Topedgefx Review: Find Out if Top Edge Fx is a Scam

Topedgefx Review: Find Out if Top Edge Fx is a Scam

TopEdgeFX is a company that offers Forex account management services. It promise investors 20% in monthly returns and they are a reasonably new company in the industry. The company combines both crypto and Forex in one investment plan.

The founders of this co-operate anonymously, and their trading performance cannot be verified. They do not feature their trading performance anywhere on the website. Further, we cannot tell what their base of operation is.

TopEdgeFX claims to have refined their trading strategy over the years so that investors can trade at the lowest risks possible. TopEdgeFX claims to have a team of experienced Traders that help to minimize risk further. In fact, they claim that investors only risk 5% of their accounts in the trading process.

They claim to trade in various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Etherium, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, NEM, Dash, Emercoin, VeChain, and many more. While this may be true,  we have no idea what they are trading performance looks like.

There are many risks involved in investing with people that have an unknown trading performer.  More notably, the ones we choose to remain anonymous. It is easy for them to take off with your money.

The lack of transparency exhibited by this company is worrying. Ensure you only invest with companies that remain transparent throughout their operations. Such companies will guarantee you consistent profitability without compromising on your peace of mind. Here are some of our top recommendations.

TopEdgeFX Review 

TopEdgeFX is a reasonably new, Forex account management platform. They claim to be the best Forex management system that exists. This is despite them not being in the market long enough to build a reputation. So much detail is left to our imaginations.

Topedgefx Review, Topedgefx Platform

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This company promises investors 20% in monthly returns. Their strategy involves combining both crypto and Forex trading in one investment plan. They claim this is one of their ways of maximizing profitability.

Research suggests that through a broker they partner with, they can pool clients’ funds and then trade that collectively. They claim this is part of their plan in order to boost the revenue realized.

While this is an interesting approach, they feature no proof that this strategy has proven to work for them. The trading performance of the team is unknown and cannot be relied on. Merely stating to be profitable is not enough. Demonstrating profitability is much more reliable.

TopEdgeFX claims to support several payment methods. They include Bitcoin, PayPal, MasterCard, Credit Card, Paystack, and Mobile Money. Sadly, the only way that actually works is Bitcoins. Paying through Bitcoins takes away the ability to trace and recover funds made to the company.

We advise against using this mode of payment with companies that lack transparency. Lack of transparency is always the first red flag of an illegitimate company.

This company claims to offer 24/7 customer support via email. They do not reveal the average time it takes them to respond to a customer’s complaint.

TopEdgeFX requires a minimum deposit of $5000. You are also required to pay a 10% set up fee. This fee is intended to cover copy-trading software charges. The copy-trading software is subscription-based, and they want you to believe they will include the subsequent subscription charges.

It is an expensive undertaking considering the company does not provide proof that their strategy actually works.

Another cause of concern is the fact that the company has undergone a rebranding phase. You always want to invest in a company that sticks to what they are doing for a more extended period. This way, they can gain experience and better refine their operations.

The company now accepts deposit through the year affiliated broker.  We have no idea the security features the associated broker has.

Both the Forex and cryptocurrency market is very volatile. Therefore, we do not understand how this company can ascertain sustained profit numbers.

The company features on its website a tab where users can view their earnings as well as their commissions. It is unclear what entitles a user to a commission. These commissions may be earned through referrals.

Referral programs are an excellent opportunity for clients to make extra earnings. Either way, this demonstrates the eagerness of the company to collect as much money as possible from the public.

The website allows you to perform internal transfers, make automatic deposits and withdrawals, view their transactions, and so much more.

The company does not feature any tutorials on how their system works. They want you to deposit your funds in their networks and leave everything else to them. Tutorials are always helpful for novice investors. Potential clients should be well aware of how the system works.

Regulation Status and Fund Safety

TopEdgeFX does not indicate that any regulatory body regulates its operations. Any company that offers copy-trading services requires licensing to collect funds from the public. Otherwise, they are operating illegally.

Ensure that you only invest in firms that are regulated by FCA, CySEC, or ASIC. Such companies operate legally.

TopEdgeFX claims their systems are completely secured from third party interference. They, however, do not reveal the equipment and software they use to protect their networks. This way, we cannot verify that their systems are totally secure from hackers.

Investing with companies that have unsecured systems puts you at the risk of having your personal identifiable data accessed by unauthorized parties.

Either way, you are handing your money to mysterious people on the internet. The internet is not kind, and you need to ensure you are investing with legitimate companies. Such companies are run with total transparency.

TopEdgeFX does not reveal the environment they will be storing clients’ funds in. There is no compromise to fund safety. Therefore, clients need to know the environment their funds will be stored in.

Is TopEdgeFX a trustworthy company?

The anonymity of the founders is a major red flag. You should always seek to invest with people whose identity can be verified. We have no idea where this company runs its operations. They are virtually untraceable.

Many risks are involved in investing in such companies. You risk losing your hard-earned cash to scammers.

Furthermore, it is impossible to tell what their trading performance looks like. Until the owners demonstrate a successful trading performance, we cannot recommend this company to you.

The only payment method that works for this company is Bitcoins. This takes away the ability to track or recover funds sent to the company.

TopEdgeFX requires a hefty investment to start trading with the company. This eagerness to collect as much money as possible from the public is not a good sign.

TopEdgeFX assures you of 20% profitability each month. It is tough to plan profitability in these kinds of markets. Both cryptocurrency and Forex trading markets are very volatile.

Final Verdict

This company needs to demonstrate more transparency before they win our trust. They need to show the success of their trading strategies.

Only legitimate companies can guarantee you consistent profitability without a compromise. Make sure to get all the information you require before choosing to invest in a company. These are some of the tried and tested trading systems that we recommend. You can now grow your accounts consistently without a worry.


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