funds exposure including acceptable risks.

To be a successful forex trader, you must have a clear plan that helps you. Most independent traders use instinct instead of technical analysis.

Once forex funded account programs traders use a clear plan and create boundaries, you definitely become more disciplined in your trading.

With forex funded account programs, expect to have risk management and a proper trading plan to help you make informed decisions.

  • Forex funded account programs traders don’t compete with other traders

There’s no competing with anyone when it comes to forex funded account programs. All you need is to prove you’re good enough to get funds to trade.

Once successful with your positions, you get fully funded and can start being a funded accounts trader.

Unlike with independent traders who have to work and sell themselves to get funding, it’s not the case with funded accounts.

  • Helps independent traders stop investing with your hard earned money

One of the best benefits of using a forex funded account programs is the fact there’s no risk with your hard earned funds.

With forex funded account programs, you are dealing with risk-free trading.

And the truth is, you split profits with the prop firm without investing a single cent.

  • Trade where you want and how you want with forex funded account programs

Since you will be trading remotely, you can set up office anywhere you want. You set flexible hours that help your trading become better.

You won’t get a boss standing over your shoulder with demands on when to get in or leave the office.

  • Free from regulatory restrictions

When it comes to prop trading, there’s no regulatory restrictions from any country. It means you’re a freelance contractor that’s providing consultancy services.

  • Having a mutual benefit for both parties, which is to win

Both the traders and prop firm push each other to win. You have the same goal with the benefits in your favor as well.

For the profitable trades you make, it means more profit at the end of the month for you. Prop firms have a transparent system where traders set withdrawal days.

Traders get full payment for their effort which means the buying power multiplies with time.

Are forex funded account programs worth it?

Know everything about Forex Funded Account Programs (No Challenges).

Yes, forex funded account programs are worth it as they help give traders a chance to win big without risking personal funds.

Seasoned traders set themselves an aim of becoming funded account traders which serves them as the main source of equity.

Why you should consider becoming a forex funded account programs trader

Here are some of the reasons that we believe you would be a good fit for our recommended forex funded account programs

(a). Evaluation with real money

Your evaluation is usually for real money and not a demo account. Which means once you pass the test, you actually earn real money.

(b). Trading flexibility

As a prop trader, flexibility is the name of the game, and that’s what you get from this platform. You need and must be flexible to ensure you meet set trading goals.

(c). Easily meet target goals

It’s easy to meet set goals with a prop trading firm rather than an independent trader. It means having to set up a legit trading plan for all activities.

(d.) Monthly payout guaranteed with Forex funded account programs

You get guaranteed monthly payouts for all successful and profitable results or positions you’ve made.

(e). Non-deductibles

Your payout doesn’t get deducted from the milestone growth. You also get the chance to double your allocated investment amount, thanks to your success.

(f). Incredible support

There’s immense support from the staff members and other prop traders which gives you a better chance of investing in a proper prop firm.

How to become a forex funded account programs trader (the right steps)

  • Show consistency

If you want to make it as a forex funded account programs trader, you must show consistency. The more success you meet, the higher the chances of unlocking more prop funds.

  • Prove your trading skills

Sign up for an evaluation of your trading skills and hopefully pass it with flying colors. And that’s the beginning of becoming a fully-fledged prop trader.

  • Remember to follow risk management guidelines

No prop trading firm will ask you to change your trading tactics, the only consideration to make is following set risk management rules.

  • Hit evaluation targets set by prop trading firm

If you hit the set profit targets within a given time, you will be fully accepted into the fund. It depends on the prop firm you choose and set targets.

  • Portfolio management

After passing the set evaluation test, you now become a fully-fledged prop trader. From this point, the possibilities are endless.

And with the above, here’s our list of recommended forex funded account programs you can use and face no challenges.

1. R1OOK

R100K is not a funded program, it’s way much better, and that’s why we have listed it here. So that investors and traders alike can check what it entails when it comes to true and authentic investing.

Let’s take a closer look at what R100K has to offer to investors, it comes with a more realistic approach to investing in the real world. The project plans to profit from the assumption or rather expected $100K Bitcoin price point.

There’s no doubt this will happen, sooner rather than later. And once this does, it will create a ripple effect for those who joined the platform early. R100K is one of the biggest crypto investment projects and is one to look out for.

The project started a few days ago and you should take this opportunity to sign up. Let’s take a closer look at what the R100K project offers and projected profit margins.

Features of R100K

You may be wondering what this project is all about. The good news is, it’s a simple project using rebalancing strategy. Yes, thanks to having a proprietary trading algorithm that helps identify promising altcoins.

The algorithm consistently rebalances your portfolio by selling high-performing assets and redistributing these funds into undervalued altcoins poised to breakout in the future. Thanks to the rebalancing methods, investors optimize reward without leveraging your portfolio.

Pros of R100K

Transparency is what sets this project apart from the rest. With the project, investors can easily get real-time data directly from the Binance Exchange. The platform gets regulation from the National Reserve Agency, which is a plus.

There’s also an affiliate program where investors can maximize their earnings.R100K is a platform for investors looking to maximize profit margins with ease.

Get started today and sign up with R100K finance and see your financial dreams come true.


OFP FUNDING is the world’s leading instant forex funding account program. There are no challenges, no profit targets, and you just get funded.

The platform has paid over $12 million plus with members starting with raw account spreads of 0.0 pip.

Traders get an average withdrawal processing time of 7 hours making it one of the most favorable prop firms when it comes to withdrawals.


Established in the UK, OFP FUNDING started in 2021 and has become one if not the best forex funded account programs the industry has seen.

It’s also considered by most traders as one of the most transparent prop firms the industry has ever seen.

The prop firm combines high-quality customer care approach with an ergonomic dashboard that helps traders set themselves apart from the rest.

There are three account types to choose from, each with a different set of risk management rules.

OFP FUNDING has an excellent Trustpilot rating showing 4 out of a possible 5 star rating. And this means you have a prop firm that’s on top of the funded programs.

What makes OFP FUNDING different from other platforms is that there are no tests to take. You don’t need to take on any challenges to qualify as a prop trader on this firm.

The firm offers the best spreads in the market for various instruments, including bonds, crypto, forex, index, metals, and raw materials.

Ruggero Catalano is the founder alongside Marcelo Chiesa. OFP stands for Overview Funding Program and is a branch of OverviewFX LTD, a legally recognized company in London.

Account Types OFP FUNDING

You can get lifelong or magnet accounts depending on your stay with the prop firm. As mentioned earlier, there are three account types to choose from.

The prop firm won’t ask traders to pass any challenges or verification process to get their hands on these accounts.

You also won’t get targeted profit margins with any of these accounts.

It’s an international prop firm trading platform using MT4 and MT5 trading terminals which is the best in the business.

You can also hold a number of these accounts as long as you meet the requirements set for holding multiple accounts in the firm.

Traders can hold several accounts as long as the total sum of money managed doesn’t exceed

  • 100K 40 percent instant monthly account
  • 100K 26 percent instant monthly account
  • 100K 40 percent instant supercharged account

Let’s take a closer look at each of the three accounts

1. 40 Percent Instant Monthly Account

Traders receive a payout equivalent of up to 40 percent of all profits generated on the trading account every 4 weeks.

All accounts provided for the trader are lifelong account types.

Depending on the currency you choose, there’s an overall acceptable leverage of 1:100 with no challenges or verification required.

There’s a scaling plan set aside for this very special account.

Once a trader gets 15 plus of profits every 4 months in a row, they are automatically eligible for a deposit equivalent of up to 25 percent of the initial deposit.

This account’s maximum allocated capital is $5 million per trader.

2. 26 Percent Instant Monthly Account

Just as with the first account, the currency you choose will be the base currency of your trading account.

The leverage is still set at the same rate of 1:100, with a minimum deposit set at $5,000 and a maximum deposit of $100,000.

For the minimum of $5,000, the trader must secure the account for £58.

You need to check the rules of each account you pick under the 16 percent instant monthly account.

For example, the $5,000 funded account has a 5 percent daily drawdown and a 10 percent total drawdown.

The minimum number of trading days is 3 every 7 days. All trading positions cannot be held for less than 2 minutes.

When it comes to trading styles, the platform allows any style that suits the trader, and there are no restrictions.

3. 40 Percent Supercharged Account

At the end of the first week, traders can withdraw 10 percent of the profits made or lock in the profits to continue trading.

You can withdraw 20 percent in the second week, and 30 percent in the third week. The trend continues until the last week when traders can withdraw 40 percent.

You also get to choose from five different funding accounts, with the minimum funded account set at $5,000.

The trader must deposit £90 to get a hold of this account.

There’s a scaling plan with the third account, with traders who hit 15 percent profit for 4 months in a row being eligible for a deposit of 25 percent of the initial account deposit.

Why we recommend OFP FUNDING

Easy, the platform doesn’t have any challenges, profit targets set, or verification process. All you need is to prove your trading skills and make a profit.

The accounts are easy to secure, with traders also getting a huge amount to invest in. OFP FUNDING is one of the best forex funded account programs to date.

Please Note: OFP FUNDING only supports Manual trading; it doesn’t support using EAs.

3. FundYourFX

FundYourFX is a forex funded accounts program that funds traders who want to leverage their trading skills and maximize their trading earning potential.

All you need is to have discipline, mindset, and the right strategies to be their next 7 figure trader.

There’s no trading challenge needed, and traders can get funded for up to 1.75 million USD.

FundYourFX offers up to 70 percent profit split with traders starting with a live account. There’s also no liability for losses or any other restrictive rules.

Accounts FundYourFX

There are 8 levels of accounts; let’s take a closer look at each of these account levels

Level 1

Traders get a funding balance of $30,000, with the max drawdown set at 5 percent. The profit share for the level 1 account is 50/50.

Traders get a target of 10 percent, with the maximum time to hit the target being 90 days.

There are stop-loss rules to follow and a maximum trading volume set.

Level 2

Funding balance starts at $45,000, with the maximum drawdown set at 5 percent. The profit share set is 50/50.

Level 3

The funding balance is $67,500, with the max drawdown increasing to 7 percent. There is no stop-loss.

Level 4

Traders get a minimum funding if $101,250.

Level 5

You get minimum funding of $220,000, and the profit split changes to 70/30. The maximum trading set for reaching the 10 percent target is 180 days.

Level 6

Traders get $437,500 in funding, and the profit split stands at 70/30.

Level 7

There’s a minimum funding requirement of 875,000 with a profit share set at 70/30.

Level 8

Here’s the kicker, traders get $1,750,000 in funding, and one of the best we have seen in the forex funded account programs.

Setting up a forex funded account program with FundYourFX

There’s a one-time set-up fee according to the selected plan. Starter account is £147, the standard account is £297, and the professional account set up is £577.

The fee is refundable after your 5th profit split. After hitting the 10 percent target five times, you get your refund.

There’s also account scaling, where standard account holders can scale their accounts to up to $6,000.

Standard account plan holders can scale the accounts with up to $15,000, and professional account holders set it at $30,000.

Every time the trader hits the 10 percent profit target, the chances of account scaling increase.

Trading rules with FundYourFX

Levels 1 through 4 are subject to maximum trade size. With the 5th level, there’s no limit on how much you can trade.

If traders breach any rules, there’s an account reset. The breach may include drawdown limits.

Traders should be honest and follow set rules, and backdated rule breaches will result in traders being ineligible for funding.

Why we recommend FundYourFX

70 PERCENT of the profit is yours once you prove your trading skills with this prop firm.

There are no trading challenges and no liability for losses with FundYourFX.

With traders getting refunds once they prove their trading skills, it’s one of the best ways to trade as a prop trader.

Verdict on Forex Funded Account Programs

After diving into the world of forex funded account programs, the above tools are listed as the best in the industry.

Going for the tools that fit your trading balance would be best. Find out each of the trading rules provided and the process of account scaling.

Are you a seasoned trader and want funding for your trading? Do you have what it takes to make a profit and split profit with a leading prop firm?

Here’s your chance to get into the world of trading.

Do leave a comment or email us with any queries.

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